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Another poll, already? March 28, 2015

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Politics.

RedC/Sunday Business Post…

FG 27% +3%, LP 10% +3%, FF 18% NC, SF 17% -4%, IND/OTHER 28% [includes RENUA 2%, GP 2%].

All very interesting, hard to know what to make of it given the IT poll this week too which offered a different picture again.

Meanwhile, what of this?

Despite the rise in support for the coalition parties two thirds of voters said they had not felt the benefit of any economic recovery.

Of those surveyed 62% believe the country is out of recession but said a change of Government is needed to deliver a fairer society.

The Solar System live March 28, 2015

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Looking at the visible planets through binoculars this last week – and it amazes me how much can be seen in the Dublin city skies at night, the thought struck me it would be handy to know the overall location in plan form of the planets in relation to the sun at any given time.

It takes a little digging and it’s curious that there aren’t better graphics, at least on the online sources.

This here is good, albeit not to scale.

And this is more rudimentary, though perhaps more accurate – sadly though, it’s three months out of date!

This is good but appears to be astrologically oriented unfortunately. It’s amazing how many sites there are that cater for those interested in astrology. Kind of depressing in its own way.

Not quite the same, but this is quite good, giving an overview of the planets visible to the naked eye and those visible using binoculars or telescopes. Usefully it also gives a chart of the night sky and where the planets are located each night.

It’s still amazing, for me, to be able to see Jupiter and three or four of its moons in the sky through an ordinary set of binoculars. It never gets old. I’m away in Donegal over Easter and with good weather the night sky there is stunning, though the best I’ve seen in Ireland is, oddly enough, in a valley close to Kilkenny city which was sufficiently far enough away to shut off light pollution.

“Kathleen Lynn, a Truly Radical Woman” : Summer School – July 18th 2015 March 28, 2015

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From East Wall for All…

“Kathleen Lynn, a Truly Radical Woman”
Saturday July 18th – The 1st Sarah Lundberg Summer School,
The Sean O’Casey Theatre, East Wall 10am to 4pm.

Last year the East Wall History Group was shocked by the untimely passing of our friend and colleague Sarah Lundberg. We have decided to honour her memory by holding an annual summer school – a full day devoted to topics that would be significant to Sarah.
The inaugural event will focus on the life and legacy of Kathleen Lynn, a truly radical and important woman in Irish history. At the time of her death, Sarah had many projects planned or in progress. This included a proposal for a series of publications relating to Kathleen Lynn, to be released between 2016 and 2019. Sarah recognised the importance of Kathleen Lynn, and the proposal was to focus on the many aspects of her life and works – from Liberty Hall to the Dail , under fire and jailed in 1916 to founding a children’s hospital in 1919 , and through her years of political and social campaigning – a true revolutionary and a medical innovator.
The focus on Kathleen Lynn is also significant as this year marks the 60th anniversary of her death in 1965.

Plans for the event are at an early stage and the exact format has not been finalised- we are extending an invitation to anyone with an interest or knowledge on the topic who would like to participate to get in touch as soon as possible. An essay and project competition aimed at involving younger people will be included in the programme.
Contact us at: eastwallhistory@gmail.com

For those not familiar with Kathleen Lynn this is a great introduction:

The Church and The Smiths March 28, 2015

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Culture.

Reading this on the Church website announcing a European tour on foot of their latest album (good, not great) – one which doesn’t take in Dublin, for shame, I was intrigued by the following:

On the subject of creation let’s not forget that Mike Joyce, Andy Rourke and Johnny Marr were inspired to form The Smiths after seeing The Church play at Leadmill Sheffield in 1982!

Really? I’m not a huge Smiths fan, always liked some of the songs, particularly the singles, a lot, but never warmed to them as much as with other groups (that said I’ve always really liked Marr’s solo/collaborative stuff, particularly Electronic with Bernard Sumner from New Order). But that didn’t sound entirely right.

Anyhow, this Smiths oriented website doesn’t mention a Church connection.

However, a bit of digging reveals this.

Name: Tara Anderson
E-mail: tristesse@mindspring.comHi! I was just wondering if you are/ever were a fan of The Church, Johnny, and if you’re up on any of their recent releases. Early Church is very similar in sound to The Smiths, and I was wondering if they influenced you at all, or is it simply the Rickenbacker sound that you had in common with them? Thanks, Tara

I went to see them in a really small room when we were just starting out.They were really good.I haven’t really kept up with them.

Not quite ‘inspired to form’ the Smiths but I guess a vague link of sorts.

Anyhow, here from the Church, their superb Unguarded Moment from the early 1980s…

And a Smiths track I’m partial to…

A different future… more Soviet Space Art… March 28, 2015

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1958 postcard

Mentioned this here a while ago…

But there’s more… a multitude of sites online that have images drawn from the 50s, 60s and 70s by Soviet space art painters. Here’s the reliable io9 on this topic. I’m particularly fond of Andrei Sokolov’s work (scroll down) which I’ve mentioned before. More here (again, scroll down).

I love this imagery because there’s a difference in style to that of Western space art of the same period – albeit some of the spacecraft look deeply indebted to Chesley Bonestalls work. There’s something more painterly about these images, and a sense that they are different in intent and approach. It’s something in the sheer alieness of the depictions, of the craft. The eye wanders across fields of metallic objects and it’s difficult to tell are these human produced or alien artefacts.

It’s as if this is a view into an alternate history where the red star went even further than it did – and truth is the Soviet space programme was a very real achievement for humanity, and a remarkable one given the constraints on that society.

This Weekend I’ll Mostly be Listening to… The Units March 28, 2015

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Until recently I’d never consciously heard of this crowd, a US based – also involved in performance art – early electronic/new wave group who were extant from the late 1970s until 1983. It was only reading this piece here from a 1980s magazine – on a pointless quest to find out how Japan got that sequenced synth bass sound on Quiet Life, and if anyone has any idea how it is done I’d appreciate it – that I read of them.

Wiki, as can be seen above, has some information on them and there’s bits and pieces of their output on the web. YouTube has a good selection of their songs.

First up a caveat or two. The music is often clunky as if they’re not quite sure whether to go new wave or electronic/synth pop, and the production is – at times – different. But that aside there’s some interesting sounds here, with songs that – well, mix electronic/synth pop and new wave.

What’s interesting is that it takes a different route entirely from, say, John Foxx or Gary Numan, though there is more than a hint of Ultravox. In part it is because it is more abrasive. This isn’t the steely and somewhat detached alienation JG Ballard, this is a different sort of alienation entirely, fuelled as much by punk as by 1970s electronic experimentation.

Now some of this is more than a little bit like Talking Heads – which is not necessarily a good thing in my book. But then again it’s early Talking Heads, and that’s a bit better in my book. Go has a cracking synth line. Digital Stimulation is pretty good in an early 1980s style. And then Cowboy sounds weirdly like a demo track from Boards of Canada. And that points up something very curious about the group, there’s plenty of electronic sounds here that sound, for all the dodgy production, remarkably more modern than the release date would suggest. It’s not difficult to see these reworked completely into instrumentals, or near instrumentals – and lo, well read below.

Perhaps not entirely surprisingly they broke up after a horribly misconceived foray into commercial synth pop. But there have been some interesting remixes of their material in subsequent years…

Anyone reading here who remembers them from back in the day?

High Pressure Days

Digital Stimulation


Cannibals (debut single from 1979)

Go + Mission

Warm Moving Bodies

The Units – High Pressure Days (Dynamicron Remix)

Paying the price for centuries of contempt March 27, 2015

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It’s not necessarily coming, as they say, from a place of love. More like a place of snark, but this is a great line from Simon Jenkins in the Guardian when discussing the shape of the next British Parliament.

British politics is paying the price for centuries of English contempt for the political aspirations of the Irish, Scots and Welsh.

Ain’t that the truth.

Throughout the 19th century Tory (and some Liberal) opposition to even moderate home rule for the “other British empire” ensured a more drastic separatism would eventually triumph.

Actually his line is intriguing because he argues that with SNP support a Labour government is more or less inevitable. Well, we’ll see.

He makes another point, one which given the way in which unionism looms large in the political consciousness is perhaps sometimes forgotten on this part of the island

The lesson of separatism across Europe is the same. For restless Ukrainians, Slovenians, Kosovans, Slovakians, Basques and Catalans, regional autonomy is not a passing fad, to be bought off with a few powers and subsidies. It is a visceral response to the arrogance of centralised power. It is the response that many Britons profess towards the overbearing power of Brussels; yet few in Westminster see themselves as the EU of Great Britain.

A Cedar Lounge Revolution Book Club? March 27, 2015

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…Recently in comments – I think ivorthorne but I am open to correction – raised the idea that the CLR might have a book club (I have a feeling sonofstan proposed it years before too). I’m very interested in that and would like to know what others think and how it might work?

All advice and suggestions gratefully accepted.

Blaney 1973 Fanad and Kerrykeel March 27, 2015

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Fascinating 1973 documentary on Neil T. Blaney and the politics of the time

This Week At Irish Election Literature March 27, 2015

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First off a request I got in yesterday from a Student doing a thesis on Michael O’Riordan. Would anyone have any election material from Michael O’Riordan , especially his election campaigns of 1946, 1951, 1955 and 1961. Or indeed be able to point me in any direction where they or any other material from him might be found…… (I’ve already sent him the CLR Archive Link for O’Riordan)

From The April 1936 edition of “The Labour Monthly” (a magazine associated with The Communist Party of Great Britain) an article reflecting on the 20th Anniversary of the Easter Rising written by Pat Devine.

From the 1969 General Election a leaflet from Labour Party Dublin County South Candidates Sean Fitzpatrick, Tom O’Brien and Donal O’Sullivan.

and finally “Marriage Is Important – Reflect Before You Change It” Leaflet From The Archdiocese Of Dublin


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