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Labour … Making a stand on Wine prices? December 2, 2011

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I love this Labour Ad from the General Election and of course with the budget approaching it’s being dug up regularly.

From the various kites flown and decisions announced, the top 3 items here of The increase in motor tax, increase in VAT and water charges are being brought in.
There may well be a cut in child benefit as that has been mentioned and possibly even an increase in DIRT tax…

Hopefully Labour will make a stand and stop the increase in wine prices.

More Labour Pre Election Ads here and here

God be with the days when it was a rise in the price of a pint that would alarm voters ……

The “Week In Politics Election 2011” book June 12, 2011

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Bought the “Week In Politics Election 2011” book the other day and its a welcome addition to the bookshelf.

As you might imagine I’m a big fan of this genre of publication. I’ve assorted Nealons Guides, Magill Guides, “This Week” guides, Tallyman guides on the bookshelf covering each General Election since 1981. I’ve some others such as Whelan and Kevin Rafters book on the 1991 Local Elections and  the excellent “That’s Politics” which covered the 2004 Local Elections. Also a big bag of Newspaper Election supplements litters the Attic along with all the other election related material.
(*Despite efforts I’ve yet to get my hands on Seamus Brennans book on the 1985 Local Elections and am curious if there was anything published on the 1999 and 2009 Local Elections. )

So how does RTEs latest effort fare in comparison to other offerings in the genre. First off its 17.99 which isn’t bad considering some of the 2007 Election books were a lot dearer. The results are laid out well at Constituency, Regional and National level. The constituency analysis is written by two heavyweights in Sean Donnelly and Michael Gallagher. In general this analysis is good and up there with the Magill books of the early 80s. It does though almost always fail to mention anyone who got less than 1000 votes, which is often where the best election stories are.
Donnelly also writes a nice range of stats and analysis on transfers, vote management and other trends within the election. There is also a section on elections since 1918.
RTE staff feature in many of the articles on the Election and campaign with amongst others Sean O’Rourke, David Davin-Power, David McCullagh, Bryan Dobson and Brian Dowling contributing. Other include Michael Marsh, Olivia O’Leary as well as Prof David Farrell and Dr Jane Suiter.
Needless to say much is made of the collapse of Fianna Fail and The Greens. The emergence of the ULA gets a small enough mention. The role of  New Media, the TV debates are also covered.
One of the most fascinating parts of the book though is a number of questions asked to each TD. Not all seem to have replied, which is a pity. The one question that caught my eye was

“Is there any particular event that brought home to you just how serious the economic crisis had become?”
The answers told a lot.

“The IMF/EU bailout” or “The arrival of the IMF” was a very common theme. the other main ones were
“Emigration” , “Unemployment”, “job losses”, “The collapse of the building industry” , “Length of dole queues”, “increase in the number of suicides”…..

Other questions included “Politican (living or dead) you most admire?” (Ghandi, Mandela , James Connolly all featuring prominently. “Priority as a TD? “.

The questions add nicely to the profiles and you get to learn all sorts of mostly useless facts like Dessie Ellis being a dab hand in Karate, FGs Catherine Byrne having been a LOI womens soccer player and showband singer and  that Clare Daly plays the piano and violin.

Almost the Last word though to a few answers to the question ….

“Why did you stand for election?”

To win a seat for Fianna Fail” -John Browne FF Wexford
To bring about Social and Political change” -Ruairi Quinn
Because I am committed to politics and public service” -Michael Lowry

All in All the book is pretty good and much recommended. I can see myself turning to it for many years to come.

“The Bank Guarantee -The Truth” …. sure we’re making money! March 15, 2011

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(click on the image to enlarge)

From a Leaflet issued by Barry Cowen “Offaly News” (I’ll post the full thing myself later in the week)… “The Bank Guarantee -The Truth”
We get the justification of the guarantee, a quote from Patrick Honohan and then the punchline……
“The State has already earned €1 billion for guarantee fees in less than two years.”
not a mention of the guarantee bankrupting the country, not a mention of this €1 billion coming from institutions that are mostly nationalised either.

Dogfight: Conor and Charlie March 4, 2011

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This is interesting and entertaining…….  a documentary following Charlie O’Connor and Conor Lenihan during their election campaign. Gives an idea of the abuse they got, the disenchantment with Fianna Fail and other bits of the campaign.

Dogfight: Conor and Charlie

This Week At The Irish Election Literature Blog March 4, 2011

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Am currently sorting piles of material garnered in recent weeks. I’ve quite a few doubles , so if there are flyers you may want, I can check and post them on if you wish)

Anyhow as negotiations continue on the formation of a Fine Gael / Labour coalition, a reminder of the last one…..
(Click on the image to reach the full leaflet)

On then to a leaflet for the late Paddy Mulcahy running on an anti service charges ticket in 1997 in Cork North Central.

From 1989 “EEC Means Jobs Out , Imports In”

From 2011 Fianna Fails Averil Power wants to “Keep Sinn Fein Out!”

Also from 2011 a leaflet from Devs grandson Ruairí de Valera who ran in Wexford.

Then Catherine Murphy reminding voters that she needed their votes

Finally again from 2011,  a  Letter from SIPTU to “All Members in The Private Sector” asking them to vote for Labour.

Not much of it left ……. March 1, 2011

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From the 1973 General Election Campaign……

“….this magnificent sports complex – which I helped to build” February 28, 2011

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Over the course of the weekend You may have caught John O’Donoghues speech after his defeat in Kerry South,  he noted in his speech …

“I hope that the irony will not be lost upon you that I stand here, on my evening of defeat, in a hall – this magnificent sports complex – which I helped to build.”

(http://www.rte.ie/player/#v=1092744 and Forward to 16.40 to see it)

There will be much much more to read on the future of Fianna Fail over the next while, but O’Donoghues speech gave an indication of how much Fianna Fail have depended on patronage and The Parish Pump to keep in power.

Over the past few weeks, I’m sure too you will have got leaflets or personally addressed letters detailing all the local achievements of Fianna Fail.

That Patronage is gone for the foreseeable future.

The Left vote totals and a few other stats. February 28, 2011

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Just a brief few stats that may be of interest

The ULA polled  59,423 votes getting around 2.7% of the vote nationally and winning five seats.
(Socialist Party 26,770 , People Before Profit 21,551, Declan Bree and Seamus Healy 11,102)

The Workers Party polled 3,056 0.1% of the Vote

Left of Centre Independents polled 55145 votes around 2.5% winning six seats.
(To the List posted last Monday I added in Brian Markham, Sean Connolly Farrell, Robin Wilson, Mick Wallace, Veronica Cawley and one or two others that polled around 200 votes)
(Catherine Connolly may yet win in Galway West)

So over 5% of the vote nationally went Left other than to Sinn Fein or Labour. (that’s assuming I managed to include every Left candidate)
That is around half the vote Labour got in 2007.

Mary Hanafin defends giving away €750m to bondholders February 24, 2011

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From Vincent Browne 23 February 2011

This Week At The Irish Election Literature Blog: 2011 Election Special – Part 1 February 23, 2011

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Have a ton of material yet to post before Friday and a ton of material posted since Friday so doing two parts this week…

Starting off with the news that Nicky Kehoe Supports Mary Lou

From Sinn Fein we also get.  Happy with the Universal Social Charge?

Then “Gissa Job” asks Sean Connolly Farrell running in Dublin South Central

We have Brid Smith with a letter of support for Joan Collins

A leaflet from Rob Connolly of the Socialist Party running in Dublin Mid West

A flyer from Ray Fitzpatrick running for The Socialist Party (United Left Alliance) in Laois Offaly

A flyer for Richard Boyd Barrett

Cieran Perry A Strong Independent Voice for you

And finally from this letter you’d have to worry that Brian Lenihan may be in trouble

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