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Will the legal ducks be in a row for the referendum? August 24, 2017

Posted by Tomboktu in Bits and Pieces, Housekeeping.

As you know, we’re having a referendum next year on the 8th amendment to the Constitution, and naturally most of the attention is on the content and political process which will decide it. But there is a gap in the law on referendums that the Supreme Court warned less than two years ago could have “very serious constitutional consequences” and which the government seems to have no plans to deal with.


Gone Fishing… the Irish Left Archive takes a month off… August 4, 2008

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Housekeeping, Irish Left Online Document Archive.

Okay, not exactly gone, but going soon. After a hectic year – our first post was this – it’s definitely time for a break.

The Irish Left Archive will from this take a break of about five weeks – not least to give an opportunity for some scanning to be done of materials for it. General posts to the CLR will continue. A chance to recharge and reemerge bright eyed and bushy tailed on the far side of the summer.

So far the Left Archive has gathered together previously unseen (on the web) material from Official and Provisional Sinn Féin, Militant, the Labour Party, the Irish Republican Socialist Party, the Workers’ Party, Democratic Left, the Socialist Workers’ Movement, the Communist Party of Ireland, the Communist Party of Ireland (Marxist Leninist), The Socialist Party (1970s), the British and Irish Communist Organisation and many others. Each week since August 2007 we’ve posted up a new document. We’re hoping to streamline access to the Archive over the next number of months with clearer links and tags.

Can I ask that anyone who has any materials for the Archive contact me at worldbystormATeircom.net. Any materials posted out will be posted back. If necessary I am happy to reimburse postage.

Currently we’re lacking Green Party and Sinn Féin materials (for example while I have a near-complete set of United Irishman from 1968 to 1972 – which I intend to post in full over the next while – I have no similar PSF material from the same period). The Socialist Workers’ Movement/SWM is under-represented. We have no anarchist material at all, a considerable deficit… so, if you have anything at all from leaflets, posters to pamphlets to party positions just send them through and I’ll see that we here at the CLR get them posted up. As always any commentary on the materials submitted can be by the person who donates them and is always welcome. In fact if anyone wants to add retrospective commentaries on previous material that would be good as well.

Anyhow, we return in five weeks or so with a guest post on some Green Party material from the late 1980s and news of another very interesting Irish political archive that has recently been established.

One last thing. A word of thanks. One of the real pleasures in blogging is the response from people just browsing and in this the Left Archive has been great. The engagement by people from varying political homes has been heartening and educational. Sure, there have been one or two disagreements but broadly speaking it has been extremely positive. It is that engagement that fleshes out the documents, that breathes life into them. The anecdotes and personal experience of people who read them, used them and often sold them (!) when they were issued are crucial to developing a sense of their meaning and utility. It’s not just a dry exercise in presenting political arcana, but a means of unlocking what it is like to be part of the ‘Left’ in all its forms on this island and perhaps giving a few clues as to how to move forward. That’s a human and personal story and its one the CLR would like to reflect more on. So quite apart from the archive, but added to it, should anyone have any thoughts that they’ve put down on paper as to their experiences (and be critical, certainly – but not knocking if at all possible) of being in any of the formations we cover, or those we haven’t so far, that would be great. Anonymity guaranteed (if you want it).

And to those who read the archive material but don’t post comments, and there’s a lot of you out there, go on. Views and opinions are both welcome and essential.

Debate, discussion and moderation on the Cedar Lounge Revolution… we have a policy. We’re also back on the radio. January 11, 2008

Posted by WorldbyStorm in CLR empirebuilding, Housekeeping.


I wasn’t going to say any more on this issue, but I note that coincidentally today Socialist Unity has something that pertains to moderation of comments.

Firstly, the CLR is an open forum for discussion. But, it’s not Politics.ie, which is to apply what splintered sunrise noted on another discussion on comments, ‘something of a bear pit’ and where various terms are bandied about recklessly.

Which is one of the reasons – quite apart from enormously hectic demands in various workplaces – I didn’t realise the import of a comment posted about Mick Hall which was clearly wrong and both insulting and unfair to Mick who is a good comrade. And it shouldn’t have taken Mick asking me to remove it for it to be removed. So my personal apologies to Mick for the delay.
The point is that the CLR is – and has to remain – a place where people can discuss and feel free to discuss but also a place where people can be heard respectfully.

To quote Andy and Louise from Socialist Unity…

We will delete racist, homophobic, sexist, and derogatory comments about people with physical disabilities or mental distress. Comments will also be deleted that are offensive and insulting about individuals. We will also delete comments by “trolls”, i.e those people whose purpose is to impede debate and who post comments with no regard to the subject matter of debate but whose sole purpose and intention is the baiting of other people

We expect comrades to behave in a comradely and fraternal way and to treat each other with respect. We will moderate comments in a way that a Chair moderates a meeting.

I couldn’t say it better myself and will append something along these lines to the About Us section.

We’ll still keep it a light touch, and the balance will be towards retention rather than removal. But… again, this is about debate. Criticism is essential, indeed it’s what we’re all about. But fairness is crucial and respect is paramount.

And with that in mind, enjoy your weekend.

(And speaking of the weekend once more one of our number, who goes by the pseudonym of Dónal, has been invited to discuss the Sunday Newspapers on Taste on NewsTalk 106-108fm – hosted by Fionn Davenport between 7 and 9. The segment is usually on around 8.30 ish. With the week that has been in it there shouldn’t be any lack of material to talk about).

Update… Problems with WordPress Platform November 21, 2007

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Housekeeping.

The reason for posts appearing and disappearing appears to be with the broader platform.

No doubt normal service will be resumed soon enough…

Anyone notice anything odd about posts on the CLR today? November 21, 2007

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Housekeeping.

I posted two posts this morning, one inadvertently, but they seem – somewhat like an internet Brigadoon to come in and out of existence as they see fit.

Anyone see the same phenomenon?

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