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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week May 22, 2016

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Eoghan Harris is in great form this week.

That is why the Labour parliamentary party’s failure to provide a seconder for Alan Kelly is beyond belief. Because Kelly was the only leader who might have lifted that party’s morale.

Far from facing the fact that Labour needed a fighting alpha male like Kelly, the party leadership preferred cagey and cautious characters like Howlin and Sherlock.

In fact, it so disliked Kelly’s combative style that it brazenly disenfranchised its own rank and file membership, which was looking for someone a lot harder than Howlin.

Why the antipathy against Kelly’s honest passion for power? Surprisingly, Patrick Pearse rather than James Connolly can supply an answer.

Pearse sardonically remarked that the greatest fear of the Irish bourgeoisie was to be seen going down Grafton Street with a brown paper parcel.

Alan Kelly is Labour’s brown paper parcel. He is not politically correct, not loved by the cosmopolitian media, not in thrall to the liberal agenda, and comes from a humble background.

But Spartacus Kelly was just what the rank and file of the party needed to restore its fighting spirit.

Surely he means SpartAK47us?

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week May 15, 2016

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Dan O’Brien must be living in a different Ireland to everybody else

If a foreigner with no knowledge of this country had spent last week here attempting to understand our general political orientation, they might well have concluded that we are a nation of leftists and reflexive statists. On some of the most discussed issues of the week – housing, health and welfare – far more voices were heard in the broadcast media calling for the government to address all of our ills. Many of these voices held private enterprise in suspicion, if not contempt.

That contempt for the private sector. Ruins my experience every time I turn on the tv, the radio, or pick up a newspaper.

Meanwhile, the new Minister for Transport has received a bit of a shock on discovering that public sector workers don’t just work 9-5, and do a lot of unpaid work in the evenings and at weekends.

My first working day as Minister for Transport was on the Sabbath. Slave drivers, these public servants. Or at least some of them.

That’s a fine way for a minister to raise morale. Suggest most of his workers, and most workers in the public sector, are slackers. Brilliant.

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week April 24, 2016

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Colm McCarthy gives us the benefit of his take on representative democracy

The public has been deluged with assertions that a majority of successful candidates at the recent election promised to scrap household water charges and that it would be undemocratic not to do so. This is as deep a misunderstanding of the electoral process as can be imagined.

Yes, yes it is.

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week April 17, 2016

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Nothing but blandness this week to be honest, so just to note Feargal Keane talking about the significance of the centenary of the start of the civil war might be of interest to people.

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week April 10, 2016

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This weeks’s winner is a guest columnist

By the year 2000 Ireland had become the fourth most competitive country in the world. Growing at 11pc, the economy was the most successful in the EU. There was full employment. The budget was in surplus. Public debt, at around 20pc, was, after Luxembourg, the lowest in the EU.

Less than a decade later, Ireland was insolvent and in the hands of the Troika. Competitiveness had plummeted by 35pc, unemployment was growing towards 15pc. The public sector pay bill had become so great and social welfare payments so generous that Ireland became bankrupt and one of the EU’s most indebted countries.

The word ‘banks’ does not appear anywhere in this column. Fantasy stuff.

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week April 3, 2016

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

Public enemy number 1 this week is Michael D. Higgins, for the content of his speeches on the 1916 centenary.

Eilis O’Hanlon:

He couldn’t let this opportunity pass, however, without seeking to put his own stamp on the event. Not speaking for the nation, as a President should do, but speaking for Michael D, specifically for Michael D’s analysis of the nation’s ills. It all began with a call for Britain to reassess its “supremacist and militarist imperialism”, which was curious enough in itself.

Maybe Britain should, but it was akin to using a golden wedding anniversary love letter to your wife to have a go at your ex.

She attacks him for not being as proud of the state as a French president on Bastille Day or an American one on 4th July. But goes on to complain about him not confronting the Rising’s endorsement of bloodshed. Perhaps someone should have a quiet word with her about the nature of the French and American revolutions. And wasn’t 1916 about a divorce from a forced marriage and not a golden anniversary?

Eoghan Harris is also outraged at Michael D.’s call to look more closely at the nature of British imperialism.

The President’s sniping at “imperialism” was clearly an attempt to balance criticism of Pearse by a handful of revisionists.

But it actually only forces the following conclusion: if Redmond can be charged with supporting British imperialism, then Pearse is equally guilty of supporting German imperialism.

And if we’re going down that road, Redmond picked a better imperialism, as witness the Royal Navy’s struggle against slavery.
In contrast, the Kaiser’s empire butchered 6,000 Belgian civilians, was the first to bomb cities, and the first to use gas in battle.

Apparently there are no examples of brutality and massacres by the British empire, just the campaign against slavery, nearly 100 years before 1916.

James Connolly on the Sunday Independent March 27, 2016

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

We are out for Ireland for the Irish. But who are the Irish? Not the rack-renting, slum-owning landlord; not the sweating, profit-grinding capitalist; not the sleek and oily lawyer; not the prostitute pressman – the hired liars of the enemy. Not these are the Irish upon whom the future depends. Not these, but the Irish working class, the only secure foundation upon which a free nation can be reared.

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week March 20, 2016

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This week’s contribution by Eoghan Harris actually tackles an important issue – the lack of affordable housing and unsustainable nature of rents in Dublin, and he even lauds a plan for a state building programme to offer affordable housing. But then there’s this

But Bernie Sanders is not an alternative but another classic Trot.

Otherwise, slim pickings. Although at least RDE has the decency to start a piece on Pearse with one fascist quoting the opinion of another on him. One wonders if she even noticed the irony.

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week February 28, 2016

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

Clearly a lot of the Sindo stuff was written before the results came in, and so the real comedy/stupidity is likely to come next week. Having said that, there is this.

There’s no doubt Adams must have a certain intelligence, the kind that makes you a good strategist for a terrorist organisation and a peace process. But watching over the last few weeks, the only real conclusion you come to is that he is, in certain ways, a bit of a bimbo. So it was certainly an enormous mistake for Sinn Fein to pay along with the presidential-style campaign.

Whatever Gerry Adams is, this is ludicrous.

And Jody Corcoran has drawn the obvious conclusion from the results.

The origins of the divide between Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are more profound than those which emerged after the civil war.

Historians have argued it goes back further than that, to the different traditions linked to the arrival in Ireland of Anglo-Norman and new English to clash with the ‘native’ Gaelic people.

Fianna Fail is the embodiment of that native spirit; it is entwined in the DNA of our people. In a way, Fianna Fail is Ireland and Ireland is Fianna Fail.


Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week February 21, 2016

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

The first two paragraphs of the Sindo’s report on yesterday’s march.

Up to 10,000 protesters snaked through the rain-soaked streets of the capital yesterday in the last anti-water charge demonstration ahead of Friday’s General Election.

The protest, organised by the Anti-Austerity Alliance and the Right2Water campaign, passed off peacefully as marchers of all ages and backgrounds wound their way from the Garden of Remembrance, past Christ Church Cathedral and along Dame Street, before rallying at College Green.

So the march had only 10,000 and it was important to report that it passed off peacefully. After all, the water charge marches have been notorious for their violence up to now. And have also been that small. Lies, damned lies, and Sindo statistics.

Otherwise, the last edition before the election is talking up Fianna Fáil’s chances across several stories. Also lots of scare stories about Gerry Adams and co. Eoghan Harris does a decent job of mixing the two, and showing why single-issue politics is nonsensical.

To my mind, whether or not you support Sinn Fein is the only true test of whether you have a moral compass and care for the future of this country.

Apparently we are guaranteed a “flourishing and fair society” as long as the provos aren’t in government.

Meanwhile, Sarah Carey offers some profound thoughts on issues of sexual assault in universities following the story about the alleged secret student group for sharing women’s photographs.

The original story seemed dubious to me, and as for mandatory sexual-consent classes – that’s the kind of fascist initiative that would have sparked protests by students in my day.

Mandatory sexual consent classes would be fascist? Wonderful.

Who’d have thought that the Sindo’s stupidest statement in election week wouldn’t even be about parliamentary politics?


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