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This Week At Irish Election Literature September 23, 2016

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The above is from this time last year.

On to current events and Issue 2 of “NBRU News” left on buses during the week.

A leaflet for Tomorrows Rise and Repeal March for Choice.

A “Stop CETA/TTIP” leaflet from the Peadar O’Donnell Socialist Republican Forum

Then from 1984 The Republican Lecture Series no 9 , “Women In Ireland” a Pamphlet published by The Sinn Fein Education Department

From the 1989 European Elections a letter to voters from Ray Crotty

We Face This Land September 16, 2016

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An Election Footing ……. September 16, 2016

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One thought struck me about Fianna Fails U Turn on Water Charges . Was it as a result of some post election research done by the Party? A report on how they did in the election and what could be done to improve their standing.
Fine Gael have their get together with all sorts of feed back around the campaign. Whats interesting too that it seems Fine Gael are partly focusing on personality (by that Enda Kennys leadership) whilst Fianna Fail seem to be focusing on policy. It’s often the other way around.
Fianna Fail will hope this move will get them seats in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin Central, Dublin North West, Dublin South Central and possibly a second one in Dublin Fingal. Countrywide they will be targeting Independents and some other seats too. Carlow Kilkenny ,Clare, Cork East, Cork NC, Cork SW, Galway East, Galway West, Laois, Limerick City, Limerick County, Longford Westmeath, Offaly, Tipperary and even Wexford. So a further jump in the polls and they will be a lot bigger than Fine Gael.
There’s supposedly caution within FF about an election as for the next six months at least they don’t want to be seen as the ones bringing the current government down, the ones to blame for an unnecessary election. That said it appears John Halligan and maybe some other Independents could do FFs job for them and leave FF blameless. There’s also the tricky stuff with NAMA. Naturally FF want any inquiry to deal with just Project Eagle, if it’s on a wider scale ,the buying as well as the selling of assets, then they may be in trouble from it. They have their “Think In” next week, the mood coming from that will be interesting.
Despite Enda getting his mojo back…. Fine Gael have lost any lustre they had. They need a new leader and one soon. Michael Noonan is no longer the authoritative figure he was, he performed poorly in the election campaign and hasn’t been great since, plus there’s NAMA. The Government is ploughing on but without any great confidence. There’s a budget to pass too, one which may upset some of their Independent allies. I’d imagine FF will make a big noise around something or another, forcing a ‘bad thing’ to be taken out and  a ‘good thing’ to be put in. Expect the pension to rise with FF taking the credit!
Labour are struggling in opposition where they are just one of many voices and a voice with a particularly bad record in government hanging around it. An election very soon and they could struggle to get five seats.
Sinn Fein well they should win a seat or two more but have a number of battles on their hands to hold certain seats. I wonder was yesterdays admission by Adams that he won’t be leader forever a sign that they are thinking about an imminent  election? I wonder too would it make sense for Adams, Dessie Ellis and Martin Ferris to retire at the next election and leave a future SF Parliamentary Party , for want of a better expression, clean of the troubles.
The Left are in good shape although as ever a number of seats will be tough to hold on to.
Independent support seems down, however the distrust of the Political class hasn’t lessened one bit since the election.
The Social Democrats really need a Local Elections to boost them and The Green are the Greens!
I get the feeling that FF will be ‘forced’ to pull the plug by the years end….. and then what Government could we have? A post Adams SF and FF? FF/FG Coalition ? or a similar arrangement to the one we have now FF supported by FG?

This Week At Irish Election Literature September 9, 2016

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Starting off with a 1994 leaflet from Eamonn Murphy (also known as Patrick Jameson ) who was on Liveline yesterday talking about the Rogue crisis pregnancy agency he runs on Berkley Street.

From 1995 , a leaflet for a UCD Militant Labour meeting to be addressed by then Scottish Militant Labour Councillor Tommy Sheridan.
A “Repeal The 8th” leaflet from People Before Profit

“Apple tax scam -Establishment parties defending the 1%…. Rotten to the Core” leaflet from the Anti Austerity Alliance

A Leaflet from Occupy Dame Street concerning a protest to be held on the 10th of December 2011

Dear Friend……. September 7, 2016

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Dear Friend,

All day today, the Dáil debated the decision of the Government to appeal the ruling of the European Commission in the Apple tax case.

As part of the debate, the Labour Party submitted an amendment that included four simple requests.

Firstly, we wanted to insist that Ireland remain centrally involved in the OECD process that is working to build tax transparency across the world.

Secondly, we were calling for the end of remaining loopholes that are exploited to minimise the taxes that companies including vulture funds are paying. The Government acknowledged the value of this proposal and moved last night to amend the section of the taxes act that creates this loophole.

Thirdly, we were asking members of the Dáil to agree to the principle of every profitable company paying a minimum effective rate of tax on their net taxable profits. As Brendan Howlin said during the debate “we cannot expect families to pay their fair share of tax if companies don’t.”

Finally, as I have argued for many years, we were seeking the establishment of a standing commission on taxation, so that as loopholes arise in the future, they can be closed off quickly.

Today, we did what we have consistently done since the last election – we advanced sensible, progressive ideas. But as we have seen on many occasions since the election, the Government and many of the opposition parties are more concerned with populist rhetoric than progressive proposals, and so they voted against our amendment.

We didn’t win today, but we’re not done trying. In advance of the Budget, we will be continuing to propose these ideas – I hope you will speak to your friends and family, or use social media, to tell people you know that you stand by the idea of tax justice that the Labour Party was pushing today.

Thanks for your continuing support,


Worthy stuff from Labour but you really have to ask why they didn’t pursue any of these with any rigor while they were in government….. and that’s one of their problems for the foreseeable future.

The War of Independence in The North September 2, 2016

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I’ve been reading a lot of material about the 1916 rising and then found myself reading a biography of Joe Cahill. What astonished me was even from reading the Cahill book was my ignorance of events in the North from 1916 onward to the troubles. It was as if it had been written out of History, that the War of Independence stopped at what is now the border. The major moments of the War of Independence in Belfast, Armagh, Fermanagh, Tyrone, Derry never seemed to get much, if any mentions in the History books in school and wider History. It was Dev, Dan Breen, Michael Collins and others who became associated with the war and the impression that all that happened in the North was that they were anti Home Rule, went off to the Somme and then Partition came and everything was grand for the ruling Unionist class there until the Civil Rights marches and 1969.
I can only presume this History was due to a certain guilt over Partition and later a need to separate the IRA of the Troubles from the IRA of the War of Independence. Yet Partition must have caused an awful guilt for the likes of Frank Aiken who had commanded rebels in Armagh. Am I wrong about the ignoring of the North or was I missing those days in School?

This Week At Irish Election Literature August 26, 2016

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“Thatcher’s Extradition Hit-List” a leaflet from The Irish Anti Extradition Committee from around 1989/90.

From 1994 issue 5 of “Maurbere -The Newsletter of East Timor Ireland Solidarity Campaign”

From The Labour Party in 2009, “Recruitment Made Easy – A Guide to recruiting and retaining members”.

This Week At Irish Election Literature August 19, 2016

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As the The CPI (ML) got a mention here earlier in the week, the above poster and From the February 1982 General Election a leaflet from Communist Party of Ireland (Marxist Leninist) candidate Rod Eley running in Dublin West

“1882-1982 Eamon de Valera Comóradh Céad Blíaín” , a programme produced for a concert in the NCH to mark the centenary of the birth of Eamon de Valera.

The Summer 1975 edition of “Iris Fianna Fáil” The Fianna Fail Party Journal.

The Roscommon Factor ….. The rise of Independents August 12, 2016

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I was reading the Irish Times 1991 Local and European Elections supplement recently where there was a piece by Charlie McCreevy about what he called “The Roscommon Factor”. He wrote…

“It must be worrying for the major parties that what I call “The Roscommon Factor” is spreading to other constituencies. This electoral peculiarity manifested itself in the election of Tom Foxe on the single issue of keeping one hospital open. Most commentators wrote of his election as an aberration, but other constituencies have now cottoned on to this form of power-broking and the election of “pothole” and “post office” candidates may mean we are goin to have a plethora of single issue TD’s affter the next general election”

Of course the main parties were in shock as for years there were a handful of Independents elected to the Dail, many of whom had fallen out with parties or their own had become defunct. It was a personal vote rather than a vote on a particular issue. Indeed in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s people ran as Independents to publicize themselves or a particular issue and rarely polled well.
In 1992 Tom Foxe was returned again with Tony Gregory, ex FFer Johny Fox in Wicklow, Neil Blaney and the Ceann Comhairle and ex Labour TD Sean Treacy was automatically returned.
In 1997 there was a massive shock as TV deflector candidate Tom Gildea was elected Donegal South West, Mildred Fox, Harry Blaney and two newly Independent candidates Michael Lowry and Jackie Healy Rae were returned.
Fianna Fail did a deal with Fox, Blaney, Gildea and Healy Rae which entailed various goodies for their constituencies in return for their support. It was this deal that in part led to the success of Independent candidates in 2002.
Paudge Connolly was elected in Cavan Monaghan on the main promise of keeping services in Monaghan Hospital. James Breen was elected in Clare. Niall Blaney in Donegal South West, Tony Gregory, Finian McGrath, Paddy McHugh in Galway East, Jackie Healy -Rae, Jerry Cowley in Mayo, Marian Harkin in Sligo Leitrim, Michael Lowry, Seamus Healy, Liam Twomey in Wexford campaigning for medical services there and Mildred Fox.
Many of these were elected in the hopes of similar deals to those given by FF in 1997. The deals didn’t happen and in 2007 Connolly, Breen, Cowley and McHugh lost their seats, Seamus Healy lost out, Twomey joined Fine Gael, The Blarneys reunited with Fianna Fail, Marian Harkin was elected an MEP. Catherine Murphy elected in a by-election also lost out. The surge of Independents was seen as stopped! An aberration in Irish Politics was over…..it was perceived that it was voters focused on National issues , mainly worries about the economy, rather than local issues were what caused the seat losses to smaller parties and Independents.
The implosion of the economy, arrival of the IMF and other factors led to a breakdown in Fianna Fail support in 2011 and with a record number of seats Labour and Fine Gael went into coalition together.
Mick Wallace, Mattie McGrath, Thomas Pringle, Shane Ross, John Halligan, Catherine Murphy, Stephen Donnelly, Maureen O’Sullivan , Finian McGrath, Noel Grealish, Michael Healy Rae, Tom Fleming, Michael Lowry, Luke Flanagan and Seamus Healy (under the WUAG/ULA banner) were all returned to the Dail. Some were ex FF or FG, others from the Left and others were ‘mavericks’ , Allied to that Joan Collins and Richard Boyd-Barrett were elected for PBP and Joe Higgins and Clare Daly were elected for the Socialist Party.
Come this year and with disenchantment with FG/FF and especially Labour rife many more Independents were elected. Some such as The Independent Alliance were quasi parties, similar Independents 4 Change.
Denis Naughten, Michael Lowry, Michael Harty (Campaigning on medical services in Clare), Michael Collins, Mattie McGrath, Thomas Pringle, Maureen O’Sullivan, Seamus Healy, Noel Grealish, Michael Healy Rae, Danny Healy Rae, Catherine Connolly and Katherine Zappone were all elected as Independents.
Shane Ross, John Halligan, Finian McGrath, Boxer Moran, Sean Canney and Michael Fitzmaurice were elected under the Independent Alliance brand.
Tommy Broughan, Clare Daly, Joan Collins and Mick Wallace are listed as having been elected as Independents 4 Change.
It was interesting post election to see the various groupings of Independents emerge, The ‘rural five’ and so on. Then of course who did and didn’t negotiate on government formation, who did and didn’t eventually sign up to going into government. Then those that urged Government formation but didn’t engage in negotiations.So many distinctions between them and of course some will be judged by not going in, others by what they did or didn’t do having gotten into power.
We were told too that there were “No deals” with the Independents although some surely got some of their wishes, constituents wishes and one or two certainly got their personal ambition of being in government.
Polls have started to show FF rising mainly at the expense of Independents, of those that went into government quite a few of them are vulnerable. Katherine Zappone, Finian McGrath, Boxer Moran and Sean Canney may not be rewarded for going into government. Dr Harty has indicated that he won’t stand again and of the opposition Independents well Thomas Pringle, Maureen O’Sullivan , Michael Collins, Michael Fitzmaurice and Danny Healy Rae may be vulnerable.
Will many new Independents emerge at the next election? Will the existing number go down?
Although the length of this Government is ultimately within the gift of FF (assuming the Indos stay on board), other factors such as new constituency boundaries and a new FG leader may well influence when to bring the government down. Where up to relatively recently FF went up and FG went down, the broader options available to the electorate mean the reading of polls and polling data probably has to be much more expansive.

This Week At Irish Election Literature July 29, 2016

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The above is from the November 1982 General Election

An Offical Sinn Fein anti EEC pamphlet titled: “Mansholt: The Second Cromwell” from March 1971.

From the 2007 General Election a 20 page magazine style summary of their manifesto from The Progressive Democrats

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