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One for The CLR Book Club ? October 21, 2016

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Brendan Ogle has a new book out on the 3rd of November .

The blurb ….

From its explosion onto Dublin’s streets in October 2014 the anti- water charges campaign has changed the face of politics in Ireland. As a result of its stunning success it is no longer the case that Irish Governments and opinion formers can take peaceful protest and civil disobedience for granted. The terms of engagement have been altered. The massive success of this campaign is the result of a unique blend of community, trade union and political activism and alternative thinking that, through Right2Water, has caught national and international attention. This book captures all the colour, noise, and excitement as a nation in ‘national collective trauma’ from a disastrous economic collapse finally finds its voice after years of enforced austerity. From government-controlled efforts to put a 5 billion pension risk on to 6,000 state electricity workers to a water privatisation agenda forced without mandate on a hitherto compliant public, Brendan Ogle describes from his unique vantage point how people decided enough was enough, and a fight back was developed. From Bended Knee to a New Republic describes how ordinary workers and citizens can defeat corporate greed and State power in spectacular terms. This is the inside story of how a changed, more equal Ireland is emerging and what its place is in the wider European Union and beyond.

This Week At Irish Election Literature October 21, 2016

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A Leaflet from Border Communities Against Brexit outlining some of the issues facing the Border Regions with Brexit.

A “No To Fees! No To Loan Schemes” leaflet from The Socialist Party

A leaflet dealing with Education issues and Repealthe8th from People Before Profit Students.

Issue 1 of The Fianna Fail 3rd Level Bulletin Trinity Term 1990. Edited by one Kevin Rafter.

This Week At Irish Election Literature October 14, 2016

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“A Day In The Life Of A T.D.” a pamphlet produced by the Houses of the Oireachtas aimed at school children.

A leaflet from Brian Caul of The United Labour Party standing in the 1982 South Belfast By-Election

A Leaflet from The “Trade Union Campaign to Repeal 8”

And finally A National Action Booklet From 1952

An Electoral History of The Catholic Right 1983 to present October 7, 2016

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There were initially attempts to form Parties that rejected ‘The Liberal Agenda’ in the 70’s and 80’s . There were a number of attempts at setting up a Christian Democrat Party (Sean Dublin Bay Loftus named himself Seán D. Christian Democrat Dublin Bay Loftus in the 1973 General Election), In 1981 Daniel McCarron stood as a Christian Democrat in Dublin South Central although they were different groups. (Indeed Declan Waters stood as an Independent Christian Democrat in 2011 in Waterford)
The Christian Social Party and The Constitution Party were other attempts that never really got off the ground despite the distrust many on the Catholic Right had in Fianna Fail and Fine Gael.
This distrust continued until eventually The Christian Principles Party led by Frank Flanagan were founded and ran a number of candidates in the 1991 Local Elections. Two of them Dominic Noonan (polling 1048 in Clontarf) and Sean Clerkin (polling 1136 in Cabra) came close to winning seats.
They were relaunched as The Christian Centrist Party which ran a number of candidates in the 1992 General Election.
The X-Case set the Catholic Right in a spin. Youth Defence was founded. There was The Maastricht Referendum (which like almost every European Referendum was seen as a way of getting Abortion into Ireland) which many on the Catholic Right campaigned against.
The Government fell and we had The 1992 Abortion Referendum and General Election on the same day.

Aside from CCP a large number of Independents ran in 1992

1992 Pro Life Independents
Miriam Hogan -Carlow Kilkenny 2596 (4.7%)
Mary Smith – Cavan Monaghan -686 (1.2%)
Con O’Leary – Cork NC – 1038 (2.3%)
Niamh Nic Mhathúna – Dublin C – 514 (1.4%) (A founder member of Youth Defence)
Sean Dublin Bay Loftus – Dublin NC – 3551 (7.7%)
Richard Greene (endorsed by CCP)- Dublin South – 1671 (2.8%)
Sean Lyons – Dublin West – 1027 (2.8%)
Michael Quinn – Dun Laoghaire – 1705 (2.9%) (Ex Youth Defence and Far right movements such as DRM)
Darina Costelloe – Galway West – 1308 (2.6%)
Augustine Moore – Limerick East – 463 (1%)
Bridget Randles -Limerick West – 645 (2%)
Martin Hogan – Longford Roscommon – 459 (1%)
Brendan Cleary -Meath – 852 (1.7%)
Joe O’Gorman – Tipp South – 1016 (2.6%)
Tony Scott -Waterford -1312 (3.1%)
Stephen Price -Westmeath – 747 (2.4%)
Michael O’Connor -Wexford – 502 (1%)

1992 Christian Centrist Party candidates
Gerry Duffy -Cork NC – 449 (1%)
Patrick Doherty – Donegal NE – 487 (1.6%)
Joe MacDonough – Dublin NW -741 (2%)
Eamonn Murphy – Dublin SC – 832 (2.1%)

A Grand total of 23,505 (1.34% of the National Vote)


Fine Gael Spelling September 30, 2016

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Anyone know why Fine Gael spell it Connaught and Fianna Fail spell it Connacht ?


Then there is Fine Gael using “Bye-Election” and everyone else using “By-Election”



This Week At Irish Election Literature September 23, 2016

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The above is from this time last year.

On to current events and Issue 2 of “NBRU News” left on buses during the week.

A leaflet for Tomorrows Rise and Repeal March for Choice.

A “Stop CETA/TTIP” leaflet from the Peadar O’Donnell Socialist Republican Forum

Then from 1984 The Republican Lecture Series no 9 , “Women In Ireland” a Pamphlet published by The Sinn Fein Education Department

From the 1989 European Elections a letter to voters from Ray Crotty

We Face This Land September 16, 2016

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An Election Footing ……. September 16, 2016

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One thought struck me about Fianna Fails U Turn on Water Charges . Was it as a result of some post election research done by the Party? A report on how they did in the election and what could be done to improve their standing.
Fine Gael have their get together with all sorts of feed back around the campaign. Whats interesting too that it seems Fine Gael are partly focusing on personality (by that Enda Kennys leadership) whilst Fianna Fail seem to be focusing on policy. It’s often the other way around.
Fianna Fail will hope this move will get them seats in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin Central, Dublin North West, Dublin South Central and possibly a second one in Dublin Fingal. Countrywide they will be targeting Independents and some other seats too. Carlow Kilkenny ,Clare, Cork East, Cork NC, Cork SW, Galway East, Galway West, Laois, Limerick City, Limerick County, Longford Westmeath, Offaly, Tipperary and even Wexford. So a further jump in the polls and they will be a lot bigger than Fine Gael.
There’s supposedly caution within FF about an election as for the next six months at least they don’t want to be seen as the ones bringing the current government down, the ones to blame for an unnecessary election. That said it appears John Halligan and maybe some other Independents could do FFs job for them and leave FF blameless. There’s also the tricky stuff with NAMA. Naturally FF want any inquiry to deal with just Project Eagle, if it’s on a wider scale ,the buying as well as the selling of assets, then they may be in trouble from it. They have their “Think In” next week, the mood coming from that will be interesting.
Despite Enda getting his mojo back…. Fine Gael have lost any lustre they had. They need a new leader and one soon. Michael Noonan is no longer the authoritative figure he was, he performed poorly in the election campaign and hasn’t been great since, plus there’s NAMA. The Government is ploughing on but without any great confidence. There’s a budget to pass too, one which may upset some of their Independent allies. I’d imagine FF will make a big noise around something or another, forcing a ‘bad thing’ to be taken out and  a ‘good thing’ to be put in. Expect the pension to rise with FF taking the credit!
Labour are struggling in opposition where they are just one of many voices and a voice with a particularly bad record in government hanging around it. An election very soon and they could struggle to get five seats.
Sinn Fein well they should win a seat or two more but have a number of battles on their hands to hold certain seats. I wonder was yesterdays admission by Adams that he won’t be leader forever a sign that they are thinking about an imminent  election? I wonder too would it make sense for Adams, Dessie Ellis and Martin Ferris to retire at the next election and leave a future SF Parliamentary Party , for want of a better expression, clean of the troubles.
The Left are in good shape although as ever a number of seats will be tough to hold on to.
Independent support seems down, however the distrust of the Political class hasn’t lessened one bit since the election.
The Social Democrats really need a Local Elections to boost them and The Green are the Greens!
I get the feeling that FF will be ‘forced’ to pull the plug by the years end….. and then what Government could we have? A post Adams SF and FF? FF/FG Coalition ? or a similar arrangement to the one we have now FF supported by FG?

This Week At Irish Election Literature September 9, 2016

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Starting off with a 1994 leaflet from Eamonn Murphy (also known as Patrick Jameson ) who was on Liveline yesterday talking about the Rogue crisis pregnancy agency he runs on Berkley Street.

From 1995 , a leaflet for a UCD Militant Labour meeting to be addressed by then Scottish Militant Labour Councillor Tommy Sheridan.
A “Repeal The 8th” leaflet from People Before Profit

“Apple tax scam -Establishment parties defending the 1%…. Rotten to the Core” leaflet from the Anti Austerity Alliance

A Leaflet from Occupy Dame Street concerning a protest to be held on the 10th of December 2011

Dear Friend……. September 7, 2016

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Dear Friend,

All day today, the Dáil debated the decision of the Government to appeal the ruling of the European Commission in the Apple tax case.

As part of the debate, the Labour Party submitted an amendment that included four simple requests.

Firstly, we wanted to insist that Ireland remain centrally involved in the OECD process that is working to build tax transparency across the world.

Secondly, we were calling for the end of remaining loopholes that are exploited to minimise the taxes that companies including vulture funds are paying. The Government acknowledged the value of this proposal and moved last night to amend the section of the taxes act that creates this loophole.

Thirdly, we were asking members of the Dáil to agree to the principle of every profitable company paying a minimum effective rate of tax on their net taxable profits. As Brendan Howlin said during the debate “we cannot expect families to pay their fair share of tax if companies don’t.”

Finally, as I have argued for many years, we were seeking the establishment of a standing commission on taxation, so that as loopholes arise in the future, they can be closed off quickly.

Today, we did what we have consistently done since the last election – we advanced sensible, progressive ideas. But as we have seen on many occasions since the election, the Government and many of the opposition parties are more concerned with populist rhetoric than progressive proposals, and so they voted against our amendment.

We didn’t win today, but we’re not done trying. In advance of the Budget, we will be continuing to propose these ideas – I hope you will speak to your friends and family, or use social media, to tell people you know that you stand by the idea of tax justice that the Labour Party was pushing today.

Thanks for your continuing support,


Worthy stuff from Labour but you really have to ask why they didn’t pursue any of these with any rigor while they were in government….. and that’s one of their problems for the foreseeable future.

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