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Paying the price for centuries of contempt March 27, 2015

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It’s not necessarily coming, as they say, from a place of love. More like a place of snark, but this is a great line from Simon Jenkins in the Guardian when discussing the shape of the next British Parliament.

British politics is paying the price for centuries of English contempt for the political aspirations of the Irish, Scots and Welsh.

Ain’t that the truth.

Throughout the 19th century Tory (and some Liberal) opposition to even moderate home rule for the “other British empire” ensured a more drastic separatism would eventually triumph.

Actually his line is intriguing because he argues that with SNP support a Labour government is more or less inevitable. Well, we’ll see.

He makes another point, one which given the way in which unionism looms large in the political consciousness is perhaps sometimes forgotten on this part of the island

The lesson of separatism across Europe is the same. For restless Ukrainians, Slovenians, Kosovans, Slovakians, Basques and Catalans, regional autonomy is not a passing fad, to be bought off with a few powers and subsidies. It is a visceral response to the arrogance of centralised power. It is the response that many Britons profess towards the overbearing power of Brussels; yet few in Westminster see themselves as the EU of Great Britain.

“Ma, there’s Communists on the telly.” May 2, 2007

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Came across this on the Socialist Unity blog in Britain.

For the first time in 37 years the Communist Party has had a party political broadcast in Britain, in this case the Welsh Communist Party, by virtue of the fact that it is contesting every Regional List in the Wales in the forthcoming Welsh Assembly elections.

While no doubt unlikely to poll even respectably, as the author of the Socialist Unity blog points out, it’s quite a good broadcast and I’d be tempted to vote for them if I was Welsh. Worth a look.

They have their own website here, with the fantastic quote: “THE spectre of communism is haunting Wales. It is not yet a big spectre….”

On an unrelated note, this is the 250th post on the Cedar Lounge Revolution. Congrats to us all I reckon, and especially our founders.

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