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Well, that’s that! Given turn out, any predictions? May 22, 2015

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No more posters, no more leaflets, no more canvassers. Turnout good, very good. But good for who? Count starts at 10 tomorrow morning. But in the meantime, any thoughts, predictions or whatever?

Almost more important than anything else (almost!)… today is World Goth Day May 22, 2015

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For you enjoyment on this auspicious day, here’s seven classic goth tracks… There’s not enough goth on the CLR. More soon.

Bauhaus: Bela Lugosi’s Dead

Sisters of Mercy: Marian

March Violets: Walk Into the Sun

Flesh for Lulu: Subterraneans

Christian Death: Church of No Return

Xmal Deutschland: Incubus Succubus

Fields of the Nephilim: Psychonaut

Jeremiah O’Donovan Ross – September 10, 1831 – June 29, 1915 May 22, 2015

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No.1 Poster Rossa

Disability hate crimes…  May 22, 2015

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It is entirely predictable, though also very very distressing to read this, particularly having mentioned issues of disability hate crimes in the post on why leftists should vote YES in the referendum. This in the Guardian notes:

Victims of disability hate crimes are being failed by police, prosecutors and the probation service, according to a report by inspectors.

Despite earlier recommendations on improving the way criminal justice agencies help those targeted and attempts to drive up the reporting of incidents, it found that insufficient progress has been made.

The combined report by HM inspectorates of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), police and probation is a follow-up to a 2013 investigation. It said none of these services have complied fully with changes ordered by an earlier inquiry.

And examples are legion:

Among the examples of problems the report highlighted was the case of a man with learning disabilities who was repeatedly threatened at knifepoint and robbed of his disability allowance. The case had been passed backwards and forwards between two police departments without either “taking any action to safeguard the victim or apprehend the offender”.

In another incident, officers detained a care worker in a residential home for people with severe learning disabilities who allegedly assaulted a resident, but other residents had not been approached to check whether they had also been victims of the care worker.

Crime recording practices were also found to be unreliable. In one force, a disability hate crime was reported when a brick was thrown through the window of a house belonging to a woman with mental health problems while she was in a psychiatric hospital. When the same thing happened two weeks later, it was not recorded as a disability hate crime and no link was made to the previous incident.

And then there is this – a case where clear hate targeting of a family was ignored for what it was and ending in utter tragedy, but a tragedy that was the result of years of harassment and hatred which was undealt with by the authorities of whatever stripe.

The inquest heard at times harrowing detail about how gangs of local teenagers and children, some as young as 10, had the family “under siege”. Pilkington’s home, where she had lived for 15 years, was pelted with stones, while youths smashed bottles outside and jumped into the front hedge. On some weekend nights young people hung outside the house for hours on end, shouting taunts and insults.

Eventually the harassment was too much leading to two entirely preventable deaths.

The case prompted wider concern that many police forces were failing to properly identify hate crimes motivated by disability and thus treating them as low-priority antisocial behaviour, something disability campaigners say too often remains the case. This was particularly glaring with the Pilkingtons, where the bulk of the abuse was targeted at the disabilities of Hardwick and her younger brother, Anthony Pilkington, who has milder learning difficulties.

I hesitate to posit this but it is difficult to evade the sense that the appalling events recorded in that report and elsewhere grow from an indifference bordering on the malign in relation to those with disabilities – an attitude that somehow they are less than human. Earlier this year we discussed the revelations on television of how this population, perhaps one of the most vulnerable populations in our society, can be treated. It passes in and out of societal awareness, but always is low down the list of priorities. I was talking about a left project today, surely this is another integral part of that project, no?

Today I’ll mostly be listening to … May 22, 2015

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From Joe Mooney, a guest post for the day that is in it.


A poignant and beautiful love song with a powerful message, but is it now defunct? Written by Phil Chevron and first performed in 1987, it’s simple plea to be allowed to act  “just like other lovers do without disgrace” was a political statement at that time. In an era where many  dismissed AIDS as a ‘gay plague’, and homosexuality was a criminal offence it was also a brave song. I first heard it that night it was debuted in Hawkins at an Aid to Fight Aids benefit. I still regard that as the best gig I was ever at, and I  have the cassette to prove it. (And the poster, now tastefully framed of course).

It was eventually released as a single in early ’89 and even made it as the N.M.E. single of the week (and that was a big deal!). Phil is sadly no longer with us, but almost three decades later Ireland is heading to the polling stations and by 10pm hopefully his plea will have got the answer it deserved.

It’s a great song, it’ll always be one of my favourites, but I think I’ll like it a little bit more once it becomes an irrelevancy or simply  an historic timepiece.

Referendum Day – 22nd of May: Open Thread May 22, 2015

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Any observations about the vote feel free to comment here.

So now that the dust begins to settle there’s time to reflect upon what has felt like a very very long campaign – perhaps too long? Big mobilisation yesterday evening across the city centre where I saw various IONA worthies on the corner of Merrion Square and YES campaigners at various intersections.

One obvious thought, haven’t seen this level of engagement in a very long time in a referendum campaign – and I mentioned yesterday that other campaigns, most notably the R2W hadn’t lost any energy from it. In fact, I’m beginning to wonder has the increasing level of protest in the last six or so years and in particular in the last four years actually been important in making it easier for people to get engaged? And what does that suggest about politics more broadly?

And final predictions on outcome in both proposals, all welcome…

The Blue Haven to The Jobstown House May 21, 2015

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On March the second at six O’Clock I went down to the Blue Haven Pub and met a small group of strangers, it snowed that night…. Tonight in sunshine at The Jobstown House my own very small role in the campaign finished with a leaflet drop in Tallaght. For some on the team this campaign has involved being out every evening and weekend for the last six weeks and a good bit of time before.It has been an amazing experience getting to know a few people who as a married middle aged man whose social life revolves around family, friends , GAA and Rovers, I would have been highly unlikely to have spent time with.
There is a deep anxiety about the vote, not just because it is so close but most of the team have a personal stake in it. It is they who have called to doors, stood at LUAS stations, matches and shopping centres asking for Equality, that they be treated equally. It’s telling that it is those that have worked the hardest don’t want to be anywhere near the count centre in City West on Saturday …. there is just too much potential hurt involved in seeing piles of people having rejected you.
Dublin South West has been good, the response has been mainly positive, indeed at times you’d have a pep in your step after calling to some houses. I was thrilled at the positive response we got outside Rovers game against Longford. There are No voters but hopefully the Yes Vote will turn out.
Anyway Vote Yes and pester anyone who hasn’t voted yet to get out and vote.

Here’s an index of leaflets from The Referendum

Tom Redmond CPI May 21, 2015

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Very sorry to hear about the death of Tom Redmond, a long standing member of the CPI (and sometime commentor on the CLR). Our sympathy to his family and comrades.

The Communist Party of Ireland announces the death of our esteemed comrade Tom Redmond.

Tom’s contribution to the cause of the Irish working class spanned nearly six decades. He has left our ranks, but his contribution to the struggles of our party and to the Irish and international working-class movement are immeasurable.

We salute the memory of Tom Redmond: worker, militant communist, trade unionist, working-class intellectual, teacher, artist, writer. Several generations of young communists and working-class activists benefited from his knowledge and experience. He gave unselfishly, in particular to young activists, passing on his wide experience and his profound knowledge of Irish history and particularly the history of our working class.

We express our deepest sympathy to his four sons Simon, Eoin, Niall, Karl and all his extended family.

The Communist Party of Ireland dips its banners in honour of his passing.

“A person’s dearest posses­sion is life. It is given to them but once, and they must live it so as to feel no tortur­ing regrets for wasted years, never know the burning shame of a mean and petty past; so live that, dying, they might say: All my life, all my strength were given to the finest cause in all the world: the fight for the liberation of humanity. —Nikolai Ostrovski

And there’s a by-election as well… May 21, 2015

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…which hasn’t been forgotten in the mix, but perhaps has a lower prominence than it might otherwise have. Interesting that the FF candidate has been, as the IT reports:

…the favourite from the start and party leader Micheál Martin needs a win to silence his internal critics and boost party morale.
Fine Gael has been putting in a big effort in a bid to hold the seat vacated by Phil Hogan while Sinn Féin is hoping for a good result to build on for the general election.

SF and RENUA are hoping for a strong showing and I’ve heard people whose judgment I would trust say there’s a chance that the latter might come in in third place. As to Labour, well…

Any thoughts on the outcome?

OSF/SFWP and 1979: where did branches and candidates go after that? May 21, 2015

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And now for something entirely unrelated to the referendum. Reading back to this thought provoking post from IEL on elections outside of Dublin since 1973 for the left a paragraph he wrote really caught my eye.

One thing that struck me looking at the results was how widespread OSF/SFWP/ WP were. As a party Dail seat wise and poll wise their trajectory went upwards from 1981 until the DL split. Yet its in 1979 that they had a far bigger geographical spread of candidates  with candidates put forward in Cavan,Mayo, Laois, Offaly , Longford and Sligo. These were places where they never stood again. Did the local organisations die out in that time?

It’s a great point, not least because we see SF TDs in many of those places now – though obviously not all. Was it the hunger strikes? Something else, that saw a shift in allegiance, energy, activity?

Anyone know or have any thoughts on the phenomenon?


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