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The CLR Political Quiz … Number 13 .. The Answers December 14, 2012

Posted by irishelectionliterature in CLR Political Quiz.

1: How many Irish overseas development agencies have former TDs as chief executives?
Three – Unicef (Peter Power) Goal (Barry Andrews) and World Vision (Helen Keogh)

2: And a bonus question – the chief executive of which development agency stood unsuccessfully for Labour as a local election candidate?
Justin Kilcullen of Trocaire stood for Labour in 1985 in Glencullen.

3: Which former Fianna Fail Taoiseachs have appeared on stamps?
Lemass, Lynch and DeValera

4. Who is the President of Republican Sinn Fein?
Des Dalton

5. “Sinister” , “A Plot” , “The people should be bloody well ashamed of themselves” , “It’s a total and absolute disgrace” were quotes about which candidates election to Cork City Council in 1985?
Independent candidate Bernie Murphy

6. Who was the last Priest to stand for election in Ireland (Dail and European) ?
Fr Liam Sharkey in the 1999 European Elections in Connaught Ulster

7. What year did Trevor Sargent become leader of The Green Party?

8. Who is ‘The Gregory Group’ Councillor on Dublin City Council ?
Anna Quigley

9. For which General Election was Joe Higgins selected as a Labour Party candidate at the selection convention, only to find he wasn’t ratified by the Partys Administrative Council?

10.Who is this?
Ray Crotty



1. Blissett - December 14, 2012

Kilcullen for Glencullen would have been a catchy election slogan to be fair


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