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“Kathleen Lynn, a Truly Radical Woman” : Summer School – July 18th 2015 March 28, 2015

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From East Wall for All…

“Kathleen Lynn, a Truly Radical Woman”
Saturday July 18th – The 1st Sarah Lundberg Summer School,
The Sean O’Casey Theatre, East Wall 10am to 4pm.

Last year the East Wall History Group was shocked by the untimely passing of our friend and colleague Sarah Lundberg. We have decided to honour her memory by holding an annual summer school – a full day devoted to topics that would be significant to Sarah.
The inaugural event will focus on the life and legacy of Kathleen Lynn, a truly radical and important woman in Irish history. At the time of her death, Sarah had many projects planned or in progress. This included a proposal for a series of publications relating to Kathleen Lynn, to be released between 2016 and 2019. Sarah recognised the importance of Kathleen Lynn, and the proposal was to focus on the many aspects of her life and works – from Liberty Hall to the Dail , under fire and jailed in 1916 to founding a children’s hospital in 1919 , and through her years of political and social campaigning – a true revolutionary and a medical innovator.
The focus on Kathleen Lynn is also significant as this year marks the 60th anniversary of her death in 1965.

Plans for the event are at an early stage and the exact format has not been finalised- we are extending an invitation to anyone with an interest or knowledge on the topic who would like to participate to get in touch as soon as possible. An essay and project competition aimed at involving younger people will be included in the programme.
Contact us at: eastwallhistory@gmail.com

For those not familiar with Kathleen Lynn this is a great introduction:

A Cedar Lounge Revolution Book Club? March 27, 2015

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…Recently in comments – I think ivorthorne but I am open to correction – raised the idea that the CLR might have a book club (I have a feeling sonofstan proposed it years before too). I’m very interested in that and would like to know what others think and how it might work?

All advice and suggestions gratefully accepted.

Blaney 1973 Fanad and Kerrykeel March 27, 2015

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Fascinating 1973 documentary on Neil T. Blaney and the politics of the time

Progressive Film Club – A reminder about Saturday’s films March 26, 2015

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Progressive Film Club
Sat 28th March 2015
New Theatre, East Essex Street, Temple Bar
Programme starts: 3.00pm

A reminder about Saturday’s films:-



In August 1971 eleven unarmed civilians were murdered by British paratropers in Ballymurphy, Belfast. This film documents this tragic event, offering testimony from families and friends as well as commentary from witnesses and leading politicians, including Gerry Adams and George Galloway. There are similarities with the Bloody Sunday atrocity, which occurred only months after this one. ¦ Directed by Seán Murray. ¦ Running time: 38 minutes.

3:45 p.m.
500 Miles to Babylon

Filmed by the independent film-maker David Martinez in 2003 during the early days of the US occupation of Iraq, this film portrays the hopes and fears of ordinary Iraqis as they are caught up in events over which they have little or no control. Shot on public transport and in the street, it is an antidote to the triumphalist accounts that we became used to hearing from the likes of CNN and Fox News. The quick descent into absolute chaos is well captured in this fly-on-the-wall film. : Directed by David Martinez : Runnning time: 70mins

As usual admission is free of charge.

Robert Navan,
Progressive Film Club
Phone: 087 6257521

Political surveillance… March 25, 2015

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...telling isn’t it that even the mild post-social democracy (to put it at its kindest) of the British Labour Party in the 1990s wasn’t sufficiently mild to stop the Met from conducting surveillance on Labour MPs…

a whistleblower has revealed [that he] read secret files on 10 MPs during his 11 years working for the Metropolitan police’s special branch. They include Labour’s current deputy leader, Harriet Harman, the former cabinet minister Peter Hain and the former home secretary Jack Straw.

Peter Hain isn’t wrong:

“That the special branch had a file on me dating back 40 years ago to anti-apartheid and anti-Nazi League activist days is hardly revelatory. That these files were still active for at least 10 years while I was an MP certainly is and raises fundamental questions about parliamentary sovereignty.”

And nor is Ken Livingstone:

“Did they think we were a threat to the western system? If only this were true. What a load of crap. What’s so ridiculous is that we were being subjected to IRA bombings right the way through that period and they were wasting officers spying on me and Tony Benn. It’s a complete waste of police resources. People like me and Tony Benn were sadly never a threat to capitalism because we never had the powers. I’d love to see the files. My kids would love to see the files. They’re most likely full of rubbish.”

Call for Papers ‘From Civil Rights to the Bailout: Social movements, workers agitation, and left-wing activism in Ireland, 1968-2010’ March 25, 2015

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Just a reminder on this with the date for application fast approaching.

Irish Centre for Histories of Labour and Class
NUI Galway
19-20 June 2015

And not just for papers, also for accounts, etc…

CFP From Civil Rights to Bailout_Page_1

CFP From Civil Rights to Bailout_Page_2

Irish water charges: “the bills, the bills”…. and what’s this, a Minister who cannot distinguish between libraries and book shops? March 25, 2015

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Many many bills will be wrong admits the company:

Irish Water has confirmed that it plans to send out water bills to more than 1.7 million households in the full knowledge that hundreds of thousands of those bills will be incorrect.

The company said it has to operate on the basis of incomplete information and that households will receive the bills over an eight week period starting in the first week of April.

Still, that’s okay because extend and pretend continues as the MO of the government…

BTW, what is Alan Kelly talking about here?

He said the State “provides our transport services, yet people pay for their train tickets. The State builds libraries, yet people pay to take books out. The State builds houses, yet people pay subsidised rents.”

Uh-oh. There’s a man – Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, no less – who doesn’t understand the basic rationale behind the concept of the ‘lending’ (key word that) library. He should though. He should.

BTW, just realised Paul Murphy picked up on this when Kelly said it. Isn’t it telling though, if a better example of the gulf of incomprehension, the lack of any rigorous intellectual or ideological rationale for water charges – or charges in general – can be found I can’t think of one. More on that…

What you want to say – 25th March 2015 March 25, 2015

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As always, following on Dr. X’s suggestion, it’s all yours, “announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose”, feel free.

Unfortunate logo you got there… March 24, 2015

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…some might think when they get a look at this, the ruling Singapore People’s Action Party. Almost needless to say, this was brought to mind by the death of Singapore’s founding figure, or one of four founding figures, Lee Kuan Yew.
But the PAP logo is strangely reminiscent of this, from an earlier period.

Speaking of logos from an – ahem – right direction, what of this from the 30s too and Poland… Got to admit, it’s well-designed.

And speaking of North and South March 24, 2015

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As we were yesterday in regard to corporate taxation rates. Reading this I remembered that there was an example of cross-border public ownership in the 1950s. From 1953 to 1958 Great Northern Railways (Ireland), previously a private company that had operated on both sides of the border was jointly owned as a nationalised entity by the Republic and Northern Ireland. In 1958 this was dissolved with the constituent elements being absorbed in the Ulster Transport Authority and CIE. I’ve always felt that the removal of rail links in particular stretching from the North into the rest of Ulster, its natural hinterland, was a mistake of enormous proportions and one of the developments that helped copper fasten partition as a practical aspect.


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