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Frank Ryan and Doctor Lynch January 4, 2012

Posted by irishelectionliterature in History.

In the 1937 General Election Frank Ryan stood in Dublin South whilst recuperating from injuries sustained in the Spanish Civil War.
An Appeal for votes and ‘subscriptions’ was put in the paper. Which led to a letter from a Fianna Fail Doctor and a lovely reply from Peadar O’Donnell.
Frank Ryan polled 875 votes in the election.

(Oh and would anyone happen to know the names of the 2 Republican Congress Councillors elected in the 1934 Local Elections?)


1. Organized Rage - January 4, 2012

This cheered me up, I will not claim to have LOL but I did let out a little chuckle.


2. John O'Farrell - January 4, 2012

Dr Lynch may have profited from a story I heard from my mother who lived in Dublin south at the time, in Harold’s Cross to be precise. When the Spanish war started, there was an appeal for medical volunteers, and a local jewish woman doctor went over. On her return, she was lambasted from the pulpit in the parish church using terms which it is to all too easy to imagine.
She left Dublin for Manchester, according to my maternal source.
Have any of this site’s resident experts heard more about this, or similar cases?


21stcenturypartisan - January 4, 2012

I have never heard of any woman from Dublin going to Spain, and would be very interested in finding out more. If you have her name, even a first, or just a last, then I may be able to track her down. The only confirmed Irish woman to go to Spain to assist in medical aid was Ruth Ormesby from Co. Sligo but she died in a fire in Barcelona. In an article I wrote for the 2010 edition of Saothar, I also included Kathleen McColgan. Although she spent time in Belfast, I have since discovered she was actually born in Bradford.

Betty de Courcey Ireland from Manchester, did however, spend some time in Spain.


3. Brian h - January 4, 2012

Rep congress councillors were Tom maguire in westmeath and John o’byrne in Dundalk


irishelectionliterature - January 4, 2012

Thanks Brian


4. rockroots - February 8, 2012

Maybe not the ideal place to post this, but “The Enigma of Frank Ryan” – a dramatic recreation of Ryan’s life – will be shown as part of the Dublin International Film Festival at the Lighthouse Cinema on 18th February.



Ciarán - February 8, 2012

Regarding “The Enigma of Frank Ryan”: Ryan slandered


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