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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week February 13, 2011

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

It might be funny to see the Fianna Fáil cheerleaders like Daniel McConnell effectively call for people to vote against them were it not for the situation it took to get them to see the light. Plenty of stupidity this week, including a racist, clichéd and crypto-fascist bold, groundbreaking, telling-it-like-it-is rant from Eamon Delaney. However, it seems he has problems understanding how elections in the UK work.

This disparity is why the broad Left, hijacked by these sorts, went into the political wilderness in the UK and elsewhere: it lost touch with the real concerns of working people. In the UK, the electorate flocked to the law-and-order instincts of the Conservative Party, and the same appears to be happening here, with Fine Gael resurgent.

Eilis O’Hanlon has an attack on the Irish-language. However, it isn’t actually an attack on the language. Can you guess what she is actually complaining about?

It’s only delaying the inevitable. The country’s problems are so severe that any incoming government is going to have to make radical changes in education sooner rather than later, or watch impotently as Ireland drops further behind the rest of the world. We’ve smugly lied to ourselves for years about having a widely envied education system, but the recession has brutally exposed all our institutions as unfit for purpose — the bloated public sector, of which our schools form a major part, not least. If we don’t change fast, we’re sunk. Simple as that.

Meanwhile, here’s looking forward to a survey asking parents what they think of those endless holidays and Mickey Mouse staff training days off enjoyed by teachers. Bet Irish teachers won’t be so keen to publicise the results of that survey.

Colm McCarthy has had a very bright idea indeed, which in no way would lead to any further problems. I sleep better at night knowing that the government uses him to make major economic decisions for the country and the public sector.

The risk of another European banking crisis down the road can be minimised only through the redesign of the ECB and the Eurosystem. The redesign should involve the centralisation of bank supervision, which in an integrated banking market cannot safely be delegated to small countries with limited administrative resources. This logically raises the question of abolishing the national central banks altogether. In seeking a better deal for Ireland in the resolution of the European banking crisis, Irish politicians should not be shy about urging a better deal for Europe; a deal which at least addresses the unresolved current crisis and the prevention of the next one.

I’m fairly sure there are some stupid statements in a conversation between Aengus Fanning and the leader of the Labour Party, but I couldn’t face reading it.

I enjoyed this though from Marc Coleman.

As it was in East Germany, so it is in Ireland: The vested interests — many of them led by former admirers of the East German regime — have captured the three main parties completely.


Had this been in a column written for the Sindo, instead of being part of a speech reported in it, it would have won. However, it reminds us just how in touch with the concerns of ordinary people the luminaries of the cultural and political elite are. Step forward Colm Tóibín.

Since it is not fashionable, or even wise, nowadays to raise a glass to Charles Haughey, I will follow Anthony Cronin in suggesting that those of us who have cause to be grateful to him, and to his policies, should wait until we are at home alone, and then we should turn off all the lights and raise a glass to him in the dark alone. Tell no one.


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2. WorldbyStorm - February 13, 2011

The weird thing is that Coleman might be right if he was referring to a certain Sunday Independent columnist who has had some influence on the formerly two largest Irish political parties.

I’ll name no names.


3. Starkadder - February 13, 2011

There is a place for a serious discussion about the teaching of the Irish language, but you won’t find
such discussion in O’Hanlon’s rant.
I can remember my sister getting As in her Leaving
Cert Irish in the 1990s, but telling us “it was no
thanks to my Irish teachers”.


4. Jonathan - February 13, 2011

For Colm Toibin and his contemptible comment on Haughey: “It struck me at the time that, for all the prevalent notion of Haughey as a supporter of the arts, the reality was more the other way around. Haughey gained stature from the association; the artists were diminished by it. Nothing, perhaps, said more about the marginalised position of the arts in Ireland than the sheer gratitude of artists that a powerful man should seem to care about them at all. In a political culture with a deep and wide seam of philistinism at its core, Haughey’s propensity to read some books and look at some paintings evoked an almost pitiful sense of indebtedness. But did it also buy a certain silence? Haughey’s sympathy for artists was undoubtedly real. The tax exemption scheme he introduced as minister for finance was an imaginative gesture. His support for the establishment of Aosdána and for the creation of the Irish Museum of Modern Art showed that artistic concerns at least had a place on his agenda. But, in real terms, that support was minimal.” (Fintan O’Toole, The Irish Times, February 2nd, 2007; full article here (sub. needed): http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/weekend/2007/0210/1170364113733.html


5. Earl Williams - February 13, 2011

Didn’t Cronin say that if you controlled the artists then you could control the people?


6. alastair - February 13, 2011

OT, but Vincent B pretty much demolished Bobby Ballagh’s defence of the merits of Aosdana / the tax exemption scheme on the Friday night programme. The whole ‘you don’t pay tax despite doing very well commercially – what gives you the right to pontificate on matters of taxation’ from Sam Smyth rankled (great panel choice btw!), and Vincent only poo-poohed the moral defence offered up by Ballagh. Seemingly Patrick Kavanagh would have been better respected if he’d had tax exempt status – never mind that he lost most people’s respect through being a contrary drunken arse, and that he wouldn’t have earned enough to qualify for exemption in the first place.


7. smiffy - February 13, 2011

Delaney’s piece is, of course, just an exercise in lazy, by-the-numbers, racism and left-baiting. What’s amusing about it, though, is the way he presents himself as the voice of Phibsborough, looking into his heart to know what the people of the north inner city think, as if he was Dicey Fucking Reilly.


Chet Carter - February 14, 2011

@ Smiffy – or even DingDong Denny O’Reilly!


paul - February 28, 2011

How is Delaneys article racist?He is speaking from experience in the area he is living in and could have said a lot more but chose not to.Can we only critisize the actions of Irish people?What is left baiting by the way???Someone not agreeing with your unrealistic idealistic views maybe…….


Earl Williams - February 28, 2011

Well, Eamon – eh I mean, Paul – I’d say it’s racist because it repeats a well known strategy used by racists (and in the north of our island , by sectarian bigots). It’s a crude and obvious attempt to divert public rage and public attention away from the real authors of the Irish catastrophe and onto a handy scapegoat. Street begging may be annoying, but it’s hardly comparable to crashing the Irish economy and driving thousands on to the dole or the emigrant ship, now is it?


8. Justin - February 13, 2011

Harris deserves some mention this week. I’m guessing EH is away on holiday and some hack at the Sindo has put all of EH’s previous output into some kind of random article generator. It’s all there – the national question, provos and trots, support for Israel, RTE and poor EH not being on it enough, support for a right-wing party leader. As i said, it’s all there and none of it makes the slightest bit of sense. Perhaps that random article generator has been in operation for quite a while.


Yobbah - February 13, 2011

I thought I was the only one to notice it 🙂


WorldbyStorm - February 13, 2011

Why am I not allowed even five minutes on RTE radio to contribute to the debate on the General Election? Or indeed any other debate? This is a small country, so people wonder why I am never asked on Pat Kenny or Sean O’Rourke.

He has to ask? 🙂

Unbelievable egocentricity.


smiffy - February 13, 2011

“PEOPLE wonder …”

Well, only if the voices shrieking in his head count as people too.


Starkadder - February 14, 2011

Harris the Grave Dancer….
[i] not as weird as RTE asking pundits from the defunct Sunday Tribune to appear on RTE programmes, but not being able to find a five-minute slot for someone like me, who writes a weekly political column for the Sunday Independent (still being published at a profit) to explain why Enda Kenny deserves a majority mandate. [/i]



9. Countess Markievicz - February 13, 2011

Garibaldy, I’m starting to think you’re a masochist.


10. Justin - February 13, 2011

Garilaldy reads the awful rag so we don’t have to.:)


11. Justin - February 13, 2011

Don’t exactly know who “Garilaldy” is. It’s been a long day.


12. Paddy M - February 13, 2011

You’ve missed the wholesale invocation of Godwin’s Law in the main editorial.

Some highlights:

There was something of the 1930s surrounding the language used to describe the new German/French-sponsored ‘pact for competitiveness’. In fairness, this may not constitute a ‘Pact of Steel’, but they do appear to be determined to rule the continent by stealth.


It should be noted that when it comes to the re-invigoration of Germany’s urge to dominate, that our own damned stupidity has created the appalling scenario where our future is decided by Frau Merkel’s need to retain the support of Hans, who spends every Friday night in the local Bierkeller complaining about the feckless Greeks, Irish, Turks and other lesser races.

During their long love affair with fascism, our moral German friends decreed that while the British and the French were part of the superior races, the mere Irish were given the same middle ranking as the unfortunate Poles. As Germany returns to old habits it is starting to look as though we need to build a modern league of small nations to curb the imperial ambitions of Frau Merkel and her devious French collaborationists.

Samuel Johnson’s comment about patriotism comes to mind.


Yobbah - February 14, 2011

“if Germany continues to behave like the fat boy in boarding school who thinks he can do what he wants because Papa owns the tuck shop”

What does this say of the editor’s childhood?


ejh - February 14, 2011

It says they read Billy Bunter and have misremembered it?


. - February 14, 2011

Doubt if the chaps of Greyfriars would share a dorm with some frightful oik whose pater was in trade. One had a tuck box – not a tuck shop – and cook filled it with cakes before one left home.


13. Alfie - February 14, 2011


Wouldn’t it have been better to engage with Delaney’s argument rather than dismiss him as “racist, cliched, and crypto-fascist”? By the way, I live in Phibsboro and have never had any problems with the Roma.


Garibaldy - February 14, 2011


There are clearly important things to be discussed about integrating migrants into Irish society, the potential for the growth of racism etc, and I would agree with you that the left needs to be talking about them. But this feature every Sunday tends not to be the place for serious discussion, more for pointing at laughing at the inanity of the right as represented by the Sindo.


14. Terry McDermott - February 14, 2011

I applaud Eamon Delaney: it takes courage to have an article slagging off a marginalised and unpopular immigrant group published in a right-wing best selling Sunday newspaper. Delaney hits all the right buttons too: liberal PC bigots who won’t let the ordinary working class of Phibsboro have their say. He is of course an authentic representative of that class, coming from the southside and being an ex-diplomat. He also carved out a career in fooling elderly War of Independence veterans into signing fraudelant documents. See you next Tuesday Eamonn.


15. Earl Williams - February 14, 2011

>>>>He also carved out a career in fooling elderly War of Independence veterans into signing fraudelant documents.

Good g-d, what’s this in relation to? Having heard some of the Delaney story from those who have encountered him in various capacities, it doesn’t surprise that he would do such a thing – but why, and when, did he do it? What was fraudulent about the documents, and what was the motive?


16. Terry McDermott - February 14, 2011


See above. The motive was that he was/is a word that is banned from this site.


Earl Williams - February 14, 2011


(Can we say that on this site)


Worldbystorm - February 14, 2011

In this instance, yes you can.

Dismal, but are any of us surprised?

The use of the term ‘codger’ says it all.


EWI - February 15, 2011

Smarmy, sniggering contemporaries of the ‘Bono’ generation, laughing at real sacrifice and struggle.

Are we surprised?


17. Rat scabies - February 14, 2011

Delaney used to hang around the punk scene, always was a prick


18. EWI - February 15, 2011
EWI - February 15, 2011

(Crap – just meant to link the post itself. WbS?)


19. WorldbyStorm - February 15, 2011

I’m not at my own computer at the mo, so can’t do much. Just read the SI editorial. A nasty piece of work and unbelievably shallow.


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