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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week: DIY October 23, 2016

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Have to go out today so can’t do this properly, but here is a starter from Eoghan, where he also criticises the Gardaí and the threat of a strike.

Likewise, Fianna Fail’s foolish love affair with the public sector unions is now a heavy underwater drag on what should have been a clear sail to power.
Middle Ireland is alienated by Fianna Fail’s failure to take a hard centrist political position on one of the major issues facing the country: the threat of a public sector pay stampede.

The real story of our “recovery” is belied by the state of public pay, as revealed by the only two financial journalists courageous enough to confront this core issue: Dan O’Brien and David McWilliams.

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week October 16, 2016

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Pretty sure we’ve had this sentiment as the winner before (from a many time winner), but takes the biscuit this week too

The private sector has no political party to protect its interests. My hunch is that this huge hole in national politics will be filled in the near future.

Otherwise, a boring and slow week.

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week September 18, 2016

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Brendan O’Connor is in a forgiving mood this week

People are already losing interest in the Nama story. There is a general acceptance that Nama could have done better, but really, most of us, much like Noonan, want to consign Nama to the dustbin of history. The Nama guys were hired to not act like civil servants, and being out in the real world usually involves leaving something on the table for the next guy in any deal, so you know, do we really need to waste a load of time and money to figure out that was what happened?

Being out in the real world usually means the state handing over massive sums of cash to the private sector while the media and business groups pretend none of that happens more like. Even the editorial says NAMA must be held to account.

Meanwhile, a certain former senator is worried about the potential damage of the decade of centenaries.

Let us not fool ourselves. The 1916 celebrations have already raised the political temperature.

Hence the rise in support for a united Ireland and the increasing green bile on political websites.

The fact that there has been no spike in violent incidents or in support for same during the 1916 centenary is of course of much less importance than what some people say on the net.

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week September 11, 2016

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This interview with John Halligan will be of interest to people. So will this column by Stephen Donnelly. Meanwhile, a return to stupid form by the Sindo this week and, encouragingly, by an almost entirely different set of people than normal. The future for this feature may be bright after all.

A quite vomitous column on strikes, in which once again workers trying to protect their conditions are attacked on the grounds that others have worse conditions.

As Celtic Tiger cubs, we grew up with the notion we were going to be fitter, stronger and live longer, fuller lives than those who came before us.
Bank collapses, economic devastation and continuous financial threats have leveraged our futures against Mike Ashley’s zero hour contracts and a culture of job hopping.

Those from ‘generation emigration’ who stayed at home could go on strike in search of better conditions, but battling against contracts that run out every 12 months, we are reminded we are instantly replaceable.
A conveyor belt of desperate graduates worried about how they will pay their over-inflated rents lie waiting to capitalise on any job openings.

That is why the industrial action at Dublin Bus now, and Transdev before it, is so maddening for younger generations.

Can’t believe this rubbish is being wheeled out yet again.

Perhaps the silliest comment this year comes in a discussion of the Social Democrats.

Murphy and Shortall betrayed their hard-left leanings by running scared of responsibility when it was offered to them by Fine Gael and Fianna Fail.

The headline is a peach too.

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week September 4, 2016

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Good to see the Sindo allowing poor oppressed Tim Cook to give voice to his outrage on behalf of the people of Ireland.

You have to admire the audacity of this by Dan O’Brien when writing about Apple.

This column will focus on just two issues: the economic consequences for Ireland; and whether last week’s decision is part of a trend in which EU institutions are becoming less even-handed in their treatment of small countries compared with more powerful countries. The conclusion, in a nutshell, is that there is more to worry about in relation to the second issue than the first.

Yep, enforcing actual taxation on conglomerates is the same as shifting scores of billions of losses onto the plain people of Ireland. If you hate Irish Water, support Apple.

It being 2016, I suppose it was inevitable we would have to see one of the most annoying phrases in the Irish political lexicon applied to this situation too, by Eoin O’Malley

At one stage in its history, Fianna Fail would have jumped at the chance to challenge the government to ‘take the money’, an option some seem to think is open to us. It’s a sign of Fianna Fail’s political maturity that it issued a measured statement to seek clarity on the legality of the Commission decision.

There you go. Not seeking taxes is a sign of political maturity, as is whitewashing imperialist war. Sindo Bingo Full House

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week August 28, 2016

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A former senator displays a rather unique understanding of the Belfast Agreement

Leo Varadkar is saying he shares the Taoiseach’s vision of a united Ireland at some point in the future.
Naturally, he adds that unity could only come about by consent and not a crude majoritarian count. But it would be better if he had said nothing about a united Ireland at all, for two reasons.

First, the British government gives Northern Ireland a subsidy of €13bn-14bn a year. A united Ireland could cost every working household Republic roughly €14,000 a year.

Second, even talking about a united Ireland is breaking the spirit, if not the letter, of the Good Friday Agreement.


This piece is worth a read for the lesson it provides in how to write a column for the Sindo – 70k is introduced as referring to people earning that much, then for the column is treated as households worth 70k. Not of course the same thing at all. But sure when did the Sindo ever let accuracy get in the way of a right-wing rant?

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week August 21, 2016

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This is late today due to the necessity of avoiding the internet to watch the MMA fight without knowing the result. An unexpected result was seeing a report on Leo Varadkar’s speech in memory of Collins and Griffith put up at 1pm today in which he discussed his philosophy on taxation and liberty. What a treat. Otherwise, quiet enough week due to the dominance of stuff about the Olympics.

A fine example of lies, damned lies and statistics comes from Dan O’Brien in a piece on government spending on what he describes as the welfare state.

If globalisation has not caused the pruning back of entitlements and free services, neither has the efforts of those who believe that welfarism has gone too far. Back in the 1980s Ronald Reagan claimed that America’s greatest problem was an overweening state. Along with Margaret Thatcher, he believed that the unprecedented increase in the size of the state in the years after the Second World War had been counterproductive in its outcomes and damaging to individual liberty. Reagan and Thatcher wanted to reverse the trends of the previous three decades and roll back the state. They failed. Nowhere did they fail more obviously than in containing the size of the welfare state.

This week it came out that private landlords in the UK now get double from the government what they did a decade ago, claiming £9.3 billion. The reason for this is the continued and continual shrinking of the welfare state. Welfare spending that goes into the pockets of the private sector is not the welfare state. It’s a massive transfer of wealth from the public to the private sector, the redistribution of wealth from the poor to the rich. People who write about economics in leading newspapers really should know the difference between what a welfare state is, and what state spending on welfare is. Hint for Dan: Public ownership and provision.

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week July 31, 2016

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You wouldn’t half know it’s the silly season from the paucity of content in the Sindo this week. Therefore, let’s give some credit where it’s due. Fair play to Brendan O’Connor, who, while rightly angry that more were not prosecuted, shows a commendable desire to gloat at the imprisonment of a particularly egregious member of the three bankers gaoled this week.

So remember that – and you might feel more satisfaction about that bollix John Bowe getting some of what he deserves.

Although he did also say this

He’s a terrible loss to this country. Let’s get him home. And let’s get Geldof in the Aras.

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week July 24, 2016

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Not a lot this week of any interest but Dan O’Brien today muses on parallels with the 1930s following the 2008 crash.

For all the talk about the rise of extremists today, eight years on from the crash that still defines our age, the moderate centre has held in democratic Europe. While frustrated voters now rarely give governments a second term, most switch to other centrists parties. In only a handful of countries – Hungary, Greece and Poland – could it be claimed that governments are not fully signed up to liberal democratic values.

You would like to think that in Greece he is talking about the nationalist junior coalition party, but no, he actually thinks the major party in the Greek government somehow rejects liberal democratic values. Maybe he missed all the liberal democratic cuts they’ve been making.

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week July 17, 2016

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Sheer nonsense this week from a certain prominent columnist

My few bob on Portugal was based not on football form, but on two traits in the Portuguese national character which I admire greatly for two reasons.
First, the Duke of Wellington, not easily impressed, praised the stoic character of Portuguese troops under fire.

Second, thanks to the dictatorial Salazar, Portugal was one of the few countries to reject anti-Semitism at a time when European democracies were willingly rounding up Jews.

Say what now?

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