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This Week At Irish Election Literature December 2, 2016

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The above stickers are from 1972 or 1973 when a proposal to build an Oil Refinery in Dublin Bay was put forward by the Dublin Port and Docks Board. Incidentally OSF/SFWP were very much in favour of the proposal according to this 1975 issue of The United Irishman and this issue of it too.

Then From the 1985 Local Elections a Leaflet from Barney Hartnett , then editor of The Ballymun Echo, running as an Independent Socialist in Drumcondra.

Some Stickers from the WSM from around 2001

Then from The Irish Republican Marxist History Project a letter to the Irish Press, from Frank Keane who was the National Organizer of Saor Éire, stating his innocence of the murder of Garda Fallon at the Royal Bank, Arran Quay, Dublin in 1970.

He’s Back? November 30, 2016

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Fianna Fáil in Dublin Central is set to ask former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern to rejoin the party.
He undoubtedly has Political skills but is surely still a liability in the public’s eyes but maybe he’s been forgiven, obviously members in Dublin Central have forgiven him. Is it a sign of FF getting that certain type of fuck the begrudgers FF mojo back?
His membership has to be approved by the FF National Executive which is a tricky one for them. I’m sure they will be less than thrilled with the publicity…. on a local level another who may not be too thrilled is Mary Fitzpatrick.

This Week At Irish Election Literature November 25, 2016

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Starting off with one of the odder things that I have ….“Rescuing Limerick” a 36 page booklet produced by Conor O’Donoghue of The Christian Solidarity Party from the 2007 General Election

From 1999 “Callely -Still Stirring Racial Hatred” Leaflet From The Anti Racism Campaign

A 1990 Leaflet from Triona Dooney of The Workers’ Party

The Irish Far Right and Prospects …. November 23, 2016

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In light of Brexit, Trump and the recent publicity about the launch of a new Far Right Party “The National Party” (as an aside there have already been at least two different groups contesting elections as The National Party, one of which is now called The Catholic Democrats (The National Party) …), I found myself looking at some of the Irish Far Right material that I have.

A few patterns and phrases which combined can give the tell tale signs………
-I am not a politician
-We are different to other parties
-Wake Up Call
-Pro Life
-Irish People First …link homelessness with immigration.
-From Your Area , Local etc etc
– Islam
-Anti EU

Then there is the question could the Far Right have any impact here?
I still think that the Catholic Right in the guise of Coir and other fronts think that it was they that defeated Nice 1 and Lisbon 1 and that there is an army of potential voters there. It depends, in their current guises probably not, however were a more prominent individual than those currently involved come on board or drift towards them it may be a different story.
I’ve written before how Libertas were a lost opportunity for the Catholic Right, they had a presentable leader in Ganley. DDI could have done a lot better if their growth wasn’t stymied by RTE showing prominent members in a poor light.
Could there be a TV personality, DJ or someone else prominent ready to come on board with spouting “common sense solutions” and other niceties. We know elements of the Catholic Right here are connected to the Far Right in Europe, You wonder too how reticent other prominent people on the Catholic Right are in outing their real views. I can think of a few prominent people from the No Side in the Marriage Equality Referendum would only be delighted of a bit of extra publicity. It’s also worth noting that most were Trump fans (at least online anyhow).
In this era of clickbait certain elements of the media would only be too happy to fan the flames. There is also still an anti-politics mood out there.
In the US election there was in effect two choices, Brexit was a Yes/No affair, even in France should she make the run off the choice will be between Le Pen and someone else. One thing about our electoral system though is that we have a much wider choice. The scope provided by Independents is also a vent for voters. Everything can be laid at the door at “Them up in Dublin” and so on. Many of those inclined to be pissed off with FF or FG will vote Independent or AAAPBP(if there is a candidate) or SF.
Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are so broad churches that some individuals can lurch to the right and play the Immigrant, Muslim or whatever card they feel will give them an advantage over a colleague or opponent (Noel O’Flynn in 2002 is a good example of this).
The real danger is that the political centre will drift further to the right and some of the more extreme policies will become normal.

Electorally since 1997 ….
1997 General Election
Dean O Nuallain -Dublin South Central – Ind -80 votes

2002 General Election (ICP)
Áine Ní Chonaill-Dublin South Central – 926 votes
Ted Neville – Cork South Central – 372 votes

2004 LE
Paul Kangley (North Inner City) -Ind- 276 votes
Ted Neville (Cork City South Central) -ICP – 210
Pat Talbot (Cabra-Glasnevin) – Ind- 300 votes

2004 European Elections
Justin Barrett – Ireland East – 10,997 votes

John Donnelly (Dublin North) (ICP) 286 votes
Ted Neville (Cork South Central) (ICP) 804 votes
Pat Talbot (Dublin Central) (ICP) 239 votes

2009 Dublin Central By-Election
Pat Talbot (ICP) 614 votes

Ted Neville (Cork South Central) (Irish Solidarity Party) 523 votes

2014 European Election
Peter O’Loughlin -(Ireland South) Independent – 6561 votes

2015 Carlow-Kilkenny By-Election
Peter O’Loughlin (Identity Ireland) 930 votes

Peter O’Loughlin (Identity Ireland) 183 votes

There were others in this period who ran anti-immigrant campaigns but would not have been classed as Far Right.

This Week At Irish Election Literature November 18, 2016

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Undertones –Anti Fascism And The Far Right In Ireland 1945 To 2012

Speaking of the Far Right a 2004 leaflet from Justin Barrett

A card to mark the centenary of Cumann na mBan

From around 2002 a “Join Sinn Féin The Radical Voice Of Young People” Leaflet

Labour in the Margin of Error November 16, 2016

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Last weekends Sunday Times poll showed Labour on 3% and while I’ve a feeling that they will get back up to 5 or 6% come an Election I reckon that they need 3 years at least to be in any shape to contest an election successfully. It’s amazing to think they were 32% above their current position at one stage in 2010. At that stage they also recruited high profile candidates from areas of the Country where Labour would not have been traditionally strong. They looked like a National Party then.

It took the Greens years to recover after their 2009 and 2011 drubbings. Even now morale must be very poor in Labour. The truth is that pre this years election many in Labour failed to see the writing on the wall . There were leaks of internal reports showing that they could get as few as 14 seats but nothing compared to the electoral devastation that happened. I suspect they took the result of the Marriage Equality Campaign personally, equated the good reception they got in areas during that campaign to them being popular.The shiny new HQ was vacated, staff were sadly let go. A lot of TDs and Senators lost jobs…..
There is now a different Dail dynamic too. Where in the past Labour could leave government and get up on their high horse against a new FF led government, now they are in the queue behind FF, SF, Independents and followed by AAAPBP. The opposition benches are fairly crowded.
This in turn leads to less TV or Radio time for Labour. Their profile is way down. The same map but this time where Labour stand today. Traditional areas like Cork City, Meath, Sligo and Wicklow lie blank.Areas previously with Labour public Reps are blank (The abolition of Town Councils hit Labour a bit).

So Brendan Howlin has to hope to rebuild the party. ITour the grassroots and try and get the parties confidence and message back. From experience it’s fairly disheartening canvassing when doors are being shut , insults being doled out and voters not very friendly. You might give it a miss the odd night , especially as canvassing can be a tiring pain in the backside. If I were Howlin I’d latch on to something positive and try and campaign around that, get the enjoyable evenings back again….. trouble is having been so recently in Government it’s hard to find the right issue.
Another thing they need to do is change their attitude of what sounded like moaning at an ungrateful electorate. A feeling that Labour were the Bees Knees and Cats Pajamas in Government. Recognise that they made mistakes, what the mistakes were be it pre-election promises in 2011 or whatever but also their tone which in some cases was almost “we know whats good for you”.
This could take years and we’re more than likely to have a General Election (or two) before the next Local Elections in 2019. Labour need the new blood Local Elections could bring.
As it stands will Labours 7 TD’s be running the next time? Howlin, Sherlock and Ryan look safe but will Jan O’Sullivan , Joan Burton or Willie Penrose retire? None of the three are safe. Which leaves Alan Kelly, a hard one to call.
As for gaining seats well I’d imagine there would be a massive effort to get Aodhán O’Ríordáin, Kevin Humphreys, Deidre Kingston , Ged Nash and some others elected but they could easily return with less than 7 TD’s …. and then a heave against Howlin ?
In a way it took Labour to become unpopular for the Greens to come back and look almost fresh again, Fianna Fail are well on their way to being back too. The Labour Party has too much tradition and History to die off but the centre is a very crowded place in Irish Politics at the moment. A General Election will tell an awful lot about how long it will take them to get back. I suppose too they have to define what they are aiming for , what is being back? …..

Archives October 28, 2016

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With the Mary Robinson Archive currently in the news (and discussed here already) it brings the wider theme of what to do with archives. Sell them (and there are plenty of Universities abroad with deep pockets for this type of thing) , donate them to the State or donate them to the state with conditions attached (i.e. there be a Museum in Mayo) .
Although having watched Prime Time last night, There may well be some further questions around the housing of the Robinson archive.
It seems that Robinson wants to start a new pattern along the lines of US Presidents who donate their archives and have buildings named after them to house the collections.
In the realm of Political Archives much of it tends to be donated to Universities, The National Library or other State institutions. In a few cases private collections such as the Jackie Clarke collection in Ballina have led to Museums being established. The Clarke Collection was suggested as a venue for the Robinson archive but I gather The Clarke Museum doesn’t have room to store all of its own material never mind the Robinson stuff too. Some of the agenda is I imagine to try and ultimately make Ballina some kind of archive hub …. The Enda Kenny archive, a Pee Flynn one etc to follow. All of which would have some merit for there to be a decent archives hub outside of Dublin. That said Ballina is not the easiest place to get to on Public Transport.
I’d be regularly contacted and I’m sure it’s the same with wbs and The Left Archive, by students or scholars looking for particular material. I hear tales of appointments to view particular archives that would put some of the Hospital waiting lists to shame, someone contacted me recently who had managed to secure access to a certain parties papers in 2029! (I hope that it was due to the 20 year rule) Not much good if your course is well over by then. Indeed it’s a pity that whole collections rather than individual items tend to be covered by the 20 year rule.
Some Parties have donated material but resources are scarce and most institutions are underfunded. Due to these lack of resources within the various institutions some Parties ended up having send their own staff in for a year or two to catalogue it. Other donations I’m told have yet to be cataloged, never mind digitised.
I get given material as people want it out there and viewable, they know at some stage it will be scanned and put online and if it’s particularly good exhibited in the flesh. There’s a feeling that donations to some institutions can tend to disappear into storage, may take years before they are catalogued, digitised (if they are ever done) and may never see the light of a display case. Which is an awful pity.
It was suggested to me last night that I should get my collection valued should I ever want to write off some Tax!

This Week At Irish Election Literature October 28, 2016

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Some posters 33 years apart….

A “Show Your Solidarity with Korean Women – Decriminalization of Abortion” leaflet picked up at the Dublin Protest during the week.

A “Government Block Repeal of The 8th , but women wont wait -Referendum Now!” leaflet from the AAA

From 1982…”The Role of Officers in Sinn Féin” published by The Sinn Féin Education Department as part of the ‘Republican lecture series’

From the 1992 General Election a leaflet from Marian White who was running for Democratic Left in Dublin South

Then two old Fianna Fail booklets

From 1951 a Booklet produced to mark a celebration of 25 years of Fianna Fail which was held at The Capitol Theatre (formerly the La Scale Theatre)

and finally From 1981 a Booklet produced by Fianna Fail, “Campaign Manual- Notes for Canvassers and Speakers”

The Teachers Strike October 27, 2016

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ASTI are out striking today , so most secondary schools (unless they are purely TUI and Non Union) will be closed. The real issue for schools comes after the mid-term break as “ASTI will withdraw from supervision and substitution from Monday, November 7th”.
The ASTI membership rejected The Haddington Road agreement which contains additional Substitution and Supervision (as well as the pointless Croke Park Hours). However ……

Speaking on RTÉ’s Six One, Minister for Education Richard Bruton described it as a normal approach if teachers withdraw from core duties, which he said supervision is

The article goes on to state ….

In relation to the ASTI withdrawal from supervision and substitution duties, the department’s circular states that it is a matter for school managers to decide whether their school can open without health and safety risks while teachers are refusing to carry out those duties.

The circular outlines the arrangements to be made to remove from the payroll all teachers covered by the ASTI directive who have not confirmed that they are available for the full range of duties including supervision and substitution from 7 November.

It states that teachers who wish to remain on the payroll must confirm their availability for the full range of duties – including supervision and substitution – from 7 November onwards by submitting a completed form to the principal as soon as possible.

It confirms that teachers who do not confirm such availability will not be paid for the duration of the closure.

So Teachers who go in to do their normal days work , which is teaching children, will be unpaid as they are refusing to do supervision and substitution which was part of the deal rejected by the teachers.
Now what is crazy about this ,is that ASTI members are not being paid the extra from the Haddington Road agreement anyway as they have rejected it. So they would be doing supervision and substitution unpaid in the first place!

If the dispute isn’t settled then from the 7th of November many schools will have difficulty with supervision and substitution as TUI members will refuse to do supervision and substitution that ASTI members are down for. Indeed my own daughters school sent a note home yesterday stating that they may have difficulty reopening on the 7th after the mid term break. I imagine that there will be quite a number of schools that won’t be able to function from the 7th onwards.
We’ll see how it plays out.


One for The CLR Book Club ? October 21, 2016

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Brendan Ogle has a new book out on the 3rd of November .

The blurb ….

From its explosion onto Dublin’s streets in October 2014 the anti- water charges campaign has changed the face of politics in Ireland. As a result of its stunning success it is no longer the case that Irish Governments and opinion formers can take peaceful protest and civil disobedience for granted. The terms of engagement have been altered. The massive success of this campaign is the result of a unique blend of community, trade union and political activism and alternative thinking that, through Right2Water, has caught national and international attention. This book captures all the colour, noise, and excitement as a nation in ‘national collective trauma’ from a disastrous economic collapse finally finds its voice after years of enforced austerity. From government-controlled efforts to put a 5 billion pension risk on to 6,000 state electricity workers to a water privatisation agenda forced without mandate on a hitherto compliant public, Brendan Ogle describes from his unique vantage point how people decided enough was enough, and a fight back was developed. From Bended Knee to a New Republic describes how ordinary workers and citizens can defeat corporate greed and State power in spectacular terms. This is the inside story of how a changed, more equal Ireland is emerging and what its place is in the wider European Union and beyond.

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