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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening To…The Red Army Choir, A Supplemental. October 2, 2015

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In honor of Andrew, and The Devil. With a special and very rare tip of the hat to Mark P for inspiration.

“It’s like it’s forever still the 1980s in their heads. Turn up the Red Army Choir and watch the bombs drop

Mark P

[As a side note, the usual TWIMBLT will still go up, but I just couldn’t let this opportunity pass]









HUNGARY. Budapest. October 1956. The Soviet Culltural Shop in Vaci Street where propaganda material was desplayed; during the anti soviet demonstrations the Hungarians attacked the shop and removed and destroyed a lot of the material with soviet propaganda. Standing in the broken shop window is a Hungarian citizen reciting freedom poems by the poet Sandor PETOEFI; the great poet of the last century.

Még tréfából is baszd még oroszországot


This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… A House – Access All Areas (Full Live Show) September 26, 2015

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This appeared on Youtube yesterday. Access All Areas was a show of live music on ITV. I gather they have been released as CD’s and DVD.
The track listing

1. I Want to Kill Something
2. Manstrong
3. Everything’s Wrong
4. I Am Afraid
5. I Lied
6. Violent Love
7. Take It Easy On Me
8. Endless Art
9. You’re Too Young
10. I Don’t Care
11. Charity
12. When I First Saw You

A great reminder of how fantastic they were. No point in writing anything else about them although I do remember having to play my copy of the “Kick Me Again Jesus” single rather quietly at times in case my parents heard it!

This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to…Commie Funk and Agit Pop from the Hermit Kingdom September 12, 2015

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A variety of North Korean music from the Sublime Records release “Radio Pyongyang: Commie Funk and Agit Pop from the Hermit Kingdom”
The description of the album from The Sublime Frequencies site

Schmaltzy synthpop, Revolutionary rock, Cheeky child rap, and a healthy dose of hagiography for Dear Leader Kim Jong-il, this is the now NOW sound of North Korea! A hermit kingdom with a rich folk history and an even richer tradition in over-the-top praise for the ruling House of Kim, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea remains a diplomatic thorn and a culture never Neverland. Boasting a heady mix of Stalin opera, Tokyo karaoke and brooding impressionism, the sound of present-day Pyongyang distills into warped agit-pop and lost-in-time commie funk. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in North Korean music, this is your vehicle for exploration. Christiaan Virant has visited this mysterious land and has assembled this amazing audio collage. Captured within are rare live recordings from various performances and mass games demonstrations, sounds lifted from People’s Army television dramas, samples from hard-to-find CD releases obtained in the capital, and of course, news reports from the “real” Radio Pyongyang, which continues to broadcast to this day, albeit under the new, strikingly anodyne moniker “Voice of Korea”.

Needless to say it’s a strange eclectic mix. As expected from such a regime, some of it is austere, some of it sounds like the soundtrack to those Polish Cartoons on RTE in the 70’s. Yet there is some very kitsch pop (Parts sound like a 1970’s Eurovision entries compilation.), children singing folksongs, sounds that wouldn’t be out of place in a Spaghetti Western and on top of all that the album is interspersed with announcements from Radio Pyongyang. All the sounds are stitched together to make something that’s strangely fascinating and actually quite listenable to.
I’ve included a few tracks and also the full album below.

The full album

Showing The League on TV September 11, 2015

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Dan McDonnell had a piece in the Indo about Rovers not wanting to be on TV as they are losing money from it. Clubs get no money here for being on TV and attendances are hit, not just from being on TV but also the Kick Off Times.
Try getting to Tallaght for 7.05 on a Friday evening as opposed to the usual Kick Off time of 8. It’s a right pain for me and for others I’m sure between work and childcare commitments nigh on impossible. Now this year (and for a few before it) the FAI cup isn’t a worry for Rovers but as Season tickets don’t cover cup games ,drops in attendance because of live TV coverage of these games are standard and leads to a drop in income for the clubs. The recent cup game between Cork and Pats that was shown on TV got a crowd of less than 2000 and neither side were compensated for the drop in income.
Its not just ticket sales, it’s programmes, the half time draw, the club shop and in some grounds the bar. God knows even local business suffer because of the lack of attendance.
Now I know that sometimes the games may not be the most attractive but they do bring in TV audiences. The funny thing too is that early Round Away European matches for Irish clubs, something LOI fans would want to watch, are rarely shown.
I know there are a number of LOI fans on here and those that are not… I’m curious if any of you went because you liked what you saw on TV?

The solution is surely a proper TV deal and proper kick off times….. but it wouldn’t be like the FAI to bother their arse about the League , when there’s All Ireland finals and Soccer in England and Scotland they could be going to!

This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Same Title Different Song August 29, 2015

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Sometimes you think it might be a cover version but it turns out its just a song of the same name. I’ve left out ones like “The Power of Love”, “Runaway” and tried to include just the one band. An awful lot of Beatles tracks have names that have been used by other songs.
Other examples welcome….


This Weekend I’ll Mostly be Listening to: Tess Parks and Anton Newcombe August 22, 2015

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I’ve always figured Newcombe of Brian Jonestown Massacre – in whatever incarnation – knows pretty much what he’s doing and even when he gets it wrong he usually does it in an interesting way. And in this joint project he doesn’t get it wrong at all.

Tess Parks – supposedly a protege of Alan McGee is someone who to judge from this album entitled ‘I Declare Nothing’ has from a strong and compelling identity all her own. Hers is an idiosyncratic voice that wavers on occasion in outright growls – the Guardian suggested a mixture of Hope Sandoval and Courtney Love. Well, perhaps. And yet I kind of like it. This isn’t Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra – great though that pairing was, or Opal, but a grittier and perhaps more formidable combination.

Standout tracks are Wehmut, which lopes along lazily to a backing of entertainingly space rock squeaks and burbles until what sounds like a flute enters the picture. Cocaine Cat and Peace Defrost power along on subdued riffs somehow balancing narcolepsy with primal rock and roll. Or perhaps that is the balance and always has been, this being music to enjoy as one falls asleep, the hazy strums and woozy reverb the perfect backdrop to allow consciousness to simply drift away. Gone is, ironically perhaps with its choppy stop start guitars, almost jaunty despite the lyric – not least when Newcombe provides backing vocals. Voyage de L’ame certainly benefits from what sounds like a mellotron.

Speaking of which Newcombe is a great man for filling sonic spaces even when his overall approach seems sparse to the point of minimalism. Example A is October 2nd which has a soft one note keyboard/organ sound in the background. Meliorist is perhaps the most conventional track but none the worse for it and Friendlies has a fantastically atonal guitar line that winds through its length.

For the most part it works, though if there’s a criticism it is that the tracks tend to the mid-paced. It would be interesting to see them genuinely let rip. But there’s more than enough going on to ensure that the album holds the attention. it’s the sort of album, particularly a guitar/vocal album, that yet again proves that the form isn’t played out – at least not by those who can dig deep into it, and Parks and Newcombe can and do.

I hope we hear more from this quarter.



Wehmut (demo)


The Meliorist

This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Skadonna and Beatallica August 15, 2015

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There are some great bands that do various covers in different styles than the original. Laibach and Ten Masked Men are two great ones that spring to mind. There are of course tribute acts that just do covers of the band and try to look and sound as like them as possible. Within all that there is the sub genre of tribute bands that cover just the one band but in a different style. Beatallica do Beatles songs in the style of Metallica (with a slight twist of the lyrics), whilst Skadonna do Ska versions of Madonna songs.
I quite enjoy both . There must be a ton of other bands though of similar guise?
Skadonna Facebook Page
The Beatallica website


The Trigan Empire August 8, 2015

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For those who remember it fondly, here’s original artwork from the Trigan Empire, mainstay of Look and Learn magazine in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

It’s been mentioned here before, and I’ve noted that I loved the artwork at the time – the stories, well, reading some again there was perhaps a reactionary streak – see below for more – running through them (a typical story idea was someone for criminal, power or other reasons deciding to undermine the Empire and overthrow the Emperor Trigo… leaving the royal family and assorted hangers on including Janno, Peric et al to try to thwart them – female characters were marginal). But the glimpse into another extremely futuristic world of helijets and rockets and what appeared to be fairly major international conflicts on the planet Elekton every other week was the main thing. Don Lawrence’s artwork was perhaps unsurpassed, but I have to admit Oliver Frey’s paintings ran him a very close second, or actually equal, in my mind (Frey, by the way, has had a fascinating career including being a renowned exponent of gay erotic art).

Look and Learn folded in the early 1980s, pushed aside by television, I suppose, and with it went the Trigan Empire.

Anyhow, for those as is interested you can buy this, a Lawrence page will set you back a cool couple of grand. Frey, not quite as much – trust me, it’s a steal. Gerry Woods (who had his moments, particularly on his illustrations for Speed & Power) likewise.

Here’s Lawrence (who died in 2003) at work…

He is asked about whether the way the Trigan Empire was written essentially meant that it was fascist… and he does point to some of the uniforms. And here we have a further expansion on that idea. It’s certainly true to say it was positioned very very neatly within an imperialist discourse – the clue is in the name, albeit with some nods to a sort of modernity (the main protagonist Janno, has two sidekicks, one of whom Keren is ‘the son of Chief Imbala of Daveli’ and who winds up in the Trigan air force with Janno). Not good but of its time.

This Weekend I’ll Mostly be Listening to… EMA, The Future’s Void August 8, 2015

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I first heard EMA (aka Erika M. Anderson) a couple of years back – the track Neuromancer as it happens. It wasn’t long before it was clear that the album from which it was drawn was going to be very well received, very well received indeed. Not entirely surprising, The Future’s Void is apparently about the internet. But if it is a concept album it’s one that doesn’t overwhelm the music or – as best as can be determined – the lyrics.

And perhaps more importantly The Future’s Void is just a great album – along with Ancient Wing’s eponymous album one of my two or three favourite albums of 2014. The opening track So Blonde is archetypal, referencing her drone rock roots, with that languorous but steely beat that arrives neatly at the near croaked chorus – a cry of dismissal and empathy. 3Jane has a simple refrain that sits across a massive but sparse sonic space of drum, bass and keyboards. Neuromancer is equally huge. When She Comes pared back, almost deceptively simple, a song that had to be written. 100 Years pared back even further. And so on, from Dead Celebrities simplicity, the reserved white noise and feedback on final track Satellites whose disjointed chorus will linger long after the track itself has ended.

I like the melodic undertow. EMA isn’t in the slightest bit reserved about playing with noise (again those drone rock roots haven’t been in any sense abandoned), but the songs are also anchored to strongly melodic elements which makes them both memorable and a pleasure to listen and relisten to. Add to that the sheer diversity – some tracks have an almost electronic edge, others reference the Velvet Underground, still others almost traditional pop. It’s this sense of a musician and writer playing with form and also doing it with great confidence.

One reviewer complained about production choices, but to me that’s a strength of this album. And its seeming diversity is what makes it so powerful a listen. EMA is willing to take an unexpected turn, to throw something that bit more difficult at the listener, and expects the listener to be able to keep up. Recommended.

So Blonde


When She Comes


This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… きのこ帝国 Kinoko Teikoku August 1, 2015

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I recently did a ‘This Weekend’ on Japanese Shoegazing Bands. One band in particular have stood out for me and that is きのこ帝国 pronounced “Kinoko Teikoku” which I gather translates as Mushroom Kingdom. The bands website.
They have been around since 2007 and have released a number of albums and EPs. Well worth a listen.
Theres a piece on them here

Translates as ‘Sea and Bouquets’ Video with a translation of the song


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