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United Left Alliance website gets a revamp February 2, 2012

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I noticed this today after getting an email from the United Left Alliance , “ULA News Update”.
Its a vast improvement on their old site with a lot more regular updates.


Maps of the Left …. July 26, 2011

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Might be of interest to some ….
Irish Political Maps have done maps of…..

The Workers’ Party’s first preference votes in the Republic, 1973 – 2011

and ….

The Socialist Workers’ Party/People Before Profit Alliance: first preference votes, 1997 – 2011

and …

The United Left Alliance parties’ first preference votes, 2011

The United Left Alliance and Water charges… July 4, 2011

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Its been mentioned before that the ULA see the introduction of Water charges and Household charges as an opportunity for growth. The National media has picked up on the theme..
There was a full page of articles in the Business Post yesterday focusing in the main on the United Left Alliance and Water / Household charges….

The first one was about ..

A planned campaign by the United Left Alliance aims to encourage householders to boycott the new household utility charge and heap pressure on the Labour Party over the tough budget measures that lie ahead.

In another article on the United Left Alliance and Water
We learn that…

The Green Party’s plan for water metering envisaged an allowance of about 40 litres daily per person.
This roughly equates to one shower per person per day, which is a relatively low allowance for large families, according to Daly.
A typical electric power shower uses about seven litres of water a minute, meaning that a five-minute shower would use almost the entire daily allocation, based on the Greens’ proposed scheme.
But the government may set a higher limit, perhaps 60 litres per person, though the critics insist that 100 litres a day is the average daily requirement.

Short report from a ULA Launch Meeting…. May 12, 2011

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There is already a lengthy and informative thread on Building The ULA , rather than reply to that post I’ll do a brief outline of a ULA Launch meeting I attended recently, Indeed I missed Rovers game with Pats for the pleasure.

The speakers were Nicola Curry , Richard Boyd Barrett and Ruth Coppinger. About 30 people were present, many of which seemed to be known to the chair.
I was greeted at the door by a lady handing out éirígí leaflet about their ‘Camp’ in the Garden of Remembrance against the Queens Visit.
Was then greeted with leaflet from SWP, IAWM and ‘Enough is Enough’. There was no ULA material on offer (which I gather is being remedied).

Nicola Curry gave a brief speech concerning her recent election campaign and the future and how The ULA was going to campaign from the Bottom Up.
Richard Boyd Barrett then spoke and came across well although the ‘Ordinary Working People’ line popped out occasionally (Its a bugbear of mine as this current crisis is impacting almost everyone be they working or not). The Austerity measures, Bank Bailout , IMF, Greed, Bankers, developers and so on got plenty of mentions. The policies of the current government were described as “Continuity Fianna Fail”. He had also bought along a copy of the Sunday Times Rich List which indicted that there was wealth in this country which could be taxed.
Ruth Coppinger then spoke, she spoke of her experience as a Secondary teacher and how the cuts in education have impacted staff and pupils. It sounded all too familiar. She mentioned that Fas Work Experience teachers had already started in her school. The lack of leadership shown by the Unions and salaries of the Union Leadership got an airing as did the formation of “ASTI for Action” (I may have got the name wrong) at the recent conference.
Between the questions from the floor answers from the top table and the speeches a number of points were made.
The non profitable banks are being Nationalised whilst the profit making sectors such as Coillte etc are to be sold off. Our fantastic Wind and Wave energy potential had Speculators waiting to exploit it like our Oil and Gas reserves.

Richard Boyd Barrett talked of future opportunities for Community Action, Bus Services being reduced being one and mentioned that he was Looking forward to the Anti Water Charges campaign. It was felt that this will provide a huge opportunity for action by the ULA and an opportunity for the ULA to lead the way in the campaign.

Ruth Coppinger mentioned that she had come from a meeting of Fingal County Council where they were almost congratulating themselves that they had cut the workforce by 253 (out of 1500 workers) since 2008.

The possible role of the Unions was also a discussion point, it was felt that the Unions had mobilised large numbers of people to protest last year but had not followed up their actions in any way. They should be showing better leadership in opposing the current fiscal policies.

The European Dimension was covered in questions and also the need to unite with groups in Greece, Portugal and other countries.

All in all an interesting evening and we’ll see where it goes from here ….. elsewhere in Inchicore a dull nil all draw was played out in The Stadium of Light.

Building the ULA …. April 28, 2011

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There’s an article on The Socialist Party Website on building the ULA. Its fairly insightful as to where the ULA are with regard to becoming a party and the possible tensions within the ULA.

A few quotes…

The Socialist Party proposed that a ULA membership should now be established. A ULA membership card has been produced and a recruitment leaflet will be available soon so activists can engage in an organised recruitment drive.


The Socialist Workers Party seems to favour launching a new party immediately, dismissing the problems that the current mood of the working class poses and warning against delays and conservatism. However, that has more to do with inappropriate impatience than a serious approach to building a new party.

Declan Bree to stand for the United Left Alliance February 13, 2011

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A good sign for the ULA as Declan Bree signs up

What are his chances of a seat?

I wonder are there others in the process of signing up ?

Local Launches of the United Left Alliance January 14, 2011

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Details of Local Launches of the United Left Alliance here
A fairly busy schedule and I’m sure some dates will be added.
To date there are 17 candidates running under the United Left Alliance banner, with more yet to be announced.

Report from The United Left Alliance supporters meeting on Monday January 10 January 11, 2011

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For anyone interested, A report from Last nights meeting of the United Left Alliance in Dublin can be found HERE

The ULA are holding their launch meeting in Cork (poster here) on the 12th January 2011 in the Metropole Hotel on MacCurtain Street

Nice Logo……..? January 3, 2011

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Saw this on a newsletter I posted from People Before Profit candidate Annette Mooney running in Dublin South East. (her website)
Quite impressed, if it is the logo for the ULA.


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