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1. Phil F - August 16, 2014

At different times I’ve taught history courses on Britain in the 1960s, usually starting with postwar austerity and then going through the 1950s and into the ‘swinging sixties’. I’ve used a bit of material from these for a couple of articles that are up on Redline.

The article below looks at the Profumo Affair; I suggest it was a moral panic which, as moral panics often do, made some interesting bedfellows – in this case uniting liberal modernisers in the Labour Party and media with diehard social reactionaries in the Tory Party and the media. The chief victims were Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies who, it now appears, were not prostitutes, just young women who liked a good time, and Stephen Ward, who committed suicide:
The Profumo Affair as moral panic: http://rdln.wordpress.com/2014/06/12/the-profumo-affair-a-moral-panic-between-austerity-britain-and-the-swinging-sixties/

The article below here looks at the movie ‘Made in Dagenham’, which deals with the landmark strike by women workers at the Ford car plant at Dagenham in England, and looks at the background to the strike and what is lost in the movie as it set out to be a ‘feelgood film’ whose producers decided deliberately to give it a feminist slant rather than have it seen as a class-based film a la Ken Loach:


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2. Jim Monaghan - January 19, 2019

More Irish materials from the British Trotskyist group , teh IMG. It includes Peoples Democracy material. https://redmolerising.wordpress.com/2019/01/19/some-more-irish-materials/?fbclid=IwAR2S17xOAyZFDZeWhFJz9qajXp_xGNzlzMG9OqfOC-qgBcWvxaVnxvrmVXQ We have quite a few Irish documents to add to our files…

Lets start with the Revolutionary Socialist Students Federation’s The Struggle In Ireland– May 1st 1969. This is an 8 page special paper.

To our archive of UNFREE CITIZEN, we have added a copy of Free Citizen, the original name of the paper of the Peoples Democracy. Volume 2 no 1 for October 1970 is a six page bulletin, corner stapled. However, it is colour printed and boasts a rather nice Connolly poster…

We also have another copy of the ever popular Plough, paper of the Revolutionary Marxist Group and some more copies of the later Socialist Republic- v1 no 6 which also has a 1968-1978 supplement and v4 no8 from 1981.

The Case of the Belfast 10 is a Free Ireland pamphlet published by the Anti-Internment League- write to one Bob Purdie…

We also have one issue of Workers Republic fortnightly newsletter of the League for a Workers Republic- volume 2 no3 for February 13th 1970

Finally, for good measure and for comparison, we have a couple of issues of The Worker from 1972 and 1973- paper of the Socialist Workers Movement– co-thinkers of the British International Socialist.


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3. Shane Burke - December 2, 2020


I am interested in contributing perspectives from an unashamedly left wing position. Does the Cedar Lounge have a policy for freelance submissions?

Kind Regards,

Shane Burke


4. Covid Screens - October 5, 2021

Informative article.


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