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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week January 22, 2017

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Brendan O’Connor has been anti-Trump, but is that an example of the creeping normalisation of his agenda – that the Irish Times has jumped into with both feet – we detect here, disguised as humour?

His suggestion that he would put his own country first was viewed with more wailing and gnashing of teeth. “Nooooooooo!!!!!!” cried out Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro at Trump’s suggestion that he would give power back to the people and attempt to create jobs for the little guy. And liberals everywhere felt a little less safe in their beds, with some of them even wetting them.

In the editorial, not so much outright stupid as a spectacular case of kettle, the pot has something it wants to say to you.

The standard of economic expertise at the Department of Finance was found to be woefully lacking in various inquiries subsequent to the economic collapse. It would be negligent in the extreme were that still to be the case at a time when the country is facing a challenge, indeed multiple challenges, comparable to if not potentially more grave than the grievous crash from which we have emerged, albeit in a rather lopsided and still unsatisfactory fashion.

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week January 15, 2017

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Some serious political philosophy in the editorial this week

Social critics across the Western world complain “property” rights too often take precedence over “human” rights, with the result that people are treated unequally and have unequal opportunities. It is not true to say that the Apollo House case proves that the rights of private property “trump” the human rights of vulnerable people. The purported conflict between property rights and human rights too often fails to take into account that property rights are also human rights. There would have been serious consequences for citizens’ property rights had the Apollo House case not been prosecuted.

There you have it. Human rights, Sindosplained.

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week January 8, 2017

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It looks like a lot of the Sindo this week has yet to be put online, unless the content of the paper has been drastically scaled back (we can hope). I’m sure the many soccer fans here will be interested to read Eoghan Harris’s take on Jurgen Klopp and what lessons he can teach us for life. Particularly tasteful is this remark.

Remember, Klopp cannot copy the rich clubs’ cynical ploy of signing the most promising players to deprive other clubs of them. For example, Chelsea has about 35 signed-up players, sitting around idle, like immigrants in direct provision.

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week December 18, 2016

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Not much worth talking about this week. At all really. Boring. Maybe an early Christmas present from INM. Maybe this attack on the UN

The one thing nobody seems to be talking about, however, is the fact that the UN has, once again, proved itself to be nothing more than a poisonous, impotent bureaucracy that has no place in the modern world.

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week November 27, 2016

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This story on reactions to Michael D’s statement on Fidel obviously contains a great deal of stupidity.

Ruth Dudley Edwards foams at the mouth about Higgins, looking for the government to shut him up. Why?

What with Brexit and Hillary Clinton’s defeat, Ireland is having a torrid time and needs all the friends can get. I can’t comment on what President Higgins thinks are good seduction techniques, but I wouldn’t have thought that at a time when the Government is trying to woo Donald Trump, this is a good time to reveal his opposition to everything he stands for.

So there we are. All policy decisions to be made on the basis of pleasing Trump.

Sunday Independent Not Stupid Statement of the Week November 20, 2016

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Maybe I’m too full of Christmas cheer before it’s even December but this week it seemed worth highlighting a couple of more sensible columns instead of the usual rubbish.

Brendan O’Connor has a piece with some good stuff on the causes behind the enormous rise in rents, and who is benefiting from them.

Yet somehow, someone, somewhere decided that we should make it almost impossible for the young to buy houses unless they or their parents have loads of cash, while at the same time making it handier for guys like David and his gang to buy property to rent to those same young people.

There is, you could say, a clear policy here of social engineering, a decision to push young people out of home ownership and into renting at hugely inflated rents.

And of course Gene Kerrigan

Sustainable, all of it, it seems, as a thin layer of people make a financial killing.

We urgently need municipal housing, directly built, not tinkering with incentives in the hope the private sector will do the job – it won’t. We urgently need rent controls.

But, no – such measures would be “interfering with the market”.

There’s only one market we’re allowed to interfere with, and that’s the labour market – where we must hammer anyone who seeks a decent wage. Increasing profits and executive salaries and bonuses and pensions and dividends – all of that’s sustainable. But not wage demands.

Presumably normal service will be restored next week.

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week November 13, 2016

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

Trump’s election may well embolden the Sindo to become even siller judging by this from Niamh Horan.

So if you hold some quiet admiration for the businessman, it may be a little comforting to discover you are not alone.

The silent majority finally came out last week.

Every single group which the mainstream media, social-justice warriors and political elite claimed Trump hated carried him to victory.
The poor, blacks and Hispanics and yes – even 53pc of white American women – gave this election to Trump.

They rejected the suffocating political correctness in favour of tangible change: jobs, financial security and rebuilding the American economy.

Someone should really explain the electoral college system to her. A means of counting votes devised to limit the power of the popular vote has once again done its job, just as it did in 2000, denying the candidate with more votes victory. So no, the silent majority have not proven to be pro-Trump. Of course the Sindo has form here, stating in 2010 that Cameron won the election, when he never won a majority.

The concluding line however is the silliest:

We would do well to have someone like him on our team.

Job done this week.

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week November 6, 2016

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Sindo rubbish today. However, Eoghan Harris is fighting against the Cork IRA of 100 years ago and Cork academia of today in his column regarding the question of whether people shot back then were spies or not. However, he also has another target too.

Howlin set a new low in political hypocrisy last Friday on RTE Radio news. The same politician who negotiated the Lansdowne Road Agreement was now calling for the acceleration of pay restoration.
The Lansdowne lion is now down and the public sector unions will soon finish their feast and move on to bigger prey.

The fat cats will get fatter. The great majority of working people will suffer. For shame.

Union members in the public sector are now fat cats. Not even the leaders, but the membership. Must be hard having always to top your own hyperbole.

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week October 30, 2016

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Scare story of Halloween week goes to Jim Cusack anyway

The big issue facing Enda Kenny over the garda strike will be at the point at which he picks up the phone to tell the chief-of-staff of the Defence Forces to deploy soldiers.

It may never happen but the need could arise, and quickly. Empty garda stations could come under attack in areas where there are sufficient numbers of disaffected young people.

In an escalating situation, demonstrations infiltrated by republican or other subversive elements could coincide with the absence of gardai seeking better pay. Either the State chequebook or the Army will need to be brought out.

Meanwhile, here is a comment by Eoin O’Malley on the teacher’s strike.

The Great Bertie Buy Off mistook managerialism for progress, and the unions went along for the ride. The unions sold out professional autonomy for extra money. The State didn’t realise that many of its employees are professionals, and true professionals don’t count their hours, they want to do their job well.

For professionals the most powerful management system is the desire to be respected by their peers. It has the advantage in that it is more or less constant and it’s free.

That”s right, true professionals do work for hours when they are not paid, and all they care about is what other people think of them and not their wages. Which might explain why the pay of true professionals like CEOs who show us the way we should all be like Michael O’Leary has risen at a rate exponentially greater over the last 40 years or so than the pay of the people at the coalface. Because they don’t care about silly things like money or stock options or yachts or grace and favour houses. All they care about is being respected. Just like Sindo journalists who all work for free.

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week: DIY October 23, 2016

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Have to go out today so can’t do this properly, but here is a starter from Eoghan, where he also criticises the Gardaí and the threat of a strike.

Likewise, Fianna Fail’s foolish love affair with the public sector unions is now a heavy underwater drag on what should have been a clear sail to power.
Middle Ireland is alienated by Fianna Fail’s failure to take a hard centrist political position on one of the major issues facing the country: the threat of a public sector pay stampede.

The real story of our “recovery” is belied by the state of public pay, as revealed by the only two financial journalists courageous enough to confront this core issue: Dan O’Brien and David McWilliams.

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