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This Weekend I’ll be Listening to … Trash Can Sinatras April 30, 2011

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My older brother having bought a CD player a few months before… The few CDs in the house weren’t exactly to my taste .  So I decided it was time to buy one of these new CDs for myself. It was a big decision on a number of counts.
Location – The CD/Tape/Record player was located in the bosom of the house and of course the owner (my older brother) would have first dibs on usage. Were there visitors, I wouldn’t be able to listen to the CD player either. Where as I had an old record player in my bedroom that I could listen to any time I liked and was even able to balance the speakers on the windowsill to blast side 4 of ‘Live and Dangerous’ to the Street.
There was something too about the Vinyl record. The Size of it to start with, the ability to show it off by taking it out of its plastic bag on the bus home after the purchase, then even the size of the record bag with Freebird, Sound Cellar or wherever written on it, although it was hard enough to smuggle a record into the house.
Anyway despite the misgivings I took the plunge and the first CD I bought was the album ‘Cake’ by The Trash Can Sinatras. (The Second CD I bought was by a band called ‘Clea and McCleod’, the less said about that the better.)

There was all sorts of stuff about how CDs were indestructible compared to Vinyl. It was in the paper or a magazine that a CD would play even with a coating of jam on it. I was terribly tempted to experiment with Jam and my brothers Queen CD but being afraid I’d break the CD player, I decided against.
‘Cake’ was full of poppy tunes with well crafted lyrics and I’d discovered what to my mind at least, were one of the best bands produced by Scotland.
Cake was released in 1990 and provided the band with their biggest hit in “Obscurity Knocks”, The albums “I’ve Seen Everything” and “A Happy Pocket” followed containing some wonderful tunes like “Hayfever” and “Twisted and Bent”. Alas commercial success didn’t follow and they were dropped by Go Discs and TCS were eventually declared bankrupt.
In 2003 “Zebra of the Family” a great collection of outtakes, demos etc was released (not sure if it was on general sale as I picked it up at a TCS gig). In 2004 their fourth studio album “Weightlifting” was released. Following the release The band started touring on a more regular basis and made an appearance on KCRWs Morning Becomes Eclectic show (a recording of the show here).
The fifth studio album “In the Music” was released in 2009.
A Biography from the Trashcan Sinatras site

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