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Some choices December 7, 2012

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Much talk of heavy hearts & difficult decisions and while banks cannot be separated, the routine over and back on that issue alone allows government off the hook for what is unquestionably under their control.

This time last year they were taking heat over Richard Bruton’s sidekick and several breeches pay cap. There are just over forty handlers and special advisers serving cabinet.

Hitting nearly fifty if counting Ministers of State and for some unbeknown reason the FG Chief Whip. All of whom where not supposed to have one as James Reilly wasn’t long showing us how much responsibility the juniors actually wield.

Breaking the cap comes in at €978, 557 per year. An additional cost on top of the €92,000 salary. All of whom men it should be pointed out.

This sails easily over the million mark taking in the Whip and Junior Ministers. Not counting several other press officers, outside consultants and Terry Prone picking up half the Cabinet’s secretarial allowance we’re still looking at the guts of six million over the lifetime of the government, if it lasts.

Those below the cap received a €3000 rise in August marking year in the job.

Six million additional spending for those worth more then ninety two thousand euro a year. All would have been liable for the scuppered 3% USC increase but most, like their Ministers, are unlikely to live with disability, poverty or loneliness.

One million buys 45,000 hours of home help/PA support.

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