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British Socialism: The Grand Tour February 20, 2018

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BBC Radio 4 is running a series on “British Socialism: The Grand Tour”. It consists of 12 programmes. The first two are available, 15 minutes each. Tantilisingly, this is labelled “Series 1”, so there may be more in the future.


Episode 1 (yesterday) dealt with Robert Owen, and episode 2 (today) with the Chartists. The rest of this week’s episodes consist of: The Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers; The Revolutionaries; and Keir Hardie and Ramsay McDonald. (There is an omnibus edition on Friday evening).

Next week kicks off with Beatrice and Sidney Webb and the Fabian Society; and Ernest Bevin v Stafford Cripps. (No word yet on the remaining 4 episodes in series 1.)


LookLeft Forum: Erik Olin Wright Video March 6, 2013

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The video of this forum and the discussion afterwards is available now at the LookLeft website for your delectation, as pointed out by Daramcq here.

Hugo Chavez: Hero of the Bolivarian Revolution Dies March 5, 2013

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Hugo Chavez has died. An inspiration to many, and a reminder that a better society can be built in modern circumstances. As well as of the vicious nature of reaction in the repeated attempts to get rid of him. An heroic figure who leaves a legacy of hope.

Joe McCann commemoration – Report and Photos April 16, 2012

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Many thanks to the person who sent this. With luck there will be further reports and photographs tomorrow.

’40 years to the day after his murder by British Paratroops, Official IRA volunteer Joe McCann was commemorated in Belfast. Hundreds of people attended a ceremony in Joy Street (where he was shot) organised by the McCann family. Members of the Official Republican Movement, the Workers Party, the Irish Republican Socialist Party and Sinn Féin (including Gerry Adams TD) were present. Many of those attending were veterans of the pre-split IRA, the Official IRA, the INLA and the Provisionals.

Ciaran McCann chaired the event while his brother Fearghal gave the main oration. Aine McCann read a poem in memory of her father while her sister Fionnuala sang a song about Joe originally written by Market’s woman Margaret Power. Joe’s widow Anne laid a wreath as did members of the extended family.

In his oration Fearghal read from a contemporary account of how Long Kesh internee Gerry Campbell reacted to news of Joe’s death. He then placed Joe’s murder in the context of the shootings by British forces of civilians in Ballymurphy and Derry. Fearghal recounted how Joe had become involved in republicanism as a teenager, collecting for internees during the Border Campaign. After firstly joining the Fianna he became an IRA volunteer in 1964. He was jailed in Crumlin Road during 1965 and on release became active again in the various republican political movements of the period. McCann was involved with the Belfast Housing Action Committee and took part in the first civil rights march from Coalisland to Dungannon in 1968. He embraced the idea of an ‘Army of the People’ and the need for the IRA to become involved in social struggles. In August 1969 he was active with the IRA in defence of the people in Belfast: was was arrested again shortly afterwards. McCann took part in the fighting during the Falls Curfew in July 1970 and in August 1971, as commander of the Official IRA in the Markets area defended the district from much larger forces of British troops. The RUC Special Branch and British Army made it clear that they would not take Joe alive and in April 1972 they murdered him.

The ceremony ended with the ‘Last Post’ and lowering of flags and the McCann family thanked all those who helped make it such a success.’

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