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Some Soccer Nostalgia September 27, 2011

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As a small break from all the presidential news ….. I thought this might be of interest to some.  A youtube channel with over 3000 clips from old international Soccer matches.  http://www.youtube.com/user/sp1873#p/u

In the Searchbox search for ‘Ireland’ and all sorts of old delights are returned. Some samples

Complete with Fianna Fail Ad on the sideline 🙂

Driving Through Dublin – Circa 1982 August 24, 2011

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Thought this might bring back a few memories. Starting off at Dun Laoghaire, then into town via the Rock Road. A stop in Grafton Street and home again.

Also posted another video Driving in Dublin in 1974

“Brightly Ornamented Slovak Easter Eggs” -TV in 1975 July 14, 2011

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From September 1975, very different times in TV land than today. When many parts of the country had just one channel this was a typical weeks viewing pleasure.
The earliest it came on air was on Sunday at 12 for mass and it must have been some Mass as it was scheduled for two and a half hours.
The country would have been well tucked away before midnight with the Late News generally well over by midnight. Interestingly the 6.01 news slot was An Nuacht with the News as Bearla at 6.40.

Some choice shows too in “An evening with Nana Mouskouri” and I’m sure I sat through “Brightly Ornamented Slovak Easter Eggs” on more than one occasion.

This Week At The Irish Election Literature Blog July 1, 2011

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First off this week… From the recent Assembly elections a leaflet from Harry Hutchinson who was running for People Before Profit in Mid Ulster

On then to Lisbon II and a leaflet “5 Reasons to vote No!” from the Socialist Party

Then you’ve got to love the headline From David Healy in 2007 “The Greens Won’t Let You Down”.

“A Trade Union? Eh? Eh?” leaflet from Labour Youth

This might be of interest to some.. a leaflet from Joan Burton from the 2007 Labour Deputy Leadership contest

and finally from earlier in the year …. “In these serious times you need a serious candidate …..”   🙂

From 1989 … Proposals for an Unmarried Mothers Kibbutz May 2, 2011

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I recently got my hands on a small booklet “Fianna Fail past present & ???”. The booklet was written in 1989 by Fianna Fail supporter and activist, the then Galway based, Rosaleen Bohan-Long. In the main its beautifully bitter about Fianna Fails entry into coalition with the Fianna Fail “Splinter Group” The Progressive Democrats. I’ll write more on that theme in due course and the impact it had on the party.
In the mean time, the author suggests abolishing many of the Health Boards, which would lead to many empty office blocks around the country. The Author offers a wonderful solution, very much of its time….

One may ask what can be done with the empty office blocks, they would be ideal for conversion into flats for the homeless or for people in dire need of housing,while waiting for other accommodation. Some of these buildings would make excellent accommodation for unmarried mothers. They could be turned into a Kibbutz type accommodation where these young mothers could leave their babies to take on part-time or full-time work…. The mother could contribute to the upkeep of the establishment instead of living in a Corporation flat and drawing the Unmarried Mothers Allowance. It would encourage marriages, as the boyfriends could not live there, it would help prevent sinful relationships, and the people concerned would have proper care. It would also reduce in some way the millions paid out in Unmarried Mothers Allowance.

I wonder have NAMA been approached with the idea for all the empty Office Blocks and Apartment buildings they now have on their books?

Bailout Boys Go to Dublin …. April 26, 2011

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You may have read some of the excerpts from interviews with Brian Lenihan for the BBC Radio 4 documentary “Bailout Boys Go to Dublin”. The show is now up on the BBC site…

Bailout Boys Go to Dublin

The inside story of Ireland’s bailout – a tale of high drama, international diplomacy and, ultimately, political meltdown. Almost six months on, the main players tell their story.

Redeployments April 6, 2011

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After the ratification of the Croke Park Agreement, plans are afoot for various redeployment’s around the Secondary School sector (and other areas of the public sector too). However the secondary School sector is almost unique in the number of part time staff it has who are on yearly contracts.
In September Schools with decreasing numbers of pupils will be losing teachers as they are redeployed to schools within a fifty mile radius of their existing schools.
That in turn will lead to Teachers in the destination schools losing hours and jobs. Already decisions are being made as to which Part Time Staff to let go. The likelihood is that possibly 300 part time teachers will be losing their jobs because of the redeployment’s. Others will be on significantly reduced hours.
In tandem comes the news that the FÁS Work Placement Programme for Unemployed teachers has already kicked in. All over the Country Teachers on this FÁS placement programme have already started working in schools. This at a time when teachers are out doing Orals and practicals for State Exams. Its rumoured that in some schools the FÁS placement Teachers are being used to cover for these rather than existing Part Time staff who would get paid for this cover.
So for those teachers that lose their jobs to redeployments, the slim prospects of teaching hours elsewhere become slimmer. Indeed how many of these are likely to end up back in their current school on the FÁS placement Programme?

Left Candidates from the 1981 General Election March 26, 2011

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As an election junkie , one the the annoying things, is the classification of Small parties into the ‘Independent’ or ‘others’ bracket. Electionsireland.org is a fantastic resource but often smaller parties are not listed or all of their candidates are not listed, especially from the pre internet age.

I’ll do a series of these posts, each covering a different election.

So I’m going to start with the 1981 General Election and list all the candidates from the Socialist Labour Party, The Socialist Party , the CPI and as many Left leaning Independents as I can.

Socialist Labour Party
Noel Browne -Dublin North Central 5031 votes  **Elected
Michael O’Donoghue -Dublin North East 309 votes
Billy Keegan -Dublin North West 473 votes
Matt Merrigan -Dublin North West 209 votes
Ivor Andreas Nolan -Dublin West  63 votes
Dermot Boucher -Dun Laoghaire 575 votes
John Teehan  -Wexford 447 Votes

Communist Party of Ireland
John Montgomery -Dublin West 202 votes
John Curley -Dublin North Central 156 votes

Socialist Party
Eamonn Farrell -Dublin North West 236 votes
Denis O’Connor -Dublin South 335 votes

SFWP candidates are listed here , Joe Sherlock won a seat for them in Cork East.

That 1981 Election also saw the election of two H-Block TDs and of course Left Independent Jim Kemmy in Limerick.

Amongst other Left leaning Independents who stood were Declan Bree , Tony Gregory, Paddy Healy, Anthony Coffey and Joe Harrington. There was also Liz Noonan who stood on a Gay Rights platform in Dublin South East.

The Irish XPress March 11, 2011

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Came accross this today and thought it may be of interest. The online edition of the XPress newspaper which was produced by the locked out journalists and workers of the Irish Press Newspapers Group NUJ Chapel.
As well as articles there are details of various supporters and fundraising events from the time.

The XPress

A Lot Done …… December 30, 2010

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No surprise as Bertie Ahern announces he is to Step down from his role as a TD

Maman Poulet has his retirement speech here

Thinking back on his legacy , his role in the Good Friday Agreement is the one thing that will stand out.
Other than that there are naturally a lot of small things but his eventual downfall showed he , despite the carefully crafted image, was as bad as Haughey, Lawlor , Burke et al.
What he allowed Grainne Carruth go through shred the last bit of decency from his image.

Oh and despite his wonderful reputation as a constituency worker he could never do anything about my late Grandaunts water pressure on Broadstone Avenue!

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