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Left Archive: Éire Nua, Republican Sinn Féin, 1990 February 15, 2016

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To download the above please click on the following link. EIRENUARSF

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Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive.

This is a very interesting document, a reworked Éire Nua from Republican Sinn Féin. This edition was published in 1990. As might be expected it restates the broader administrative aspects of the original Éire Nua produced by the then leadership of Provisional Sinn Féin in the 1970s. But it is much less detailed in respect to social, political and economic organisation than that earlier document.

It argues under the heading ‘A New Beginning’ that:

This programme can be our instrument to build a sound future for our nation. The programme embraces all the people of Ireland; it provides for a system in which all creeds and traditions can be represented and all citizens can exercise real power, without any group infringing on the the rights of others. The alternative to the forging of a New Ireland is to endure the present affliction – perhaps in the blind hope that our politicians their EC friends will somehow magically find ways to transform our present debilitated, impoverished and undemocratic society into a nation that is strong, prosperous and democratic.

And it calls for ‘a new constitution’ and ‘a new government structure’. The former would incorporate a ‘Charter of Rights’ which would itself incorporate the European Convention on Human Rights.

As with the original Éire Nua the government structure would be a ‘federation of the four provinces of Ireland under the co-ordination of a national parliament, with powers devolved through regional administrative councils to local bodies, so that at all levels citizens may have an effective voice in their own governance’.

Dáil Éireann would be the national parliament, comprising representatives from all 32 counties. However, Ulster, Munster, Leinster and Connacht would all have regional/provincial government. The new Dáil would incorporate 50 per cent of the Deputies from direct elections and another 50 per cent from the provincial parliaments.

The document includes maps of the new administrative and political divisions. The site of the Parliament of Ulster would be sited at Dungannon while that of Connacht would be in Tuam. Athlone would become the National capital. Notably the front cover of the document was designed by Robert Ballagh.

Left Archive: Saoirse: Irish Freedom (incorporating Republican Bulletin-Iris na Poblachta), Uimhir. 1 Bealtaine – May 1987, Republican Sinn Féin May 11, 2015

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To download the above please click on the following link. Saoirse:RSF 1987

Please click here to go the Left Archive.

Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive.

This paper published by Republican Sinn Féin is eight pages long. It is focused on various matters including the then upcoming referendum on the Single European Act. It includes a piece entitled ‘The Leinster House Rip-Off’ which outlines pensions, salaries, allowances and expenses and tax relief for TDs. There is a short piece on harassment of RSF activists by the Special Task Force.

There’s also a long report on Easter 1987 and how ‘Ireland Honours Her Patriot Dead’ with a list of commemorative activities from across the island.

There’s also an Easter Statement from the Republican Sinn Féin leadership which argues that:

For the men and women of 1916 there was to be no half-way house, no stepping stones to freedom, no Westminster, Stormont or Leinster House. That has been the position of those who fought, suffered and died for Irish Freedom in the centuries of resistance to British rule before the great event we commemorate today, and in the struggle does the years since 1916.

That is also the position of Republican Sinn Féin in 1987. The constitution of Sinn Féin to which we adhere says that for a SF elected representative to accept and take part in any parliament other than that of the All-Ireland Republic of 1916 is ‘an act of treachery to be dealt with as such’.

As well as restating their support for ‘the right of the Irish people to use whatever measure of controlled and disciplined force is necessary to secure a British withdrawal from Ireland’ it also asserts that RSF:

…rejects the imperialist social and economic system operating in Ireland which is now in crisis. it is at present engaged in crushing further the poor and oppressed so that the rich may continue to prosper. We pledge ourselves to fight it at every opportunity.

We reject both power-blocs, East and West; we oppose all military alliances and seek a neutral, non-aligned Ireland.

Ó Brádaigh to Step Down September 27, 2009

Posted by Garibaldy in Republican Sinn Féin.

I guess this is the end of an era, with Ruairí Ó Brádaigh announcing he will be standing down as President of RSF at their next Ard Fheis “for reasons of age and health” although he will seek to be on their executive body and be their patron. I can’t say that I regard Ó Brádaigh’s leadership of either Provisional or Republican SF as a positive force in Irish politics. But the fact he is standing down is certainly a moment of significance for his organisation, and possibly for its future. Be interesting to see who takes over – someone of his generation, or someone younger. And whether the next leader is from the north or the south might give some indication as to how far they have been able to tap into the undoubted disaffection of some young people in the north and channel it.

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