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Just letting you know…again May 23, 2007

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Election 2007, Irish Politics.

Once more one of our number, who goes by the pseudonym of Dónal, has been invited to discuss the Sunday Newspapers on Taste on NewsTalk 106-108fm – hosted by Fionn Davenport. And Adam Maguire is going to be there as well.

What on earth will they all have to talk about in culture and politics?

Who knows what events will dominate the following mornings headlines come Saturday evening between 7 and 9?

Hmmmm…Yes indeed…who can tell?


While I’m at it, we’re hoping to blog the election, at least in part, on Friday, in tandem with Cian and Simon of Irish Election.

With luck it’ll be worth checking in for.
Incidentally I should apologise for not getting MP3s of the last NewsTalk session to people. Electoralism intervened. It will happen. Trust me.


1. AdamMaguire.com - Blog » Archives » On Newstalk at 8:45 tonight - May 26, 2007

[…] The Land on Taste. It’ll probably consist mainly of a post-mortem of the general election but I won’t be alone in the discussion and that should make it all the more […]


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