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Lamposts Beware …… January 15, 2011

Posted by irishelectionliterature in Fine Gael.

… The above is available on the “Download free poster” link on the FG Website.


1. Mark P - January 15, 2011

Jesus Christ, that looks it was designed by someone suffering from severe colour blindness.

I do think it was thoughtful of them to save vandals the hassle of drawing in their own Hitler moustaches though.


2. Local Yokel - January 15, 2011

Maybe it’s a subtle thing to get a reaction. At least the posters will be noticed, by god they will. Can you imagine having one outside the window leering in at you?


3. Mark P - January 15, 2011

It also looks as if ghostly devil children are standing on Enda’s shoulder and whispering evil thoughts into his ear.


4. irishelectionliterature - January 15, 2011

I wonder will individual candidates get these type of posters.
Michael Noonan and Lucinda Creighton would look especially well.


5. Chet Carter - January 15, 2011

Jesus wept, is this for real? The economy is in meltdown and Fine Gael are coming out with spurious slogans produced by the junior temp in some minor project management consultancy firm in Dublin 4.


6. Worldbystorm - January 15, 2011

Okay, Mark P, that made me laugh out loud twice, one for each comment.

Mind you all the other comments so far did too.


7. Jim Monaghan - January 15, 2011

Mind you I wonder what defacingcorrecting will occur on FF posters.
“They sold their country.”
“FF, The bondholders party.”
perhaps we should have a competition for the best addition to the FF effort.


sonofstan - January 16, 2011

the best addition to the FF effort.

A picture of Brian Cowen


8. Worldbystorm - January 15, 2011

Nice idea Jim…


9. Jonathan - January 16, 2011

From a distance, it looks like Enda’s sporting a giant blue clown wig. Apt, really.


10. agENDA - January 16, 2011



11. agENDA - January 16, 2011


12. Pope Epopt - January 16, 2011

Fine Gael is going for the hallucinogen user demographic.

Driving past a succession of these could bring on an epileptic seizure, I reckon.


13. irishelectionliterature - January 16, 2011

A Fine Gael Poster Generator…. 🙂 http://bricfeasta.com/Enda/


14. que - January 16, 2011

looks like a poster for a Head shop


15. alastair - January 16, 2011

Who’d be an early adaptor? Much safer to wait for Ireland 2.1, when all the bugs have been ironed out.

Looks suspiciously like shareware PSD brushes for the ink splashes as well – who can trust advocates of canned accidents?


16. fergal - January 16, 2011

Was`t there a time in the 1980s when commentators used to boast that we had the most sophisticated electorate in Europe?Or did I imagine it?This was because we could manipulate PR by STV.Well, by the same token I think we have the most sophisticated poster designers in Europe and people on this site are hopelessly biased and prejudiced against FG


17. EamonnCork - January 16, 2011

You’re all philistines. This is obviously a tribute to those Andy Warhol prints or at least what they’d look like if Jackson Pollock got drunk, crept into the Factory and dripped a few cans of paint over them.
And notice how all the bases are touched, green for disgruntled Fianna Fail supporters, orange to show that Enda appreciates the concerns of our brethren over the border, a small bit of pink because David Norris is going so well in the presidential polls and a little splash of yellow in an oblque reference to the cowardice of resigning Fianna Fail ministers.
And above all, blue, lovely, lovely blue, for the more traditional Fine Gaeler.
It’s genius.


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