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A blast from the past… May 17, 2019

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Funny to see Richard Greene pop up in the public eye as part of his role as chair of Alliance for the Defence of Family and Marriage seeking a No vote on the divorce referendum. Seeing the photo of him I thought immediately, wasn’t he in the Green Party once?

And indeed he was, and Fianna Fáil before that, and Muintir na hÉireann and Cóir after that, and then the Christian Solidarity Party. Indeed the was almost expelled from the GP, and he a local councillor, over his position on the X Case and Articles 2 and 3. Quite a journey he’s had.

Here’s some of IEL’s materials relating to him.

Anyhow, to get a sense of his current thinking…

Mr Greene, who worked as a guidance counsellor in Dublin, contends that a more liberal regime “militates against any serious attempt at resolving marital conflicts. Most marital conflicts can be resolved.” Many couples gave up too quickly, he said.
When asked about relationships where there is some form of domestic abuse or coercive control, Mr Greene said those couples should seek an annulment.

Then again, the world he now inhabits is markedly different to that he was involved in on previous campaigns. The piece interviews various No supporters, but most significant is a sense that the battle is hardly worth the effort. Few are campaigning and that tells its own story.

I wonder if in focusing so heavily on abortion provision did they by default allow other areas to liberalise. Though another part of me suspects that liberalisation here was long delayed, so perhaps their impact did indeed work well from their perspective.

This Week At Irish Election Literature May 17, 2019

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The index of Local Election Leaflets has over 200 leaflets now

A few that caught my eye this week…

A Fine Gael Divorce Referendum leaflet

A leaflet from Frankie Lavelle in Buncrana which includes the line.. “Socialist MEPs have Stated ‘Parents cannot be trusted to produce the type of children The Eu needs!”

A leaflet from the other Eoin Ó Broin (who is running as an Independent in Clondalkin)

The #MarchforTipp group are running 3 candidates in Cashel-Tipperary, will be interesting to see how they get on

A leaflet from Ben Gilroy

A Press Release from Independent Bernard Jennings running in Carlow. Unusual as he won’t be campaigning and promises a song in a Wicklow accent should he be elected.

Who are the 0.3%? May 16, 2019

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I ask that question give this post on Slugger by Niall Kelly who digs into the very interesting LucidTalk Northern Ireland European Election poll from this very week. The headline figures are of interest in themselves.

Top line figures (including DKs)

SF 25% (-1)

DUP 18% (-3)

UUP 11% (-2)

SDLP 12% (-1)

Alliance 10% (+3)

Then these are figures with DKs removed.

SF 27.2%
DUP 20.2%
SDLP 13.1%
UUP 11.8%
Alliance 11.3%
TUV 8.5%
Green 4.6%
Unionist for Brexit 1.7%
Ind Morrice 1.4%
Con & Ind McCann 0.1% each
The Quota will be 25%.

A quick totalling of the various blocs is intriguing. 40.3% for SF/SDLP, 42.3% or so for DUP/UUP/TUV/UfB/Con and Alliance and GP commanding 15% or so.

But Kelly does a real service by working through possible (mind that, only possible) transfer patterns. He argues that Naomi Long of Alliance is very much in contention for the third seat after Sinn Féin’s Martina Anderson and the DUP’s Diane Dodds.

It raises an interesting point, doesn’t it, if two anti-Brexit/anti-hard Brexit MEPs were elected from the North.

Be that as it may, theres another aspect to the Kelly’s analysis which I find intriguing. That is as follows – looking at Count 2 he writes:

At this point Martina Anderson’s surplus will be reallocated as she is just over 14,000 votes over quota. According to LucidTalk her second preferences will be distributed accordingly:
DUP 0.3%, SDLP 23.9%, UUP 0.3%, Alliance 42.0%, Green 14.5%, Morrice 1.3%, Non-Transferable 17.6%.

Who on earth are SF voters who then transfer to the DUP, or the UUP?

Is this contrarianism writ small, random noise, mistakes? And it works the other way too in various elections.

Signs of Hope – A continuing series May 16, 2019

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Gewerkschaftler suggested this recently:

I suggest this blog should have a regular (weekly) slot where people can post happenings at the personal or political level that gives them hope that we’re perhaps not going to hell in a handbasket as quickly as we thought. Or as the phlegmatic Germans put it “hope dies last”.

Any contributions this week?

Unsightly posters? May 16, 2019

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I was amused and irritated by the following letter to the Irish Times…

As an active member of our local Tidy Towns group, I feel that I cannot let Niamh Bhreathnach’s view of our activities go unchallenged (Letters, May 11th). The purpose and aims of Tidy Towns – which extend far beyond tidiness and encompasses, for example, maintaining and improving biodiversity – is to make our towns, villages and communities pleasant places in which to live, work and visit.
The Tidy Towns aim is certainly not to maintain “such a pristine condition that no hint of active daily life is visible”. However, if evidence of daily life involves the presence of litter, rubbish, and poorly positioned unsightly posters which detract from the appearance of the area then it is quite reasonable that they be removed.
The Tidy Towns organisation relies on the dedicated, unpaid action of willing hardworking volunteers. Maybe the letter writer should consider joining her local Tidy Towns group to support them in their endeavours. – Yours, etc,

I find the idea that election posters are ‘unsightly’ – whatever about poorly positioned – very much open to question. In truth I’d argue that, as someone with more than a passing familiarity with the area, that most election posters, indeed the overwhelming majority, are reasonably well designed at this stage.

I also think there’s a curious juxtaposition, in the above, between rubbish and unsightly posters. Is the letter writer really saying that an election poster is equivalent to trash on the street? Isn’t that a stretch conceptually? I’ve seen the occasional bad poster – a friend running the council in the 2000s had one that was, locally, well known for being rough and ready, but… few enough that would be rubbish.

And that’s before we get to the fact that an election has a time-limited aspect, is central to our democracy and so on. IEL has long spoken up for the necessity of posters. I think he’s right.

Campaign problems May 16, 2019

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Was reading this from RTÉ, a report which suggests that FF and FG in Midlands-North-West European constituency have modified their electoral strategy due to ‘in part…an IT poll which suggested Smith and Rabbitte were lying in sixth and seventh place respectively, in a constituency with only four seats’.

Anyhow, now FF’s candidates can campaign across the entirety of the ‘constituency’ bar their own local heartlands. That was a particularly poor showing for FF and something had to be done, but is it enough given FG in the IT poll had two of the top four spots?

And, telling that it notes a problem with the poll:

The poor showing by Fianna Fáil, albeit in a survey with a much higher margin of error than national polls, has also encouraged Fine Gael to re-allocate territory – but this time with the agreement of their two candidates.

Conflicted May 15, 2019

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Interesting piece this on the lack of coming to terms with the Second World War period in Sweden, where real but patchy actions to push back against the Nazis were matched or more by compromises with them. I have a degree of sympathy for the Swedish. Like this island, it was by dint of geography placed in a very difficult situation – perhaps an impossible one. That said some of the compromises made appear self-serving or excessive.

Yet the author makes a very clear point that:

…most important of all – when Denmark and Norway had their postwar legal and moral purges dealing with collaborators and local Nazis, Sweden did nothing of the kind. No self-examination or moral debate took place. Those who had sympathised with Hitler simply went silent, and continued their lives as if nothing had happened.

That is an issue never encountered in this state – simply put pro-German sentiment was fairly diffuse and politically near enough conspicuous by its absence at state level and relatively, though not entirely, low in the broader polity.

Whether that dynamic described by the author is key to the rise of the far-right in Sweden is another matter entirely. Other states which did have at least some reckoning also have far-right movements of varying sizes, and it seems to me that more recent developments internationally have, arguably, had a greater impact in terms of shifting the political ground on which matters are contested. But, that said perhaps the lack of self-reflection did allow the seeds of the far-right to persist more strongly than might have been otherwise.

Political Background of Independents in the 2019 Local Elections #LE19 May 15, 2019

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With the Local Elections coming a breakdown to the best of my knowledge of the political backgrounds of all the Independents running.
I’ve also included links to their current leaflets if I had them posted.
If there is any additional information on any candidate that I have missed or if there are any errors please comment.

Independent/Non-Party candidate
Carlow John Cassin (Ex SF), Bernard Jennings
Tullow Billy Nolan (ex Lab), Charlie Murphy
Muinebeag David O’Brien (ex FF)
Cavan-Belturbert Brendan Fay
Ennis Amanda Major,

Dermot Hayes (ex Lab),

Alfonso D’Auria,
Frank ‘Pinky’ Cullinan (James Breen candidate)

Andre Hakizimana

Killaloe Joe Floyd
Shannon Gerry Flynn (ex FG),

PJ Ryan (ex FF),

Michael Begley (ex FF)

Kilrush Ian Lynch (ex FG),

Noreen Lynch, Joseph Woulfe

Carrigaline Ben Dalton O’Sullivan, Marcia D’Alton
Bandon-Kinsale Alan Coleman (Ex FF),

Cormac Hayes, Pat O’Regan

Macroom Nigel Dennehy (ex SF) ,

Martin Coughlan (ex Lab)

Mary O’Callaghan Hallissey

Cobh Seán O’Connor (ex FF)

Karen Doyle Independent4Change,
Peter Kidney

Midleton Mary Linehan Foley (ex FF) ,

Martin E. Murray,
Noel Collins

Kanturk Ado Mazombe
Bantry Danny Collins (Michael Collins TD), Finbarr Harrington
Declan Hurley (ex FG), Brendan McCormack,

Yousuf Janab Ali

Cork City
Cork City
North East
Sean O’Sullivan,

Mobolaji Taiwo Ajisafe,

Noreen Murphy

Ger Keohane (Ex SF)

Cork City
North West
Joe O’Callaghan (ex FG),

Kevin Conway,

Sandra Condon,

Timothy J. Hogan

Cork City South Central Paudie Dineen,

Mick Finn (ex FF),

Lekha Menon Margassery,
Sean Cronin,

Suzanne Hegarty,

Graham O’Shea, Maurice Sexton ,

Ciaran Kenneally

Cork City South East Kieran McCarthy (ex FG)
Cork City South West Thomas Moloney
Donegal Valerie McNulty,

Tom Conaghan,
Seamus Maguire,

Billy Grimes (ex FF)
Diarmaid Doherty (ex SF)

Justin Coughlin,
Niamh Kennedy,

Pauric Kennedy (Father FF Cllr)

Sean O’Beirne

Glenties Micheál Cholm MacGiolla Easbuig,

Brian Carr,
Liam Whyte

Milford Ian McGarvey,

John O’Donnell,
Declan Meehan,

Charlie McGinley

Buncrana Sinéad Stewart,

Frankie Lavelle (Pro Life) ,

Nicholas Crossan, Mark McKinney

Letterkenny Michael McBride (ex IFF, FF),

Cathal MacFhloinn,

Finnian O’Donnell (ex PBP),

Thoiba Ahmed, Kevin Bradley,

Charlie McClafferty (ex FG)

Carndonagh Arthur  McGuinness
Lifford-Stranorlar Alan McMenamin, Michael De Ward
Dublin City
Ballyfermot-Drimnagh Vincent Jackson, Robert Michael Foley, Richard Murray,
Nicky Uzell Independents4Change
Ballymun-Finglas Noeleen Reilly (ex SF),

Lucy O’Connor

Bernie Hughes Independents4Change, Linda Greene

Artane-Whitehall John Lyons (Ex PBP),

Paddy Bourke (ex Lab),

Paul Clarke (ex DDI, National Party)

Donaghmede Niamh McDonald (Ex PBP)
Cieran Perry,
Micheál Kelliher Independents4Change,Stephen O’Loughlin (ex SD),Sean McCabeSarah Louise Mulligan (Irish for Trump, Pro Life, Yellow Vest)
Clontarf Damian O Farrell, Michael Paul Burke
Kimmage-Rathmines Samantha Long (ex FG),

Sarah Lipsett,

Ruari McGinley(ex FG)

Pat Dunne Independents4Change (Ex PBP),
Garrett McCafferty

North Inner City Christy Burke (ex SF),

Anthony Flynn, Neil Armstrong,

Nial Ring (ex FF)
Marius Marosan,
Joseph McGucken (Comedian campaigning as Fintan McCormac ),

Marcin Czechowicz,
S.G. Raja Sekhar Reddy

South West
Inner City
Patrick Coyne
South East
Inner City
Mannix Flynn,

Sonya Stapleton (ex PBP)

Derek Doyle

Pembroke Simon Cox
Blackrock Reji Chacko Jacob
Michael Merrigan
Dundrum Anne Colgan,

Seamas O’Neill (ex FG, now Shane Ross aligned)
Sean McLoughlin (ex eirigi)

Glencullen-Sandyford Kevin Daly (Shane Ross),

Michael Fleming,

Lynsey McGovern (joined FG in 2017 but has since left)

Killiney-Shankill Sandra Archer (active in Anti Islam Ireland)
Stillorgan Gearóid O Keeffe,

Deirdre Donnelly (Shane Ross)

Balbriggan Grainne Maguire,

Tony Murphy (ex FG),
Martin Hughes

Rush Lusk Cathal Boland (ex FG),

Roslyn Fuller, Eóin Corcoran,
Sandra Sweetman,

Glenn Brady, Karl Mooney,

David Browne

Castleknock Kevin Mullally
Howth-Malahide Jimmy Guerin (ex FF),

Tom Daly

Blanchardstown-Mulhuddart Lorna Nolan,

Tania Doyle, Aran Smeallie,
Robert Loughlin,

Barry Mooney, Marius Marosan

Ongar Raghu Narayanam, Ramesh Racherla
Swords Joe Newman (ex GP)

Duane Browne (ex FF),

Ian Croft,
Dean Mulligan Independent4Change,
Derek Cryan,

James Fitzpatrick, Paul Uzo,
Fergal O’Connell

Clondalkin Francis Timmons (ex Right2Change),

Shakeel Jeeroburkan,

Eoin Ó Broin,

David Moore Independent4Change

Palmerstown-Fonthill Alan Hayes, Gus O’Connell,
Ruth Nolan  (ex PBP) Independent4Change
Sikandar Jahanzab,Paul Gogarty (ex GP)
Lucan Liona O’Toole , Anwar Malik

Ruth Nolan  (ex PBP) Independent4Change

Paul Gogarty (ex GP)

Tallaght Central Mick Duff (ex Lab)
Tallaght South Ray Kelly (Ex Fathers Rights)
Rathfarnham-Templeogue Ronan McMahon(ex FG and Renua)
Firhouse-Bohernabreena Alan Edge ( Zappone backed)
Galway City
Galway City Central Colette Connolly (ex Lab) ,

Mike Cubbard,
Mike Geraghty (ex PD),

Patrick Feeney, , James O’Toole,
Daragh O’Flaherty (Yellow Vest- Alt Right)

Galway City East Noel Larkin,

Declan McDonnell (ex PD)

Terry O’Flaherty (ex PD) ,

Pat Hardiman, Michael Tully

Galway City West Donal Lyons (ex PD),

Marc Anderson, Darius Ivan,
Marian Maloney, Patrick Feeney,

Claire Keegan,
Tommy Roddy (Pro Life)

Galway County
James Charity ( Was briefly in Renua),

Gabe Cronnelly (ex SF),
Jim Cuddy (ex PD),

Josette Farrell (ex Lab, FG)

Geraldine Donohue,

Declan Diviney (Co-opted to replace the late Michael Fahy),
Hubert Geoghegan,

Cormac MacGowan

Ballinasloe Declan Geraghty (endorsed by Michael Fitzmaurice),

Harriet Bruce,

Timmy Broderick, Aisling Dolan

Josie Conneely (ex FF),

Tom Welby(ex PD),

Críostóir Breathnach

Críostóir Breathnach, Patrick Feeney,
Sean F Ó Drisceoil
Loughrea Pat Hynes, Eoin Madden
Tuam Karey McHugh (ex Labour but never ran for them),

Shaun Cunniffe (ex Labour -left over Party Abortion policy) ,
Billy Conneelly (Sean Canney candidate) , Thomas (T.P.) Niland,
Dermot Ryan

Killarney Maura Healy-Rae,

Michael Gleeson KIA (ex Lab),

Brendan Cronin (ex FF),

Donal Grady (ex Lab),

Neily O’Connor,

Niall ‘Botty’ O’Callaghan (ex FF, Healy-Rae)

Listowel Michael Pixie O’Gorman, John Martin O’Sullivan
An Daingean David Russell
Kenmare Johnny Healy-Rae,  Dan McCarthy (ex FF)
Castleisland Jackie Healy-Rae JuniorCharlie Farrelly
Tralee Sam Locke (Healy-Rae) ,

Yvonne Dineen,

Ted Cronin, Denis O’Reilly

Athy Tony McNamee
Celbridge Brendan Young,

Íde Cussen (ex SF and had declared support for Peadar Tóibín) ,

Tony Murray, Michael Beirne, Peter Kavanagh

Leixlip Anthony Larkin, Michael Reidy, Sean Gill
Maynooth Teresa Murray, John Reid
Clane Padraig McEvoy, Tomas Hogan
Kildare Declan Crowe
Newbridge Fiona McLoughlin Healy (ex FG),

Morgan McCabe, Gerard Delaney

Naas Sorcha O’Neill (ex SF), Seamie Moore,
Gerard Dunne (ex Lab)
Kilkenny Enya Kennedy,

Luke O’Connor (Alt Right),
Paul Brophy (ex Lab),

Eugene McGuinness (FF gene pool, anti Mosque)

Callan-Thomastown Trish Finegan,

Breda Gardner,
Michael McGrath, John Kelly, John Carroll

Piltown  Melissa O’Neill (ex SF),

Alan Curran

Borris in
 James Kelly,

Brendan Phelan (ex FF),
Oliver Clooney, Ger Hogan, Brian Furlong

Graiguecullen-Portarlington Ben Brennan
Portlaoise Naeem Iqbal, Judy Preston-Grace,

Tom Duffy

Timothy Adejumo

Ballinamore Gerry Dolan, Sean Wynne, Denis O’Brien
Carrick-on-Shannon  Enda Stenson,

Des Guckian (Pro Life),
Yvonne Hollidge, Sean Wynne, Denis O’Brien

Manorhamilton Felim Gurn, Thomas Kelly,

Jamie Murphy

City East
Noel Hannan,

Derek Mulcahy (Ex WP, DL, Lab)

Diarmuid Ryan (Anti Corruption Ireland)

City North
Frankie Daly (ex Lab) ,

Kevin Kiely (ex FG),

Ruth Clarke,
Des Hayes (ex Renua),

Dean Quinn

City West
John Loftus (ex AAA) ,

Mark Carey (ex SD),

Jim Long (ex FG)

Cathal McCarthy (Pro Life) ,

Sunnymartins Duruagwu,

Fergus Kilcoyne (ex FG),
Jamie Morrisey

 Emmett O’Brien (ex FF),

Richard O’Donoghue (ex FF)

Cappamore-Kilmallock Brigid Teefy (ex PD) , PJ Carey
Newcastle West Christy Kelly (Pro Life , same camp as Melissa O’Neill and Vincent Treanor)

, Sean O’Mahony

Ballymahon Tony Moran,

PJ Walsh (ex PD),
Charlie McMonagle,

Mark Casey (ex FF)

Granard Turlough McGovern, Grace Kearney
Longford Mae Sexton (Ex PD, Lab),

Gerry Warnock (ex SD),

Julia O’Reilly,
Tony Reilly, Seamus Gallagher, George Breaden

Ardee Hugh D Conlon,

Enda Murray, Albert D. Byrne,

Kevin Carroll,

Jim Tenanty (ex FG)

Drogheda Urban Kevin Callan (ex FG),

Paddy McQuillan (Ex SF),

Frank Godfrey

Drogheda Rural Kevin Callan (ex FG), Frank Godfrey
Dundalk-South Oliver Morgan (ex FF)

, Maeve Yore

Ballina Seamus Weir (ex FG),

Mark Duffy, Willie Nolan

Castlebar Michael Kilcoyne (ex Lab),

Harry Barrett (ex Lab),

Antoin Mac An Bheatha (Anthony Vesey) (Ex SF) ,

Gerry Loftus,  Aidan Crowley

Claremorris Richard Finn
Swinford Sean Forkin
Belmullet Jay Heneghan
Westport Christy Hyland, Darragh McGee,            John O’Malley (ex FG),
Frank McAlonan
Ashbourne Joe Bonner,  Sharon Keogan( ex FF)
Kells David Gilroy (ex Lab)
Laytown-Bettystown Sharon Keogan (ex FF),

Tom Kelly (ex GP), Patrick Smith

Navan Francis Deane, Wayne Forde,

Alan Lawes (ex PBP, DDI),

Stephen Ball

Ratoath  Brian Fitzgerald (ex Lab),

Cllr. Nick Killian (ex FF),
Fergus O’Riordan,

Gillian Toole (ex FG),

Seán Henry

Trim Trevor Golden
Hughie McElvaney (ex FG)
Monaghan Paudge Connolly,

Seamus Treanor,
Tommy Hagan (ex FG),

Alvin McGlone,

Paddy Grenham (ex PBP),
James Mee

Birr John Carroll (ex SF),

Joe Wynne, Habibul Mukhtiar

Edenderry John Foley (ex FF)
Tullamore Sean O’Brien (ex Lab),

John Bracken

Athlone (Roscommon) Ivan Connaughton (ex FF),

Tony Ward,
Laurence Fallon (ex FG- Naughton),

Donal Kilduff (ex FF) ,

Derek McCabe (Extreme pro Life, pro Israel)

Boyle  Valerie Byrne HAC,

Tom Crosby (ex FF),

Sajjad Hussain, Mary O’Donnell

Roscommon Kathleen Shanagher,

Nigel Dineen,
Domnick Connolly (ex FG- Naughten),

Gerry O’Boyle,

Padraig Morris,

John Groarke,

Tony Waldron (ex FF),

Joe Queenan (ex FF),

Michael Clarke (ex FF)
Barry Gallagher, Willie Gormley

Sligo-Drumcliff  Marie Casserly,

Corey Whyte (backed by Declan Bree), Amanda Gallagher (prominent Pro Life)

Sligo-Strandhill Declan Bree (ex ISP, Lab)

Jim McGarry (ex Lab and FG)

Carrick-on-Suir Michael O’Meara, Pierce O’Loughlin
Cahir Andy Maloney (ex FF) ,

Martin Lonergan (ex FF, ex Mattie McGrath) ,

Máirín McGrath (Mattie McGrath)

Annemarie Ryan March4Tipp, Lisa McGrath March4Tipp, Barry Walsh March4Tipp
Clonmel Richie Molloy (ex PD,FF Now Mattie McGrath),

Niall P. Dennehy (ex PD, FF)

Nenagh Seamus Morris (ex SF. and had declared support for Peadar Tóibín )
Michael O’Meara (LT – “Lowry Team”),  Hughie McGrath (ex FF),Graham King, Joe Hannigan
Newport John “Rocky” McGrath (LT)
Roscrea-Templemore Eddie Moran (LT),

Shane Lee (LT, ex Lab),
Tommy Murphy,

Thurles David Doran (ex SF),

Michael Lowry (LT),

Jim Ryan (ex FF),

Michael Bracken,
Catherine Fogarty
Tommy Barrett

City East
Davy Daniels,

Matt Shanahan,
Michael Garland,

Lee Walsh (ex Renua, Right wing)

City South
Sean Reinhardt (ex FF, now John Halligan),

Cha O’Neill,
Andrew Power, Donal Barry, Vivienne Burns,
Brendan Byrne (ex Lab)

Tramore-Waterford City West Brendan Byrne (ex Lab),

Joe Conway,

Blaise Hannigan (ex FF, now John Halligan),
Joe Kelly (ex SF)

Portlaw-Kilmacthomas Ann Troy, Dolores Whelan
Dungarvan Séamus O’Donnell (ex FF, now John Halligan),

Caren Hallahan,
Ciara Langan, Joe O’Riordan

Paul Hogan (ex SF, now Boxer’s Independent Team – BIT),
Michael O’Brien (BIT), Jamie Moran (BIT)Imelda Geraghty, Donal Jackson,PJ Coghill (ex FF)
Moate Michael O’Brien (BIT)

Searlait Cabdi Ní Chianáin

Mullingar Mick Dollard (ex Lab),

Chris Murtagh (Boxers Independent Team),

Alice McDonnell,
Sean Lynch

Kinnegad Úna D’Arcy (ex SF)
Gorey Jimmy Fleming (ex SF, FF)
Kilmuckridge Mary Farrell (ex FF)
Enniscorthy John O’Rourke (ex FF),

Annette Byrne-Moran (Independent4change) ,

Jackser Owens, John “Texas” Byrne

New Ross Cllr. Anthony Connick (ex FF),

John Dwyer (ex SF, eirigi)

Pat Barden,

Roslare Ger Carty,

Terry Lawton

Jane Johnstone Independents4Change

Wexford David Hynes (ex WP, DL, Lab),


Leonard Kelly (ex SD)

Arklow Mary McDonald (Ex SF),

Miriam Murphy,

Tommy Breen(ex SF) ,

Pier Leonard, Pat Hoey

Baltinglass Gerry O’Neill (ex SF),

Lorraine O’Brien

Bray East Malachai Duddy (ex FF ) ,

Brendan Murphy (ex SF)

Bray West Joe Behan (ex FF) ,

Rory O’Connor (Ex FF)

Greystones Tom Fortune (ex Lab),

Mags Crean,

Charlie Keddy (ex Lab)

Wicklow   Mary Kavanagh,

Jimmy O’Shaughnessy (ex Lab),

Daire Fitzgerald (ex CSP)

John Snell (ex SF)

Constitution… May 15, 2019

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I tend to the view that Constitutions aren’t immutable. Indeed I like the way in this state there’s little or no angst about the ‘framers’ intentions. We get exactly where the 1937 Constitution was coming from, both its strengths and weaknesses, and proceed from there. Still, some troubling lack of knowledge reported here from a meeting in Dublin Central on the Constitution organised by the Referendum Commission.

Not least the idea that the events of 1916 are directly linked to the Constitution in quite the way this was framed at the meeting. Or indeed the idea that issues were brought back again and again continually to be voted on – the gap between referendums on abortion and divorce suggests otherwise. That said is there any merit in the idea that a referendum on a specific issue once lost or won should not be returned to for a decade, or some period of time over three or four years? And yet there’s part of me that thinks if something isn’t forbidden by a Constitution then it is allowed, as it were. People can’t have it both ways.

Being too clever… May 15, 2019

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Thought this was telling, how Fine Gael was able to throw back criticisms from Labour about broadband in the Dáil this week. It’s not that the Labour criticisms were incorrect, it is rather that Labour in government had signed off on the approach. Did no one think to ask what the processes were or how it might blunt or destroy an LP critique of the government?

But this, surely, exemplifies the problems of supposed ‘grown-up’ politics whereby the Labour Party could join FG in coalition and effectively support the larger party’s ideological approach on many matters? Ultimately the distinction between the two parties, such as it was, disintegrated in functional terms. And so the Taoiseach can catch the leader of the LP out. They can’t own the coalition period, but nor can they forget it or ignore it. And nor, I imagine, will they be let do so.

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