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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… 3epkano November 30, 2019

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3epkano are “Dublin based collective who are dedicated to producing original soundtracks for silent and avant-garde cinema.” They’ve been around since 2004 and have released a number of albums. They remind me a lot of This Mortal Coil.
It’s lovely relaxing music.

This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Songs with videos Featuring League of Ireland Grounds November 16, 2019

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I recently heard an ad for Dermot Kennedy ,looked up who Dermot Kennedy was, watched one of his videos and noticed that it was partially shot in The Carlisle Grounds in Bray …. which got me wondering what other videos featured League of Ireland Grounds?
The classic of the very limited LOI Ground in music video genre is “Jacks Heros” by The Pogues and The Dubliners which gloriously features them playing football in Tolka Park. I may be wrong but the rest of it could have been shot in the bar in Tolka.
Waterford rapper Pat Lagoons video was shot in part in The RSC where Waterford United play.
Urban/Hip hop artist Bobby Basils video features himself standing in the middle of Richmond Park where St Pats Play.
A music related LOI post wouldn’t be the same without The Hooplechauns and one of their many hits “We Are The Shamrock Rovers” which features both Milltown and Tallaght.
I’m surprised that there aren’t many more as there would have been plenty of LOI supporting bands. Although they don Derry City gear in some videos I couldn’t find any Undertones video featuring The Brandywell. No Westlife with The Showgrounds in Sligo.
Dalymount was a place where I thought there’d be something, bar Johnny Logan singing “Hold Me Now” in front of the Jodi before a match, I couldn’t find any music videos filmed there either.
Are there more videos that I missed?

This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to Music about… Conspiracy theories! November 9, 2019

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These themed TWIMBLT’s are kind of entertaining to put together – next week IEL has a classic one. But in the meantime the thought struck me, what about music and conspiracies, political and otherwise.

So we have pretty much anything by Killing Joke in the past twenty or thirty years (though Jaz Coleman doesn’t seem to think so!), REM’s kind of sort of one about how the Republicans stole to power in the US (and full marks to them for using the term social democrat, which I suspect they regarded as a bit more leftwing than some who use the term – which makes me think of the almost contemporaneous Youth Against Fascism by Sonic Youth which amongst a list of fascists includes an actual conspiracy, the Ku Klux Klan) and the Lords of the New Church who loved themselves a good conspiracy theory – Seducer covers the Priory of Sion, the Anti-Christ, whoever. Holy War is almost even more conspiracy doused. Sample lyric:

Anti-Soviet polish priest
Was just the image they need
Seize control or the Catholic Church
For Bolshevik creed
They replaced him with an actor
Set the stage for war
Pope John Paul II was poisoned
Behind Vatican doors

Did he mean JP I? Who knows. It was a conspiracy!

In the early 1980s I loved the Lords and their mix of punk, glam and metal. Wasn’t so keen on Stiv Bator’s sub-current of misogyny though. But they were a most strange group, worth another look.

Who else? Megadeth’s Hanger 18 featured in a This Weekend about flying saucers a short while back, but it’s filled with conspiracy theories. Techno/IDM maven Black Dog has made a career of skirting close to political conspiracy theories in the last couple of decades and MK Ultrabrite plays/engages with that. MIA was prescient all the way back in 2010 about surveillance, even if a bit off about the source. Public Enemy veered close to some potentially dodgy stuff. Race Against Time as the Guardian notes suggests/demands/propounds(?) that ‘the World Health Organisation is, in fact, engaged in the propagation of racially targeted biological warfare’. Okaaaaaaaay. The Goats were simply genius, and the problem was their conspiracy theories were pretty much rooted in fact, or close to same (check out Noriega’s Coke Stand). Less plausible was Prince’s Dreamer which has the immortal lines:

While the helicopter circles us, this theory’s gettin’ deep
Think they’re sprayin’ chemicals over the city while we sleep”

But… best in show? The Golden Horde and the greatest conspiracy song ever – The Chocolate Biscuit Conspiracy. And what a coup, Dublin’s finest, dragging the grandfather of conspiracy theories, Robert Anton Wilson in on co-vocals.

Any other songs gratefully accepted.

MIA – The Message

The Goats – Whatcha Got Is Whatcha Gettin’

The Goats – Noriega Coke Stand

REM Ignoreland

Black Dog – MK Ultrabrite

Killing joke – The Great Cull

Public Enemy – Race Against Time

Prince – Dreamer

Lords of the New Church – Holy War

Lords of the New Church – Seducer

Golden Horde – The Chocolate Biscuit Conspiracy

This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Penetration November 2, 2019

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A band name thought up before Internet Search engines that featured Pauline Murray on vocals. From Durham they were active from 1976 to 1980 before reforming in 2001.

This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Stars October 19, 2019

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Canadian band Stars have been around for years with limited success. They played Dublin and Galway recently but I missed them as I didn’t know!!!
I love the way Torquil Campbell and Amy Millans duet on so many songs, possibly most effectively on one of their best known songs “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead”.

This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Songs about Wolves October 5, 2019

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Given the recent proposals to reintroduce wild wolves to Ireland a selection of tunes that we might be playing to greet their arrival.

This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Songs about food September 21, 2019

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A week and a half ago the cooker at home broke. An old fashioned all in one with hob , grill and oven in one ….. Yep we’ll get takeaways till we get a new one!…… You get sick of takeaways and it’s time to try the microwave dinners… you’d get sick of them fairly quick too. Sandwiches, bowls of cereal, microwaved soup, beans, toast, tinned rice pudding ……..
Was at a Funeral down the Country during the week and there was a meal in the hotel afterwards, was never so delighted to see Broccoli, mash, carrots and parsnips on a plate! A proper dinner.
The new cooker arrived but there’s an issue with the Switch on the cooker….. So there could be more microwave dinners.
As an aside you’d wonder how people can live normally in a Hotel Room without any proper cooling facilities.

This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh & Thomas Bartlett September 7, 2019

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Am off to see these next Friday in Dublins’ Pepper Canister Church. I think it’s the Album launch. Two amazing musicians themselves and of course part of The Gloaming. Have never been in the venue before and aside from choral performances, I don’t think I’ve seen artists perform in a church before. Oddly enough my son saw Rick Astley in the Chapel in Trinity earlier this year which I gather was quite a show with the audience dancing in the Ailses!
Can’t see too much dancing here but instead a quiet appreciation of the beauty and intricacy of the music.

This Weekend I’ll mostly be listening to songs… from Woodstock August 31, 2019

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50 years ago today… okay, not quite today, some months back, but we’re still in August and that’s Summer, so, let’s wind back to the first Summer of Love.

Actually I’ve mixed feelings about Woodstock. I remember seeing the film in the very early 1980s and while it was enjoyable enough, man, did it seem archaic. Now, with the benefit of another three, or is it four, decades having passed it seems to have acquired a more interesting resonance. I’d have heard the soundtrack album sometime about the same time – I seem to recall skipping a lot of tracks to get to Hendrix and the Who.

Without question the line up was fascinating. And I’ve subsequently dug deep into some of the back catalogues of those there (perhaps to the greatest extent with Crosby, Stills and Nash). But I find it telling that when I first saw it it was Ten Years After who I liked best, because they were – in truth – the loudest, the most rock-like. And even still I enjoy them. But I’ve never gone digging their back catalogue.

Arlo Guthrie (beloved of proto-proto-stoners for some reason back c. 1980 in Dublin at least), Tim Hardin, Ravi Shanker, Joan Baez, Canned Heat, Santana, Creedence, Janis Joplin, Sly and the Family Stone, Jefferson Airplane, Joe Cocker, Country Joe, The Band, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Johnny Winter, Jimi Hendrix. Then there’s the list of those who declined invitations, I like the rationale from Ian Anderson best of all (it’s on the wiki page), and you could make a pretty great compilation of those who didn’t attend.

All that said Woodstock has always seemed to me to be the symptom rather than a cause – that it reflected enormous changes taking place not just in US society but more broadly where what is understood as youth culture was coming to the fore in a way that would have significant ramifications subsequently. What is astounding is how little actually changed in the political or economic context, or perhaps for those of us who still have a smidgin of Marxism in our make up that is no surprise at all. When later there were the complaints that some counter-cultural figure or another had deftly moved into full-on capitalist mode that almost seemed inevitable (though to personalise it is to misunderstand the all-embracing nature of capitalism itself).

I can understand the idealism, but as noted before on this site for me the Ladbroke Grove crew of Hawkwind, the Pink Fairies and so on were always if not quite attractive, somehow more resonant of a cynicism and sceptical approach that I’d find more my speed. Part of that, is doubtless, the memory of hippy refracted through the utter antipathy towards it from punk.

The music? Nowhere near sufficient women on the line-up. Without question a snapshot of a particular moment and with some real stand-outs albeit not hugely edgy.

Still, I can’t listen to Wooden Ships or just about anything from Santana without feeling the tug of nostalgia for a time that I didn’t encounter in the slightest at the time (being about four or so). Would I have enjoyed being there? I do not think so, being someone who hates open air gigs and who likes my comforts. Am I sorry I wasn’t. Not in the slightest. But I’m kind of glad it took place.

Jefferson Airplane

Janis Joplin (with The Kozmic Blues Band)

Arlo Guthrie

Canned Heat


Jimi Hendrix

Ten Years After

The Who

Crosby Stills Nash and Young

This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… A Lazarus Soul August 24, 2019

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Have been listening to A Lazarus Soul a good bit recently. Great to hear some more uniquely Dublin bands with great music. “Long Balconies” is a brilliant song and the video which has some great footage reflects the song beautifully. It’s one of those songs when you first hear it you listen to it over and over.
They have some other great songs but “Long Balconies” stands out.
Well worth listening to.

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