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KKE Statement on the Photoshopped Poster October 24, 2012

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Statement taken from here.

This is not the first time this has happened, but this time SYRIZA has crossed the line by choosing to adorn a poster which it issued for a meeting organized on the 19/10 in Ireland with the photograph of the banner which the KKE had put up on the Acropolis in May 2010, on which the slogan “ Peoples of Europe Rise Up” was written. Of course they took care to delete the signature of the “KKE” from the banner, in order to appropriate an initiative which had great resonance. To be accurate, there were two banners, one with the slogan in English and the other in Greek. This photograph became one of the most recognizable images from the struggle of the Greek people during the crisis, both at a European and global level.

We understand that SYRIZA does not possess an image from a similar initiative or action and it could not do as it is absent from the organization and development of the people’s struggle which has a class orientation and content. This however does not justify its attempt to appropriate the initiatives of the KKE in order to promote its non-existent militant profile to an audience which is not aware of its role and stance in Greece.

The ULA has issued a statement here.

More from the SWP on the ULA May 1, 2012

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Was looking online for pieces about last weekends ULA Conference.
I came across Revolutionary Programmes report of the Conference

Then what popped up only the latest from the SWP on the Future of the United Left Alliance
Which the writer reckons….

is an organisation that is in decline as a result of incessant internal wrangling, poor tactical judgement and a failure to give a lead to the broader left.

The SWP suggest that

If the United Left Alliance is to grow, it needs to look at four central issues.

And these are

1 -Beyond Electoralism – Become an Organisation of Struggle.

2 -Break with Sectarianism – for an open, broad left

3 Democracy – Membership Participation.

4- A 32 county organisation, North and South.

Each point is expanded upon in the article.

As one who hopes that the ULA is a success , I hope all these gripes can be ironed out. We need a big party on the Left , one that is capable of challenging nationwide.
I know its a moot point but do those struggling on low incomes, suffering from cutbacks, The ‘Ordinary Working People’ as it were, really give much of a damn about the issues outlined above?
What they want is proper representation as the ULA TDs have all done since their election.
This is an opportunity for the Left to grow, at the minute though its Sinn Fein that is growing and not the ULA.

The United Left Alliance and Water charges… July 4, 2011

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Its been mentioned before that the ULA see the introduction of Water charges and Household charges as an opportunity for growth. The National media has picked up on the theme..
There was a full page of articles in the Business Post yesterday focusing in the main on the United Left Alliance and Water / Household charges….

The first one was about ..

A planned campaign by the United Left Alliance aims to encourage householders to boycott the new household utility charge and heap pressure on the Labour Party over the tough budget measures that lie ahead.

In another article on the United Left Alliance and Water
We learn that…

The Green Party’s plan for water metering envisaged an allowance of about 40 litres daily per person.
This roughly equates to one shower per person per day, which is a relatively low allowance for large families, according to Daly.
A typical electric power shower uses about seven litres of water a minute, meaning that a five-minute shower would use almost the entire daily allocation, based on the Greens’ proposed scheme.
But the government may set a higher limit, perhaps 60 litres per person, though the critics insist that 100 litres a day is the average daily requirement.

Building the ULA …. April 28, 2011

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There’s an article on The Socialist Party Website on building the ULA. Its fairly insightful as to where the ULA are with regard to becoming a party and the possible tensions within the ULA.

A few quotes…

The Socialist Party proposed that a ULA membership should now be established. A ULA membership card has been produced and a recruitment leaflet will be available soon so activists can engage in an organised recruitment drive.


The Socialist Workers Party seems to favour launching a new party immediately, dismissing the problems that the current mood of the working class poses and warning against delays and conservatism. However, that has more to do with inappropriate impatience than a serious approach to building a new party.

Report from The United Left Alliance supporters meeting on Monday January 10 January 11, 2011

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For anyone interested, A report from Last nights meeting of the United Left Alliance in Dublin can be found HERE

The ULA are holding their launch meeting in Cork (poster here) on the 12th January 2011 in the Metropole Hotel on MacCurtain Street

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