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Belfast Lexit Meeting with KKE and WP, Belfast 14 June at 7pm June 12, 2016

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EU Meeting

The Workers Party in Northern Ireland is calling for a class based response to the European Union debate and is in favour of a Leave Vote as part of a principled, socialist LEXIT strategy.

As part of the LEXIT debate the Party is holding a public meeting on

Tuesday 14th June at 7pm

in the Clayton Hotel.

Ormeau Avenue. Belfast

(opposite the BBC)

The guest speaker will be Elisseos Vagenas a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece, who will reflect on the lessons learnt in Greece from the Europe Union and the crisis in capitalism.

More details here

Meanwhile.. in Greece May 20, 2014

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Cross-posting some bits from pw.org as it’s a useful update on the first round of elections and makes for interesting contrast with ourselves. These were originally posted on Sunday & Monday.


Many of the EU mandarins are looking with fear at the local elections in Greece, which have just concluded. As expected these elections have become much more that just “local” elections, and we did experience the same levels of international “advise” for Greek voters as we did 2 years ago. However, this time around the EU spin machine seems to have had the opposite effect. Exit polls throughout the country put the SYRIZA vote a lot higher than expected, they put the Golden Dawn vote much lower than anticipated, and confirm the biggest fear the EU mandarins had, the demise of PASOK/ELIA.

SYRIZA candidates throughout the country seem to be leading with anything between 7% and 10% ahead of the nearest rivals, especially in Athens and Attica, which would represent the largest chunk of voters. Two points worth nothing, those that show this strong lead are both young and more often women. The biggest surprise is the performance put in by Rena Dourou, SYRIZA candidate for Attica (Greece’s most populated area) who is leading the highly popular outgoing major Yannis Sgouros by 7-8%. In Athens, the independent, and very popular outgoing Giorgos Kaminis (who banned Golden Dawn’s “Greeks only” food handouts and took them on every step of the way) is being matched vote-wise by the 33 year old SYRIZA candidate Gavriil Sakellaridis. It looks like Ilias “the boxer” Kassidiaris, Golden Dawn golden boy and candidate for Athens will not make the second round, and miss it by a long shot. First thing this morning he started shouting about rigged votes “denying Golden Dawn their rightful place…”.  He must have seen the writing on the wall. In every poll before the elections, GD was tipped to run between 7 and 10% of the vote. The candidates (outside of Athens) are barely reaching 3 or 4 so far. And in Athens Ilias the boxer is polling at 15%, some 12 points lower than the polls suggested before the vote.

Greek law states that voting must happen on a Sunday, and this time around the students did show up in their thousands. During the last election student apathy was seen as the main cause for SYRIZA not getting the majority they should have gotten. Despite all the jibes about not being organized and scare mongering (Would you believe that TSIPRAS is not even religious????How could anybody vote for such a person?), it would seem that SYRIZA got it spot on this time around.

PASOK looks like it is heading for the political graveyard, and if that becomes Greek reality tomorrow morning, then the EU’s worst nightmare will become true, for that will leave Samaras and his merry band of muppets in an impossible position and will almost certainly result in a general election. And then, we do of course have round two next week, when we vote for Europe. If the SYRIZA swing as witnessed so far today holds, then Europe could be in for some proper, pure Greek shock treatment…


ND/PASOK/ELIA have lost the vote in all the major centres and in the North of the country. In the South (the poorer parts), ND has lost a lot of support while PASOK performed fairly ok. PASOK will also claim vicotry in Thessaloniki with Yiannis Boutaris (an independent but ex PASOK member) winning the vote. Also, in Thessaloniki, the same Yiannis Boutaris organized a plebicide on the question of selling of the cities water company, which is one of the TROIKA demands. The vote was 98% against the sell-off, which prompted Boutaris to state that if he wins the second round, then the proposed sale is off the table, as per the wishes of the people of Thessaloniki. We await Ollie Rehn to pop up out of his box…

The good news is that Golden Dawn is out of the race everywhere. None of their candidates have made it to the second round, so we will not have pockets of fascism from where they can start re-building the “ancient Greek empire based on ancient Greek values”.

In overall terms, it looks like the shift in votes is quite considerable with ND/PASOK losing about 9% of their voters, and SYRIZA picking up about 6% of that. The remaining 3% has gone to independent candidates, many of whom had the backing of SYRIZA but were not outright SYRIZA members. Next round next week, together with the EU elections. It looks like the EU commissions worst nightmare is slowly unfolding, especially since Venizelos has again insisted that the government should be transformed into a government of “national unity” and must be joined by SYRIZA and DIMAR to be effective. He again leaves both Golden Dawn and Independent Greeks out of the “national unity”, as well as KKE which looks like it has pulled an estimated 6.8% of the vote, a full percentage point higher than PASOK.


For the first time in its history, ND has FAILED to get even 1 candidate through to the second round of voting next week in Athens, Thessaloniki, Attica, Piraeus or North Macedonia. Which means that roughly 50% of the Greek voters (33% live in Attica alone) have turned their backs on the ruling coalition partner. Captain Tony is not impressed, and has immediately started scare-mongering and calling on people to “show they want stability by reversing the trend in the European elections, or face Greece sliding backwards… It’s rather hard for people with their backs against the wall to go further backwards, but that seems to escape the good captain and his merry band who still believe they are Gods gift to the country. In fact, they believe they ARE the country.

Venizelos can smell blood and is going for it, reiterating his calls for a “government of unity” or else… It was reported last night that Samaras is considering snap elections after seeing his party lose all support in the most populated areas of the country, but he was apparently talked out of this after a phone call or two to the masters in Brussels and Berlin. I predict an onslaught in the international press starting today, designed to bully the Greek people into voting correctly…


It seems that the panic button has been pressed in Brussels and Berlin. As was expected, the EU driven steamroller is steaming up already. The full count has not been officially published yet, but Herr Junckers is already in Athens to discuss “strategy” with Samaras, and give “moral support”.

Of course the necessary insults are being lobbed at “the leftists”, and wild accusations are flying, including those by the incumbent mayor of Piraeus, Vassilis Michaloliakos (ND) who claims his defeat was due to “death threats” to him and his supporters by leftist AND GD supporters of the winner, Yiannis Moralis, a director of Olympiakos soccer club. The Olympiakos supporters are not exactly known as the nicest people on earth, but demanding a unit of the riot police to “protect” him when he goes out during the week to canvass is pushing it a little. If anything, that WILL attract the Ultra’s who are always on the lookout for a little sparring match with the police…

Ollie is apparently due on Wednesday, and despite the fact that none of their candidates made it past the first hurdle, people are being warned of the danger of Golden Dawn coming to power. And of course, the only remedy is a vote of ND…


Sunday was round one, separating the men from the boys so to speak. Now that the play-offs are out of the way, we go to the real issue of picking mayors and councilors. So far, the good news is that Golden Dawn is not in the race anymore, so no chance of some Fascist political stronghold somewhere. PASOK is sliding ever faster down the slippery slope, and taking all those that associate with them down as well (DIMAR, GREEN party) etc.

Next Sunday will be the real face-off between SYRIZA and ND. As it stands, SYRIZA has the vote in Attica, Athens, North Macedonia, Piraeus and Thessaloniki, which between them represent roughly 50% of the population. ND seems to have managed to stem the tide in the more rural, conservative areas, mainly with the not so insignificant assistance of the Orthodox Church who can’t begin to think that an atheist like Tsipras could possible gain enough power in Greece to become PM. That would just be Armageddon in overdrive… Opinion polls give SYRIZA a 5% lead over ND, so Athens has become the stomping ground of all the EU heavyweights who are talking “strategy” and spouting doom and gloom if we don’t vote correctly..

KKE Statement on the Photoshopped Poster October 24, 2012

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Statement taken from here.

This is not the first time this has happened, but this time SYRIZA has crossed the line by choosing to adorn a poster which it issued for a meeting organized on the 19/10 in Ireland with the photograph of the banner which the KKE had put up on the Acropolis in May 2010, on which the slogan “ Peoples of Europe Rise Up” was written. Of course they took care to delete the signature of the “KKE” from the banner, in order to appropriate an initiative which had great resonance. To be accurate, there were two banners, one with the slogan in English and the other in Greek. This photograph became one of the most recognizable images from the struggle of the Greek people during the crisis, both at a European and global level.

We understand that SYRIZA does not possess an image from a similar initiative or action and it could not do as it is absent from the organization and development of the people’s struggle which has a class orientation and content. This however does not justify its attempt to appropriate the initiatives of the KKE in order to promote its non-existent militant profile to an audience which is not aware of its role and stance in Greece.

The ULA has issued a statement here.

PAME on Today’s Strike in Greece October 18, 2012

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The following is available on the KKE international page

The demonstrations of the All-workers Militant Front (PAME) in Athens, Thessalonica, Piraeus and dozens of cities all over the country on the 18th of October, 2012 were a decisive response to the barbaric measures and political line of the government, EU and capital.

PAME held a majestic demonstration in the centre of Athens. “We do not fall for the games aimed at disorientating, mocking and trapping the Greek people regarding the so-called negotiation.” This was stressed by Sotiris Poulikogiannis, President of the Metalworkers Union of Piraeus, at the central strike rally in Omonia. And he added that the three-party government of ND-PASOK-Democratic Left “have finalised the raft of measures which have been ordered by the monopolies.”

As the trade unionist of PAME said: “From the day when capital established the EU, it has sought through it to maximise its profitability, by cutting back every labour right-gain-freedom (…) all those who speak about a bad negotiation, subservience, foreign occupation etc are playing a dirty role. On the one hand they make a lot of noise and talk tough and on the other hand they assist the attempt to conceal the truth from the people- from the working class. To exonerate the big employers so that their destructive activity can proceed unchecked. They have given a role to the fascist gang of Golden Dawn in this plan. A triple role a) To turn Greek workers against immigrants, B) To use their slave-trading employment agencies to patronize the Greek workers and to hand them over to the employers as cheap labour, C) To operate as a para-state repressive apparatus against the class-oriented movement. For there to be effective struggles the racist-Nazi views of Golden Dawn must be condemned. We call on the workers, and the people to reject them in a mass and determined way. So that they have no factories or meetings where they can go to and speak and spread the poison of racism and xenophobia, and talk about the allegedly good patriotic capitalists.”

S. Poulikogiannis noted amongst other things that: “We upset their plans, because we expose their role and the real causes of the crisis. Because we have a proposal and a plan to overthrow their power.

They are all infuriated when they hear us shout with class hatred the following slogan: WITHOUT YOU NO COG CAN TURN- WORKER, YOU CAN DO WITHOUT THE BOSSES.

Their plans for net salaries of 580 euros and maybe even less … are not only related to the minimum wage, everyone in the public and private sector will be paid on this basis. This is the life which they are preparing for us and our children. Work from dusk until dawn with starvation wages.

No hope of free time- no possibility of our children going to university- no access to basic health and welfare services- work until extreme old age with meagre benefits instead of a pension.

And all this will take place in the much-awaited development phase which they are ALL talking to us about, and when we say all we mean all those who praise the EU and identify our future with the profitability of the monopoly groups.

For us this prospect is not called development but transformation of the workers into the slaves of the 21st century.

There is only one path of development for the class-oriented labour movement: development in favour of the people and not the monopolies, utilizing all the productive potential of Greece. This development can be realized only with people’s power and economy, with the disengagement from the EU. With the socialization of the monopolies, so that they are transformed into workers’ and people’s property that will be utilized according to the central, national planning for the complete utilization of the productive capabilities of the country in favour of the popular strata. Only the workers’ and people’s power, which will transform not merely the current state property into social property but also the big businesses and factories, and can organize production on the basis of central planning so as to utilize to the utmost the immense productive capabilities of Greece. The people will be able to decide on their future and prosper only when they get rid of the yoke of the plutocracy’s parasites.”

He called on the workers to organize the struggle in all workplaces in order to block the measures which have already been finalised and are dictated by the monopolies. He denounced the reactionary plan for the restructuring of the trade union movement which is promoted by the forces of SYRIZA and called on the workers to struggle through the ranks of the class-oriented labour movement, under the flags of PAME.

The rally included also greeting speeches by Christos Marganelis from the People’s Committee in Peristeri (a working class neighbourhood in Athens) and Stathis Sachinidis president of the association of the self-employed and the small traders of Athens, on behalf of The Greek Militant Rally of Self-employed (PASEVE). Furthermore, the small shops which participated in the strike remained closed all over the country.

A minute’s silence was observed as it is one year since the cowardly attack of the anarchist-fascist groups against PAME in October 2011 which led to the death of the construction worker Dimitris Kotzaridis.

There followed a large march in the central streets of the Greek capital. At the time when the head of PAME’s demonstration was passing by the Parliament, in Syntagma Square, the tail was still in Omonoia square where the rally of PAME had taken place.

During the strike rally of PAME Aleka Papariga, GS of the CC of the KKE, made the following statement to journalists: “the important thing is to build a strong people’s alliance so that the people follow the path of rupture, overthrow , disengagement from the EU, cancellation of the debt and socialization. There is no other path.”

Death of a Demonstrator

After the completion of PAME’s march, there followed the demonstration of the compromised trade unions of GSEE and ADEDY where there were some minor incidents between the police and the hooded individuals. The police used tear gas, with the result that later a demonstrator who passed through this area felt discomfort and fainted. The information available at this moment states that this man was a 67 year old seaman, unemployed for many years, who according to witnesses had participated earlier in PAME’s demonstration. The information available states that the dead demonstrator suffered a cardiac arrest…

PAME Statement: Class Response to Merkel-EU-Government October 9, 2012

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Statement and photos here on the demonstrations against Merkel’s visit, despite the attempt to silence protest.

The thousands of protesters who flooded the central streets of Athens on Tuesday 9/10/2012 cancelled in practice the banning of the demonstrations that the EU and the three-party government (liberals, social democrats, “Democratic Left”) sought to impose on the working people due to the visit of the German chancellor Angela Merkel to Athens.

The All Workers’ Militant Front (PAME), which rallies the class-oriented trade unions of the country, held a particularly mass demonstration something that was acknowledged even by the bourgeois media which usually do not miss any chance to attack PAME and the communists. Young students (Militant Students’ Front-MAS), small and medium-sized self-employed and traders (Nationwide Rally of the Self-employed-PASEVE) the women (Greek Women’s Federation- OGE) demonstrated together with the workers under the banners of their unions.

Yiannis Tasoulas, member of the Executive Committee of PAME who delivered the speech at the demonstration of PAME in Omonia stressed amongst other things:

“No barricade and no water cannon can frighten us! The moment when the workers rise up makes them tremble. Our demonstration is a first answer. […]

The government of ND-PASOK-Democratic Left, the industrialists, the bankers are hosting a lady who is one of them, the representative of the German industrialists and bankers, of the German monopolies. […]

Merkel does not shed tears for any people. She rubs her hands, as the other capitalists do, for the chance they have to buy infrastructure at very low prices as well as the prime cuts of our beautiful country. She fights with the other vultures over the loot and not over the lives and the future of our children. This is what happens in the crises and the EU now which was presented as a safe haven. […]

All of them have supported the measures. They have not missed a summit, they have celebrated every EU directive, they have applauded all the agreements and now all of them, the parties and the parasites of the EU which have been undermining the working people for many years, have discovered that they are allegedly under occupation. The working people have lived for generations under their yoke and they must decide to cast off them.”

He continued: “the truth is simple and clear. Whoever disagrees with the memoranda, the application laws, the loan agreements, the troika… is against the EU, its agreements and its decisions, is against the capitalist path of development which is presented as a one-way street. Whoever applauds the EU and protests against the troika is simply mocking the people.

Merkel is coming like all the crows to the region of the Eastern Medietrranean because she smelt blood and plunder, like the other imperialists. The clouds of war are gathering in Syria with the danger of a generalized conflagration. In this way they are sharing out the oil, the natural gas, their transport routes and the markets. We must not shed our blood for their bank deposits in Switzerland. We must make sacrifices for our own struggle.

We call on the trade unions, federations, every honest trade unionist to smash the fear , to decide for a strike on the 18th of October. (…) The workers will take the struggle into their hands. PAME will be in the front line . Everyone must take part in the struggle, in the demonstration, in the strike.” the speaker concluded.

A delegation of the CC of the KKE took part in the rally headed by A. Papariga, who made this statement to the journalists: ” Those peoples which do not hesitate to break and get rid of their class chains will be victorious. This for us is the meaning of today’s rallies. This must be the meaning of the immediate and future struggles.”

PAME’s magnificent march to Syntagma square followed, which gave the message of the class response to the machinations of the “black front” (EU-Government-Plutocracy). “Without you no cog can turn! Worker you can do without the bosses!”, ” An end to illusions. EIther you are with capital or you are with the workers!”, ” The workers are not a cost, but the parasites are, the capitalists!” etc.

Thousands of demonstrators could not be overshadowed by the stage-managed incidents with the riot police which some small groups of provocateurs tried to create, in coordination with the state apparatus.

PAME on Tuesday held rallies against the new anti-people measures in many Greek cities. In its press release PAME salutes today’s impressive, combative, and determined rally. As it notes thousands of people, working men and women, unemployed, youth, pensioners and self-employed participated in the rally, in practice smashing the repressive measures and bans, answering the barbaric political line of the government, capital and the European Union.

PAME calls the trade unions from tomorrow without any break to continue to organize the struggle for the working class to respond with a new strike on the 18th of October. For this strike to be an organized response to big capital, the European Union, and the monopolies which seek to chain us.

PAME calls on the workers not to accept the abolition of the minimum salary and day’s wage, the breaking of the 8 hour day, the radical upheaval of their lives.

Important Article from the KKE on the Situation in Greece July 2, 2012

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The KKE has published in English an important article by Giorgos Marinos, a member of the Political Bureau of its Central Committee. The article is addressed in part to those who expressed their solidarity with the KKE in advance of the recent elections (see the statement signed by many Communist and Workers’ parties here and the WP message here for examples), in part it seeks to respond to the attitude adopted towards the KKE by forces at home and abroad, and in part it seeks to inform those who have questions caused by the debate internationally before the June election. The article is a very clear restatement of the principles and positions of the KKE, in terms of what is needed in Greece now, in terms of what social democracy represents, and in terms of broader ideological and organisational questions facing Communist and Workers’ parties worldwide.

In other words, it’s a clear restatement of the fundamentals, and how they should be applied in today’s world in Greece.

It’s a fairly long article, so I’m extracting a few key quotes, and then pasting the whole thing after the break.

We call on the communist men and women, the workers who follow the developments in Greece and are interested in the course of the class struggle to come to a better understanding regarding the strategy and tactics of the KKE, its history and struggles. They should judge its positions based on specific ideological-political criteria and not on rumours and baseless slander. They will then be able to discern that the attack on the strategy of the KKE and its alliance policy and the various laughable claims regarding sectarianism and isolationism have been initiated by bourgeois forces or forces which have in reality rejected Marxist-Leninist principles, the need for socialism, the essence of the class struggle which is meaningful when it is linked to working class-popular power.

They will be able to discern that these forces follow a political line of bourgeois management which is concealed behind talk of a “left solution”, sowing illusions about the “humanization of capitalism”, with very negative consequences for the struggle of the workers.

The conclusion is that the election result as a whole reflects the tendency of the containment of the class oriented radicalism that developed during the period of crisis, under the pressure of the current of the rising petty-bourgeois radicalism, guided by the bourgeois ideology and propaganda.

The strategy that promises a better future for the working people and the unemployed through a so-called left or progressive government, while the power of capital and the capitalist ownership of the means of production remain intact, is dangerous. This strategy has been tested and been proven to be bankrupt. It led Communist parties into assimilation and even dissolution.

This strategy conceals the fundamental issue. It conceals that the problem of unemployment, which is sharpening in an uncontrolled fashion, cannot be solved as long as the power and the wealth that the working class produces remain in the hands of capitalists, as long as capitalist anarchy and the profit motive exist.

The principled stance of the KKE stresses that a revolutionary party cannot have two faces, cannot not negate its strategy, its struggle for working class-people’s power, for socialism in order to snatch votes in parliamentary elections by supporting “management” formations which facilitate the system.

The reduction of the electoral strength of the KKE does not negate the decisive advantages that our party has achieved with a great effort. It does not negate the power it has within the trade unions, the mass organizations, the workers’ and people’s movement its prestige in the working class, the confidence that the people have in it in the every day struggles regardless of whether it was expressed in the elections.

There are more than enough forces to manage the system. What the people need are real communist parties that will not manage the capitalist barbarity in the name of the “governmental left” and in the name of “realistically” accepting the negative correlation of forces. In this way you pave the way for the forces of capital and precious time is wasted, for which the working class and the popular strata will pay a high price.


KKE and PCPE Joint Statement March 17, 2012

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A joint statement from the KKE and the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain. Might be of interest to people here, especially given the Spanish angle.

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and the Communist Party of the People’s of Spain (PCPE) have taken the initiative to make a joint statement in the face of the complex developments of the capitalist crisis and the savage offensive of capital against the working class and the poor popular strata both in Greece and Spain as well as in Europe as a whole.

Capitalism cannot solve the problems of the people
The causes of the crisis which is a crisis of the capitalist mode of production itself, a crisis of capital over-accumulation, highlight the boundaries of the capitalist system and the need for its overthrow as well as the timeliness of socialism.
The bourgeois and opportunist forces are being exposed on a daily basis, particularly the “European Left Party”, which have for some time been making assessments: regarding casino-capitalism, a crisis caused by neo-liberalism, a crisis of the financial system as well as a debt crisis. Theses forces have been exposed by the development of the crisis itself. The proposals of the ELP concerning “a pro-people capitalist development” and concerning multi-facetted borrowing via the ECB, which the working class and poor popular strata will be called on to pay for, are tailored for big capital and its interests.
Those forces, bourgeois and opportunist, which saluted and supported the EU, voting for the Maastricht Treaty and the EMU, have also been exposed by the developments themselves. Today those forces which fostered and systematically continue to foster illusions about a “pro-people architecture” of the EU, about its alleged re-establishment, have been refuted. The anti-worker barbarity, which is being promoted by the EU and the bourgeois governments –liberal or social democratic or centre-right or centre-left– serves capital by creating incredible profits and by bankrupting the workers. They promote this permanent state of barbarity through savage cuts in salaries, pensions, dismissals, with unpaid workers and the plundering of the social security funds, through harsh taxation and privatizations. The massive expansion of poverty and the dramatic increase in unemployment reveal the aggressiveness of capital and its aim to devalue the price of labour power, to destroy productive forces in a mass way in order to salvage its profitability in the conditions of the crisis.

In the face of this goal the inter-imperialist competition is sharpening and deepening, demonstrating that the EU is not a union of the peoples but was and is a union of the imperialists which cannot become pro-people. The anxiety which the ELP and other opportunist forces are exhibiting regarding the salvation of the EU, their propaganda to prettify it highlight that they faithfully serve the perpetuation of capitalism and class exploitation.
The EU serves the strategy of capital for cheaper labour power in the competition with the other imperialist states and unions. This strategy explains why there is a general tendency, not only in Greece and Spain but in the whole of Europe, for savage measures to be taken which attack the people and increase the profits of the monopolies. The ELP submits to this strategy with its Statutes and the acceptance of “the EU’s principles” which are in the service of capital. The EU is not a counterweight to the USA nor should the peoples choose imperialism, as the opportunists and the ELP do. Objectively the capitalist crisis, the realignment of the imperialist powers and their intensified competition stoke new flashpoints of war and the massacre of the peoples. The peoples must decisively refuse to shed their blood for the interests of the bourgeois class.

The overthrow of capitalism is the way out and not its management
The developments underline that there can be no return to the past. No expanded state ownership on the terrain of the dominance of the monopolies can have a positive outcome for the peoples in the conditions of the liberalized capitalist market. No “pole of state banks” or an allegedly pro-people transformation of the ECB, no allegedly pro-people “social fund” can constitute a way out for the working class and the poor popular strata.

Sovereignty and democracy, without the disengagement of every country from the EU together with the overthrow of capital’s power, cannot exist. The need today is for class-oriented rallying, the regroupment of the labour movement, the popular alliance of the workers and the poor popular strata to fight for working class power. The formation of a class pole in the labour movement is a pre-condition for the correct orientation of the struggles.

Hope lies in the class struggle

We salute the great struggles of the workers in Greece, Spain and many other countries with the communists and class-oriented forces in the front line. Such struggles will multiply. We particularly salute the magnificent strike of the steelworkers in Greece. This struggle, like the general strikes, demonstrates in practice that the crucial battle will not be waged in the squares with the “indignant citizens”, or at the social dialogues of the compromised representatives of the ITUC/ETUC. The anger and indignation in order to have a prospect must be expressed in the workplaces, where the class struggle is judged, in opposition to the so-called “social cohesion” and the social dialogues which are promoted and supported by the social-democrats, the ELP and the compromised confederations of trade unions, the ITUC and ETUC.

In our countries the existence and activity of a discrete class-oriented pole is a resource and legacy for the struggle of the working class and popular strata. The All-workers Militant Front (PAME) in Greece, as well as the incipient Committees of Workers Unity (CUO) in Spain, constitute a valuable support because they promote the class struggle and expose the undermining role of the compromised leaderships of the trade union movement, and organize the struggle of the working class against capital.

The KKE and the PCPE will strengthen their joint initiatives both in their countries and in the International Communist Movement in order to invigorate the perspective in the working class and the popular strata which is forged by the revolutionary strategy for an implacable class struggle for working class power. The International Communist Review plays a particular role and has a special contribution to this cause. This is an initiative of the theoretical journals of communist parties which aims at reinforcing the Marxist-Leninist direction in the international communist movement as a pre-condition for its necessary regroupment.
Socialism is necessary, timely and the only way out

The bourgeois and opportunists who saluted the overthrow of socialism, who spoke of the “period of freedom, prosperity and peace”, have been completely refuted. Today the ELP bears a particular responsibility for the anti-communist hysteria because it accepted the core of the offensive of the bourgeois class by denying and slandering the socialism we knew, promoting the “21st century socialism” which is nothing other than capitalism with a “human face”, something that cannot exist. The nostalgia for socialism in the countries where it had been constructed is increasing today. The peoples who experienced socialism do not forget it. The CPs can today draw conclusions regarding the laws of socialist construction which were violated and the mistakes which were made. The new socialist revolutions will have a legacy before them, the socialism we knew, the superiority of the socialised and centrally planned economy, without capitalists and exploitation, without crises and unemployment, with disengagement from NATO and the EU, without insecurity about the future, where the working class will be in charge and in control, the class which will take the reins of power into its hands.

March 16, 2012

Joint Statement of the Communist and Workers’ Parties of the 5 Countries with Highest Levels of Unemployment in the EU February 28, 2012

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“Organization and struggle for stable work with rights. Immediate measures for the unemployed. Struggle for a society without unemployment, exploitation, capitalists. The answer is socialism.”

Worker, Unemployed

The Communist and Workers Parties of the countries of Europe which have been most affected by unemployment Spain, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia and Ireland call on you to struggle and organize.

We address the 24 million “officially” unemployed people in the European Union, particularly the long term unemployed, the unemployed young people and women who are most badly affected.

We address all those who are not recorded in the official statistics, but experience the same nightmare of unemployment.

We address the semi-employed, the agency workers, the workers without social security, those who work in a state of employment by rotation with flexible shifts, with individual contracts, with piece-work contracts, who experience employer intimidation, who face the danger of dismissal and unemployment.

We address those who are forced into unpaid labour under the pretence of opportunities to return to work; those who are deprived of their entitlements to redundancy payments by employers’ pleading “inability to pay”; workers who are on strike and engaged in occupations and sit-ins to protect their jobs and rights.

We also address the farmers who are being wiped out, the small professional and self-employed who have been led to closure by the assault of the monopolies, the anti-people political line of austerity which attacks the working class-popular families.

All of you, as well as every worker today, better understands that this labour “jungle” is spreading and is becoming a general law which, slowly or quickly, big capital, its governments, and the EU seek to impose in every workplace. There is no time to lose.

In the countries where our parties operate, Spain, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia and Ireland unemployment has reached very dangerous levels. The bourgeois class in each country and the predatory alliance of the EU as a whole, have declared war on the working class and the poor popular strata. The capitalist economic crisis brings new measures which smash whatever the anti-people offensive in the previous period had left upright, especially after the Maastricht Treaty.

In this harsh reality, a handful of plutocrats have made fabulous profits. And yet they demand further measures. Their crisis is not a debt crisis, it is a capitalist crisis which came about due to the over-accumulation of capital.

In order to overcome the crisis in favour of capital, the industrialists, the bankers and the other sections of the plutocracy along with their political representatives impose hard measures in order to further reduce the price of labour power and force more people into unemployment.

In this situation the people’s resistance to these harsh measures has been hindered by those elements in the trade union and labour movement who, having long ago accepted the logic and the ideology of capitalism, now plead that there is no alternative but to succumb to the offensive of capital.

The way forward is to win the majority of workers and their families for class based popular struggles on the strategy which promotes their interests. The Communist and Workers parties must be at the heart of this process.

Struggle together with the class-oriented forces, together with the Communist and Workers parties.

Organize in your unions and workplaces. Contribute to the development of activity. In this direction the strength of the working class can be reinforced.

Demand immediate measures for the protection of the unemployed:

Decent unemployment benefit for all the unemployed.
Comprehensive medical pharmaceutical healthcare and social security protection.
Freezing of their loans and mortgages.

Unemployment is not a natural phenomenon. It is bred by the capitalist system which is characterized by the anarchy in production, by exploitation.

Only a socialist economy, that is to say a centrally planned economy that will be based on workers’ power and the socialized means of production can guarantee the right to work for all.

This is what happened in the Soviet Union and the other socialist countries and it is a historical achievement and one of the many accomplishments of the socialist countries.

Our parties call you to struggle every day, to struggle for the abolition of the exploitation of man by man, for a society without unemployment, for socialism which can satisfy the needs of the people.

The Parties:

Communist Party of Greece

Communist Party of Ireland

Workers Party of Ireland

Socialist Party of Latvia

Socialist People’s Front of Lithuania

Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain

National Sovereignty and the Sovereignty of the People: Video from the KKE February 16, 2012

Posted by Garibaldy in KKE.

Below is the text which the KKE has given to introduce a new video, “Regarding a Lack of National Sovereignty and Inequality”, it has produced and which is available with subtitles in several foreign languages, including English.

I think – especially reading some, but not all, of the comments on the more on the crisis in Greek thread – that there is both a hunger and a need for as much information and analysis as possible from the Greek left to help us become better informed and to put to bed some misconceptions. For example, the idea that the disagreements among certain parties on the left have more to do with Stalin than the EU and the European Left Party, or attitudes towards the so-called youth uprising a few years back, or the burning of KKE offices etc; a reflection perhaps of the failure of some in Ireland to understand the Greek situation in contemporary Greek terms instead of the terms of the USSR in the 1920s, or their own understanding of the world or assumptions about people from other political traditions.

I took a race round the websites of the major Greek left groups, and apart from the KKE there is very little up-to-date information in English. However, of interest to people here will be the fact that the CWI does have a section dedicated to Greece including a recent interview that seems if I’ve read it right (and I may not have) to blame both Syriza and the KKE for what it sees as insufficient cooperation, while also raising some of the concerns about state agents that we see in the KKE’s statements. I went to wiki to look for links to websites and it had a story with a footnote to a website in Greek saying that the CWI left Syriza in April last year; is this the case does anyone know?

I would recommend that anyone who wants to know more about the KKE’s positions go to their website in English which has absolutely loads of press statements, position papers and documents stretching back several years.

Anyway, the video is here. To get the subtitles click on the CC button that appears in the bottom right when you press play and choose the one you prefer

KKE Video

From the KKE:

One of the arguments used by the bourgeois and opportunist forces in Greece, in order to blur the causes of the capitalist crisis rooted in the basic contradiction which characterizes capitalist society, the contradiction between capital and labour, is the argument concerning the “loss of national sovereignty”.

So, depending on who is invoking this argument, variations of this line are presented of the type “the government is not negotiating!” or “the government implements the orders of the foreigners” or “they serve the Germans”, “the foreigners govern us”, “we are under occupation”, “Greece has become a protectorate”, “ we have lost national sovereignty”, etc. Indeed, at some point the last argument was used by the leader of the social-democratic party and the Socialist International and former Prime Minister, G. Papandreou, who claimed that due to the crisis we lost national sovereignty and that the workers must endure harsh measures, so that the economy can recover and we can find our “national sovereignty” again…

The KKE comes into conflict with the abovementioned points of view, which deceive the people, as they conceal the reality and propose out-dated solutions within the framework of capitalism. In addition, they unscientifically present the relations of dependence and interdependence, which emerge in the framework of imperialism and within the imperialist unions (such as the EU) as a consequence of the loss of “national sovereignty”, while they constitute a result of the uneven development of the capitalist countries. The bourgeois class of every country participates in these unions, not because it operates allegedly “treacherously” or “anti-patriotically”, but to serve its class interests! In order to strengthen its position inside every country against the working class, using both repressive and other mechanisms and tools which these unions possess. It is incorporated in these in order to better participate in the global competition with the American, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and other monopolies and to increase its profits. In the framework of this ambition it cedes sovereign rights to inter-state bodies. These relations of dependence and interdependence are not abolished through the humanization of “imperialist unions”, e.g. with more “democracy” in the institutions of the EU, as the opportunists demand, but through the disengagement of the countries from these unions, their dissolution, the establishment of working class-people’s power, the socialization of the basic means of production, central planning and workers control of the economy, through socialism!

The short video of the Propaganda Section of the CC of the KKE is in this direction and is addressed to the Greek people. We considered it worth subtitling (English, Arabic, Spanish, Russian) and we present it to you today.

KKE Statement: The People’s anger will shatter the PASOK-ND coalition government February 13, 2012

Posted by Garibaldy in KKE.

Full statement with photographs here.

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators shouted all across the country: “ The government with the criminal political line must leave now, together with the Troika. No memorandum must be signed. No new agreement. The plutocracy must pay.”
The demonstration of PAME in Athens was stunning. Very large demonstrations all across the country.
The workers fearlessly dealt with the organized plan of the state to repress the demonstration.

With magnificent rallies in Athens and dozens of Greek cities, the working class, the other popular strata and youth demanded that the new memorandum not be approved in Parliament., giving a decisive response to the anti-people political line and the government blackmail. This was the largest demonstration of recent decades, characterized by the great mass rally of PAME and the class-oriented trade unions with demands against the Loan Agreement, for the overthrow of the anti-people political line, disengagement from the EU with the unilateral cancellation of the debt, with people’s power so that the country’s wealth can be utilised and provide prosperity for the people.

The speaker at PAME’s rally, C. Katsiotis noted in his speech: “The people must not fear them, nor be quiet and allow themselves to be flayed alive. It is of no importance whether this happens inside or outside of the Euro, with a controlled or uncontrolled bankruptcy. What is of vital importance is that the people decide that they will make no more sacrifices for the plutocracy, to fill the treasure vaults of the capitalists, while they and their children will be submerged in absolute poverty and destitution.”

It should be noted that the new measures remove three months salary annually from the workers (22% reduction) and 4 months’ salary from newly hired workers (32% reduction), aside from other measures and the heavy taxes which remove even more from what has remained of the workers’ income.

The demonstrators remained for over 6 hours in the streets, organized, formed into their huge contingents with arms linked together, without fear, despite the orgy of repression and the activity of the provocateurs who burnt buildings in the city centre. It was a plan of savage and naked state repression which utilized the hooded ones. The state repression apparatus attacked with tonnes of tear gas (it is indicative that early in the evening the teargas supplies of the forces of repression were exhausted) and stun grenades, entirely unprovoked, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators who had flooded the city centre yesterday, when the new memorandum was being discussed in Parliament.

The plan of the government was obvious: That the people should not reach Syntagma Sqare; to break the demonstration. An additional goal of this plan, which included dozens of fires and material destruction in the centre of the capital, was for the working people of Athens to submit to the new anti-people measures, to conceal from the cameras the tens of thousands of workers, who demonstrated in the contingents of PAME, as well as to disperse the mass demonstration, as well as to pass the intimidating dilemmas of the “salvation of the country” or the “destruction” and “chaos” of a possible bankruptcy.

In its statement the KKE condemned a “state plan to repress and intimidate the people. At the time when the parties of the plutocracy and the EU predatory alliance extort and threaten the people voting for a memorandum for the people’s bankruptcy, various mechanisms burn buildings, in order to create the scene of destruction which they are bringing to the people (…) The riot police and the hooded ones operated in a coordinated fashion against the magnificent demonstrations of the people in order to disperse them. (…) They use lies, blackmail, repression and provocations, in order to subdue the people. But they are helpless if they find themselves face to face with a people who are determined and organized to deal with them, to fight for and win their just cause.

The KKE calls on the working class, the people, the youth to a state of readiness and vigilance to impede any attempt to take authoritarian measures.”

Inside the Parliament during the discussion of the barbaric measures of the Loan Agreement the Parliamentary group of the KKE, with its ideological and political superiority, exposed the blackmailing dilemmas used by the government, PASOK, ND, the Media concerning the inevitability of the implementation of the Loan Agreement so that the already bankrupt people do not go bankrupt. Through their interventions the communist MPs, demonstrating why no MP has the right to vote for the barbaric measures which wipe out the popular and working class income, exerted pressure and sharpened the contradictions to a great extent which manifested themselves in the bourgeois parties and were expressed by their serious losses in the vote. 22 MPs of PASOK and 21 MPs of ND opposed the line of voting for the agreement and were expelled (including current and former ministers). The nationalist party LAOS which had stated that it would vote no to the loan agreement did not participate in the vote. 2 of its MPs voted for the Loan Agreement. It is indicative that overall 199 out of the 278 MPs voted for the Loan Agreement. 74 MPs voted against.

Due to the pressure exerted by the KKE, the bourgeois parties used anticommunism and wretchedness which marked amongst other things the provocative speech of E. Venizelos, Vice-president of the government and cadre of PASOK, that provoked a strong reaction by the whole parliamentary group of the KKE.

The MPs of the KKE stood up and protested, they dynamically answered the blackmails while the volume of the wretched draft law was symbolically thrown from the benches of the Parliamentary Group of the KKE at the benches of the ministers.

The General Secretary of the CC of the KKE, Aleka Papariga, took the floor and mentioned amongst other things:

“You are literally trying to subjugate the minds of the people who suffer, of the poor people by means of an unprecedented ideological intimidation. Excuse me, I do not identify you with him, but Goebbels would be envious of you. A big bankruptcy is coming! Whom are you talking to? To the people who have already been bankrupted? No, we are not interested in a Greece which will have been saved and the people will have been bankrupted. […]Since the morning you have been continuously talking about destruction even about civil war[… ]Even the state television suddenly remembered the civil war […] We will answer when the time comes. But you are accountable when you pose such issues to the people. You have the deadlines of the Troika and the Commission. And I am saying that such ultimatums were not issued even on the eve of world wars. […] You are provoking us.

We have been listening to you all day talking about war, telling us that we will have no pensions, that we will receive vouchers, or I don’t know what and at the end you are talking about civil war. Now who is triggering the situation? We have our limits. We are polite but we are not stupid. […] Therefore we say to the people the following: the deep bankruptcy will come, either with the euro or the drachma, we cannot know this in advance.

Secondly, even if Greece enhances its competitiveness other countries will develop even more. In the best case it might climb up 2-3 positions. But this competitiveness will cost even more to the working people. Greece will be over-indebted for 150 years, as was the case with the loans of “independence” (…) in any case he who is down must fear no fall. The people will not avoid bankruptcy no matter what they do, even if they accept to work for free, for one, two or three years. Our position is: struggles which might prevent the worst. But in order to do this the people’s movement must be directed towards the succession of this political system by the political system of the workers’ and people’s power. Disengagement and unilateral cancellation of the debt; there is no other solution for the people”.

The parliamentary group of the KKE also refuted in a well-substantiated way the blackmails of the government:

“Today the MPs bear a special responsibility as you approve a law so that the working people will have to make ends meet on a salary of 489 euros given the high cost of living and the young people will have to live on a salary of 440 while at the same time you agree that only a small section of the unemployed will receive 330. […] No one has the right to condemn the working people to a salary of 400 euros. Are you going to say that “we will bury you alive for your own good?” (…) Is your concern merely the currency that will express the people’s poverty? The system has exhausted its historical limits. It cannot even provide a piece of bread in order to buy off consciousnesses. […] The social wealth today is incredibly high and you ask the people to live like they did in the Middle Ages. We are saying to all of them to lift their heads up, that they have nothing to lose but their chains.”

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