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An Phoblacht – July/Iúil Issue out now… June 25, 2014

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July’s An Phoblacht
‘What now?’ after the sensational election results

GERRY ADAMS leads the July front page with the declaration:

“We must deliver… Sinn Féin needs to be ready for government on our terms, agree our policy priorities and political platform, and our commitments need to be deliverable.
We are ambitious for change and believe we can deliver on jobs, housing and health.”

Of particular interest may be the following [WBS]:

This issue of An Phoblacht carries several major post-election pieces, including the first we intend running in a series of opinion pieces by progressive figures – inside and outside Sinn Féin.
Politics is not a spectator sport, Mary Lou McDonald TD tells us after the euphoria of the sensational election results;
Rising to the challenge – Sinn Féin want to be in government but not at any price, says Eoin Ó Broin;
Does the Labour Party have a future, asks Eoin Ó Murchú;
Editorial: The tide of change and Sinn Féin strategy conference ‘Challenges and Opportunities, 2014-2016’
Sinn Féin takes top positions on Six-County ‘super councils’

The July issue also includes:-

Tensions rise for marching season – ‘While unionist parties support Orange Order’s refusal to engage with residents then issues won’t be addressed,’ says Haass Talks negotiator Seán Murray

Inside the DUP: Peter, the Pastor and the Orange Order – inside a “masterly, most definitive” study of the largest unionist party under Peter Robinson’s leadership

Trevor Ó Clochartaigh: Go hIfreann nó go Connacht!

Crossroads in History: Fermanagh & South Tyrone, scene of this year’s annual Hunger Strike Commemoration
Wolfe Tone Commemoration at Bodenstown in pictures

Tuam babies: Probe launched into mother and baby homes

Westminster is biggest obstacle to addressing North’s economic problems, writes Michael Burke, founder of Socialist Economic Bulletin

Comedian PJ Gallagher talks to us ahead of his Sinn Féin Summer School gig

Turf wars – Cutters tell EU and Government to sod off in the controversial battle for the bogs

Remembering the Past: 100th anniversary of Howth and Kilcoole gun-running

‘Blame Game’ politics are stopping progress in North, says Declan Kearney

Choosing our words carefully – Mitchel McLaughlin responds to last month’s article in the ‘Uncomfortable Conversations’ series by Rev Steve Stockman and Fr Martin Magill

Challenging racism, showing leadership

Cheese, please – Robert Allen goes on the road and around the food markets with Ireland’s cheese makers and purveyors of very distinctive and tasty artisan foods

Sinn Féin election success sparks interest in Britain – Conor Murphy MP reports from Westminster on bringing the Irish Diaspora, the Foreign Press Association and world ambassadors up to date with developments

Volunteer Martin ‘Doc’ Doherty Commemoration in pictures

Sport: Roy Keane and World Cup mind games, Braveheart and taking frees in GAA

An Phoblacht – April Edition now out March 28, 2014

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Another Garda scandal
Justice Minister should ‘walk the plank’

Shatter should walk the plank – Fresh Garda scandal rocks Irish Government – Revelation that police station phone calls were bugged by Garda
Alexis Tsipras of Syriza (Greek Coalition of the Radical Left) – anti-austerity leader talks to An Phoblacht

Sinn Féin/An Phoblacht YouTube hits 2million mark

Sinn Féin opposing privatisation of Belfast services

In Pictures – International Women’s Day 2014

Martina Anderson – An MEP making a difference on the ground

Cumann na mBan veteran Marion Steenson talks to Trevor Ó Clochartaigh

Economist Morgan Kelly sets the cat among the pigeons

Easter commemorations 2014

2014 Republican Roll of Honour and Republican Roll of Remembrance
Remembering the Past: The founding of Cumann na mBan 100 years ago
Eoin Ó Murchú: Bí ar an airdeall faoi ról an AE san Úcráín

Book Reviews: The Citizen Army at war; and the trials of the 1916 leaders

Voting rights for Irish citizens in the North and the diaspora

Ireland’s unique and traditional foods and the battle for EU recognition, by Robert Allen
And much more . . .

Latest An Phoblacht out on Thursday February 27, 2013

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For a list of contents see here… but it includes articles on 25 years on from Gibraltar and Milltown interviews with Ann Wright, former US military colonel turned activist, and with Damien Dempsey and the following:

❏ Declan Kearney on talking to ‘dissident’ republicans

❏ Pearse Doherty on Michael Noonan’s promissory note ‘victory’

❏ The Bethany Home and Magdalene Laundries scandals

❏ The horsemeat scandal and the price and politics of food

❏ Taoiseach promises Gerry Adams to raise prisoners with British Prime Minister

❏ Sinn Féin TD Aengus Ó Snodaigh meets Marian Price

❏ Ulmmhuchán don teacht le chéile i Muigh Eo faoi lán tseoil | I dtreo na hArd Fheise

❏ Eoin Ó Murchú asks amidst the convulsions in Labour, the Socialist Party and the ULA . . . ‘Is Left unity an illusion?’

❏ Despite the FF poll revival, Eoin Ó Broin insists that Fianna Fáil is not fit for government

❏ Cén chaoi gur tháinig Fianna Fáil ar ais?

❏ Sinn Féin contesting by-elections in Mid-Ulster and Meath East

❏ New Lodge community demands justice

❏ Slogadh 2013 . . . Not just for Gaeilgeoirí (Béal Feirste: Dé hAoine 8ú – Domhnach 10ú Márta)

❏ Nicky Kehoe on ‘The Civil War in Cabra’

❏ Mícheál Mac Donncha . . . Inside 16 Moore Street – Where the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising made their last HQ

❏ Easter Rising 1916 Commemorations

❏ Le Chéile 2013

❏ Le Lúcás Ó Callanáin: An Chinsireacht agus Cruinneshamhail na nÉireannach

❏ Celtic fanzine editor on ‘Impacting on the narrative of sectarianism’

❏ Sport . . . The Ulster Protestant tradition and wearing the green shirt of Ireland

An Phoblacht – April/Aibreán – Issue out now… March 31, 2012

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From the editorial:

The same bullying approach by the political establishment will be evident again, over the next few weeks and months, as they attempt to coerce voters into endorsing the Eurozone Austerity Treaty on 31 May.

This treaty seeks to surrender what limited fiscal power remains in the hands of Irish people to unelected officials in Brussels. It is anti-growth and anti-jobs and if ratified will place an economic straightjacket on Ireland for decades and lead to further austerity, more unemployment and more emigration.

Issue includes:

‘Truly Remarkable’ – Unionist reaction to Declan Kearney’s An Phoblacht article
Symphysiotomy – A childbirths clinical scandal on a par with the clerical scandals
Springsteen – The Boss’s new ‘Wrecking Ball’ reviewed by Ross Carmody
Belfast City Council spearheads development plan for facilities, services and jobs – Peadar Whelan talks to Sinn Féin Cllr Deirdre Hargey
The British Army general’s ‘tiger hunt’ mindset and shoot-to-kill
Sinn Féin launches a new campaign for the country: ‘Love Rural Ireland’ – Martin Ferris TD on the ‘Love Rural Ireland’ initiative
‘This generation can deliver Irish unity’: Sinn Féin Republican Youth Congress hears from David Cochrane (Politics.ie), Sarah Bardon (Irish Daily Mirror), Brian Rowen (Belfast Telegraph), Pearse Doherty TD, Gerry Adams TD and speakers from Scotland and the Basque Country
Ó Cuív faoi chinsireacht sna meáin
Mary Lou McDonald on the Mahon Tribunal and 1916
Phil Flanagan MLA: Making Ireland a powerhouse of renewable energy
Murder of Sam Marshall: How was Sam shot dead by the UVF while 8 British Army soldiers had him under surveillance?
Mol an óige – Le Tevor Ó Clochartaigh
Book reviews: 16 Lives (Easter Rising leaders); Race for the Áras,
Left-wing republican elected new leader of Wales’s Plaid Cymru
New US film by Tea Party darlings from Tyrone and Donegal is backing fracking
Sport: Ciarán Kearney’s ‘Between the Posts’ – Bolton Premiership player Fabrice Muamba tragedy shows that cardiac health deserves wholehearted support
Sport: Gerard Magee tackles ‘Northern soccer’s elephant in the room’
And Pat Doherty MP meets Ireland’s Olympics stars in London

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