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European Elections Poster Watch: Déirdre De Búrca of the Green Party April 29, 2009

Posted by WorldbyStorm in European Elections Material.


Déirdre De Búrca of the Green Party. Over to you…


1. barratree - April 29, 2009

for thouands of Dubliners ; )


2. anarchaeologist - April 29, 2009

Does she also stand for assaulting peaceful (and elderly) protesters in the early hours by black-clad thugs in balaclavas while the Gardaí do nothing and later spin the whole event to a credulous Irish media? Does she stand for the government allowing the private security company of a foreign multinational police legitimate public protest, a company whose personnel refuse to wear the identification they’re obliged to wear under law? Does she stand for the government’s giving away the national resources of the country to the same multinational for a few quid in measly bribes? Presumably she does, but she didn’t used to when her party were in opposition.

Fuck them all out.


3. Maddog Wilson - April 29, 2009

I hope that happens.


4. steve white - April 29, 2009

i stand for vague platitudes


5. WorldbyStorm - April 29, 2009

Not a hit then… 🙂


6. Colm B - April 30, 2009

Surely this isn’t the same Deidre De Burca who was a strong supporter of the broad-left Campaign Against the European Constitution, who was the scourge of Fianna Fail corruption on Bray UDC, who vigorously denounced neo-liberalism in numerous forums, who opposed the use of Shannon Airport by US military etc. No, it couldn’t be because she is now part of a government alliance that practices and preaches the exact opposite on all these and many other isssues.

Now, given my experience with DL, you would think that I would hardly be surprised at U-turns and oppurtunism but what is astonishing is the speed with which someone who was regarded as being on the left of the Green Party could abandon a whole suite of principled positions. The question is: did she not really believe in the original radical positions and was simply mouthing off to gain support or has she really changed her mind, influenced by ‘the pragmatism of power’ etc? Either way any politician who is party to the imposition of viscious ‘austerity measures’ aimed at working people cannot be regarded as being on the left in any meaningful sense.

Anyway, I suspect that, despite the opinion polls that show the Greens unaffected by the government’s unpopularity, she will sink without a trace. Joe Higgins for Europe!!


7. steve white - April 30, 2009

having seen her in action way back when she never believed those positions in the first place, she always making excuses for green party compromises


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