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He’s back… and he’s wrong… John Waters on Brian Cowen’s as a ‘strong father figure’… February 13, 2009

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Pity poor John Waters who has snuck back almost unnoticed aboard the good ship IT over the last few weeks following a break. Pity him the abysmal timing of his latest epistle to the Hibernians… for on a day when we learn that Brian Cowen’s satisfaction figure amongst the general public is down 2% at 24%, a mere 2% above the party he leads the sage of our times opines after reviewing the speech to Dublin Chamber of Commerce – a speech that he describes as being one in which “Brian Cowen’s deeper themes that night were postponement and reassurance, the great themes of fatherhood. What he was doing, very simply, was announcing himself as father of the public realm” – that:

Now, the party’s over, we need a different kind of father. Coming to grips with this has been Brian Cowen’s problem these past eight months. At first he tried to continue in the Bertie mould, but every instinct – his and ours – told everyone this was wrong. Now, yes, he has found his mojo: his daddy mojo. We have waited and waited, and now our father has come home.

It would appear though to judge from the poll figures that having returned Daddy Cowen was promptly sent packing…

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