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And it’s a big hallo to our readers in Mongolia, and other facts about the Cedar Lounge Revolution’s year in blogging… December 31, 2014

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WordPress has a round-up of facts about its sites every December, and the one about the CLR has just arrived, and it’s kind of curious and intriguing.

First up, every day of the year bar Christmas Day at least one post was posted up (indeed the only day with 1 post was July 1st). Then there are ‘Attractions’, i.e. the posts which got the most views.

Number 1? The Top 400 Secondary Schools in Ireland, all the way from 2010.

Number 2? A Political Background to All the Independents elected in the Local Elections from IEL posted in May

Number 3? Tombuktu’s John Waters on Debate, the Media and the Truth from February.

Number 4? John Waters views on gay marriage. Clue: he’s not a fan, and it’s something to do with cycle lanes and wheel barrows. Seriously… from me, and posted in 2009! Nothing ever dies on the internet, or so it would seem.

Number 5! The Lia Fáil from doctor five, from this May.

As WordPress says, ‘Consider writing about those topics again’. Oh we will, we will.

Then there’s the question of how people found us. These are the ‘top referring sites’. No surprises there at one and two, and a big thank you to both politicalworld and ansionnachfionn.





WordPress.com Reader

What of where visitors are coming from? ‘181 countries in all’ so WordPress tells us, breathlessly. Ireland, the UK (both in six figures) and the US (five figures) in descending order. Much of Europe, Canada, Japan (healthy four figures) and then we slide into the three figures, that would be South Africa, New Zealand, Algeria, Brazil, Thailand. A handful from Cameroon, Honduras, and Papua New Guinea and yes, 4 from Mongolia. Angola and Togo, 1 apiece, as with Suriname.

Then ‘who were they?’, i.e. who commented? Here are the ‘five most active commenters’.

2 sonofstan 614 COMMENTS

3 MarkP 511 COMMENTS
5 Liberius 455 COMMENTS

Congratulations to all the above and anyone who comments or has commented on the site. As always much appreciated. As are those who simply lurk. All welcome in whatever capacity. Happy New Year to you all.

CLR in 2013 December 31, 2013

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WordPress’s software has generated an annual report for CLR. I don’t know how to make it visible to all, but here are some highlight,

Some visitors came searching, mostly for cedar lounge revolution, cedar lounge, cedarlounge revolution, cedarlounge, and thatcher for one direction fans.

Why would anybody enter that last term in a search engine?

That software had a problem with country names:

Most visitors came from IE. The United Kingdom & The United States were not far behind.

The most commented on post was from Janaury, and was …making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty or right

Would you care to guess who the top five commenters were (across the whole year, not that post)?

Seven Years of the Cedar Lounge Revolution… June 12, 2013

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..yep when it’s put like that…

Anyhow, seven years ago this week the CLR started up with this post here.

Many thanks to commentors, contributors and lurkers across that seven years. As always it’s really appreciated. Just to say that there are a couple of things planned for the next six to twelve months that will mark in part that seven years. News on them as and when they happen.

From the CLR Vaults – Part 3: It’s 2006 – “Honey I shrunk my mind, or the unusual joy of pseudo science…” September 2, 2010

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As part of our continuing series of digging out the old stuff here’s another post. This one dates from some while back, well, 2006 to be honest.

As I wrote at the time:

Anyhow I like to flatter myself that I’ve heard it all, evidence that the moon landings were a hoax, evidence of alien activities on the moon and Mars, alien landings, the Nephilim as progenitors of civilisation (actually that one is great because if you have even a nodding acquaintance to the Fields of the Nephilim you can use them as the soundtrack to your browsing – ignoring the Lovecraftian nonsense on the second and third albums, like you base your lyrics on an invented mythos by a writer of early 20th century horror, natch!).

But no. I was wrong, I really haven’t heard it all.

Ever heard of the Expanding Earth hypothesis?

What brought it to mind was this

Astronomers have declared that the moon is shrinking after spotting wrinkles all over the lunar surface. The tell-tale contraction marks were discovered by US scientists who examined thousands of photographs of the moon’s surface taken by a Nasa orbiter.

Some of the wrinkles are several miles long and rise tens of metres above the dusty terrain. Researchers believe they arise from the moon decreasing in size by around 200 metres across its diameter. The moon’s mean diameter is generally calculated to be 2,159 miles.

Let me say first of all that it’s not quite the same thing. And the Guardian piece is oddly hazy about the time span involved. 200 metres in five minutes or five years would be something. In a million years ago, well, I wouldn’t be quite as concerned. And nor would you.

Indeed the only clue is the following:

Fourteen lobate scarps were identified, at sites as far apart as the lunar equator and near the poles. The features are so pristine scientists think they could be no more than a billion years old.

For the complete story one need only go here.

The Cedar Lounge Revolution is now on Facebook… August 16, 2010

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… let joy be unconfined…

Okay, we’re well late to this particular party. It’s a mature platform, for sure. And we’re, well, some of us are, pretty mature – if not indeed long in the tooth. But we hope that this is useful for anyone using Facebook as their primary social networking site who wants to check in on what the CLR is doing.

We will be interacting as well above and beyond the site and all comments and likes gratefully accepted (and many thanks to those who managed to find us during our trial phase last week)!

You’ll find us by using the link on the right hand side (click on our name, not the Facebook logo) or by going here.

That’s our profile picture at the top of this, so look out for it on your travels.

Many thanks to D for all the help – actually all the work – in setting this up.

Midsummer’s day, and four years and counting… June 21, 2010

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It’s the longest day of the year and the shortest night, and what better time to take stock of the fact that the Cedar Lounge Revolution has now been around since June 2006?

I’m a bit staggered by that. Four years seems a long time, and it’s gone by – well, not in the blink of an eye, not at all – but fast enough.

But, on the other hand it seems like a lot longer since a few of us sat in a bar (not the Cedar Lounge as it happens) and decided to set up a blog. I don’t think we ever thought it would run this long or that it would prove to be such an enjoyable, if at times challenging, experience. Indeed I’m not sure if we realised what form it would ultimately take…

We’ve maintained the avowedly broad left approach of the site and I think done some justice to our opening declaration of intent.

The Left Archive continues to expand, I think we now have about 50 or so different groups, formations and parties represented there, and well over 200 individual pieces. A raft of new donations from various quarters offer some items of particular interest over the next couple of months. And that A3 scanner I mentioned a while back is on its way.

We’re always open to contributions in the form of posts if they fit the overall ethos of the site. So anyone with something to say, just drop us a line.

So, here’s to at least another spell and to everyone who contributes here, has contributed and will contribute whether in posts, comments or donations to the Left Archive. And for those of you whose contribution is to read it, it’s also appreciated.

Rights and Responsibilities January 10, 2010

Posted by Garibaldy in CLR empirebuilding.

Blogging can be fun. It’s a chance to work out and express your opinion on a wide variety of issues, and if you’re lucky have people read it and talk to you and others about what you think. You can learn a lot from it, and find your own thinking develop. You can also build new friendships. When all these things happen, it’s a satisfying experience, and worth the time that you dedicate to it. And speaking for myself, that has been overwhelmingly my experience with the Cedar Lounge Revolution, both as a blogger and before that as a commenter on the posts of others. However, blogging can also be extremely time-consuming, can interfere with other activities, and there is a certain feeling of pressure to come up with the goods regularly. The amount of time you have to dedicate to it varies. Sometimes you’ll stick up several posts a day, and other times, nothing for weeks. On my own blog, I haven’t posted anything since an article on Hobsbawm’s hero on December 12th, while here at CLR all I did for most of December was the Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week, and I even missed one of those after Christmas. All this puts the sheer scale of WBS’ output in perspective. Not only does he put something up practically every day, it is also of the highest quality, and ranges across political and cultural matters. It is this consistency of both quantity and quality that – as I’ve said before elsewhere – makes him the best blogger in Ireland, followed closely by Splintered Sunrise.

All of which makes the abuse and the petty complaints that he is sometimes subject to impossible to understand. The quality of the commentariat here is, I think it’s fair to say, one of the things that marks this blog out from other sites. A good while ago, Conor McCabe said something along the lines that the commenters here are the ABC1s of the Irish Left – i.e. people with an interest in learning about and talking about politics seriously. However, as we pointed out towards the end of last year, there are those who abuse the ability to comment here, either through personal abuse, or sockpuppeting or whatever. And the last couple of days have seen this sort of behaviour break out again. I’ve certainly edited comments before, but I can’t remember outright deleting any, though I may have done. We try to moderate lightly. And even with the comments I deleted yesterday, I first edited one for violating moderation policy rather than deleting it. But my hand was forced. On December 23rd, in his review of the year on the CLR, WBS said the following

Thanks most importantly to those of you who posted or commented here this year in the spirit of the CLR. That spirit is best described by reference to our moderation guidelines, one of courtesy and respect for others opinions. That’s been fundamental to this enterprise, not least because the nature of this enterprise, first and foremost a pastime (yep, let’s call it like it is), a means of communication between like minds, a means of putting material from the left into the public domain and to some limited extent a forum for the expression of views mostly from the left. Thankfully it’s just one amongst quite a few sites of a similar outlook.

It’s not important in the scheme of things except to the people who use it. But that’s us, and to us it’s very important, a labour of love, something that is a resource (we hope), a collective effort. You can disagree with everything we stand for and yet, we think, respect that collective effort. And that demands that those who come here treat it and all here in that spirit. If we want a discussion let’s have it. If people want Politics.ie they know where to go. Eagle has a brief message at the end of each comment box… ‘Comment – be civil’. It’s good advice.

None of the bloggers here mind being criticised. In fact, we expect to be so, and put the material out there on the basis that it will be criticised. We are also happy for people to suggest that we might like to discuss such and such an issue. And we often will do so after it has been drawn to our attention. However, and this is something that seems to have been forgotten by some people, we are under no obligation to cover any specific issue or story. We do this as a hobby, and we write about the issues that we feel like writing about, and where we feel we might have something to add to the debate. We aren’t a news service. So if we as individuals don’t feel like commenting on say on UDA decommissioning, or the failed coup against Gordon Brown, or whatever, then that is up to us. As for the absence of the specific issue that has seen a lot of what I can only describe as outrage from various commenters – both legitimate and trolling – there are no objections from the bloggers here to people saying they would like to see it covered. However, in my own view, I have found the attacks on WBS for not covering it unacceptable, and unthinking.

Firstly, why single out WBS? Granted he is the person most identified with this blog, and rightly so. However, at the minute, there are two others posting here regularly, and we have not been singled out in the same way. Why not? Is it just WBS that has the responsibility to satisfy whatever demands are made of him or does that apply to us too? And, as WBS himself has already pointed out, how come the people complaining here have not been doing so on other left blogs? Secondly, I’d like to ask people if they stopped to ponder the reasons why it mightn’t have been covered before jumping in with both feet. For all anyone knew, there were personal reasons for the three of us not covering this subject matter; I’m not saying there are or aren’t but I doubt that anyone stopped to consider that this might be a sensitive matter before decrying the absence of that topic on this blog. Given this aspect, I wonder if people’s hostility towards Gerry Adams (and I’m hardly his biggest fan) has overridden their common sense. Thirdly, people should think about the way they have expressed themselves on this issue. The level of invective has been unwarranted and unacceptable. Frankly, there could well have been a lot more deleted comments not just over the last few days but over the last couple of months had we not taken a deep-breath and decided to let some things slide on the basis of not wanting to introduce a more censorious atmosphere. That balance though can swing the other way if some of the things that have been going on continue. No-one wants to see more heavy-handed moderation, but if necessary it will be applied. No-one here has the right to talk to people the way they have been of late, or the way some people did to some other commenters before Christmas.

In November, a post I put up used the concept of MOPE (rather light-heartedly I thought), much to some people’s annoyance. The subsequent debate saw some people saying that they thought this blog needed more contributions from different viewpoints. In response, WBS put up a post which reiterated the CLR’s commitment to diversity and contained the following

So that said, more guest posts would be very welcome, from any left source, and if people want to send stuff in, they are very welcome to do so, on topics that take their fancy from any left perspective. We’ll try to put them up if they dovetail with the general approach of the CLR. And we’ll see how it goes from there. The email is… on the er…right. I’ve really got to do something about that.

Now, WBS will correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I know not a single person has responded to that request (Brian Hanley sent in a list of progressive Christmas presents, but he had contributed to CLR before that). Something again that the people who have been so forthright in their condemnation of others might well consider. It seems none of them have been able to find the time to submit a single post on any subject, yet show a complete lack of understanding of the difficulties facing those producing this blog. Had they done so, I might have been more inclined to give their complaints a sympathetic hearing. But as things stand, while it is legitimate to ask for issues to be covered, the way in which some people have responded to this issue and expressed themselves on it reflects much more poorly on them than it does on the bloggers here.

Cedar Lounge Revolution Post in Top 20 on 3 Quarks Daily competition… December 14, 2009

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Congratulations to Tomboktu for having a post on “The Market and High Incomes” voted into the Top 20 semi-finalists for a 3quarksdaily competition for the Politics Prize.

There was some strong competition there, to put it mildly. The

Here’s the list of the 20 top posts…

1 MF Blog: Is the Obama administration still worth defending?
2 3 Quarks Daily: Embers from my Neighbor’s House
3 Elizabitchez: Middle class values don’t solve poverty
4 3 Quarks Daily: America, the Cold War, and the Taliban
5 3 Quarks Daily: Is Obama About To Become Just Another War Criminal?
6 News From the Zona: Republican Virtue and Equality
7 Justin E. H. Smith: On Criticizing Israel
8 3 Quarks Daily: May our Gods be angry: Celestial politics in Bas Congo
9 Wisdom of the West: Blunderbuss
10 Once Upon A Time: Tribalism and the Destructive Politics of Demonization (I): The Largely Unrecognized Possibility for a New Coalition
11 Tom Paine’s Ghost: Should scientists speak their minds?
12 Black Agenda Report: The Great Black Hajj of 2009
13 3 Quarks Daily: Who ended the 6-month ceasefire in Israel/Palestine?
14 Chapati Mystery: Will Pakistan Become a Theocracy? III
15 Black Agenda Report: Liar, Liar!! Barack Obama’s Secretary of War
16 Glenn Greenwald: Greg Craig and Obama’s worsening civil liberties record
17 Lenin’s Tomb: Rwanda, the RPF, and the myth of non-intervention
18 PH2.1: Zero Global Zero
19 The Cedar Lounge Revolution: The market and high incomes
20 I Hate What You Just Said: Thomas Paine, Teabagger

This was from a list of 46 nominees.

And here are the six finalists – the final three will be selected by Tariq Ali.

1. 3 Quarks Daily: Embers from my Neighbor’s House
2. Black Agenda Report: The Great Black Hajj of 2009
3. Glenn Greenwald: Greg Craig and Obama’s worsening civil liberties record
4. Justin E. H. Smith: On Criticizing Israel
5. News From the Zona: Republican Virtue and Equality
6. Wisdom of the West: Blunderbuss

Extremely impressive to make it to the semi-finals.

Bill Gates loves the CLR! ;) December 11, 2009

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Okay, something a bit less depressing than the news and less enraging than sockpuppetry… (thanks to Garibaldy for spotting it).

Check this out… 😉

To the ends of the Earth? Not quite but posts will be sporadic during the week. August 10, 2009

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I’ll more than likely be offline for two or three days on a work related project which takes me out of Dublin. No internet access, you see. At least so it seems to say on the website of the place I’m going to (you’ve got to admire that sort of a paradox. You really do – and doesn’t it say something about the state of at least some of the Irish hotel industry that there are places which don’t have internet access? Oh yeah, don’t worry, we’ll soon be ready for the last decade of the 20th century… what’s that you say about the 21st?).

Anyhow, normal service will resume during the week, just I’m not entirely sure whether it will it be the middle or towards the end of it.

Many thanks to all of you who’ve stuck with the CLR so far. It’s much appreciated.

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