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Lest we forget… December 29, 2012

Posted by WorldbyStorm in The Left.

…EamonnCork makes the point that there’s no thread for those who died this year. And as he notes Gerry Anderson who was a towering figure in parts of popular culture is a good example of same. For my money Anderson’s best work was that on UFO – a weird campy but sometimes surprisingly adult programme, but perhaps that’s unfair. Above are the end titles to UFO – brilliant stuff. His earlier work was excellent, later things got a bit ropey. Space: 1999 never quite lived up to its premise, and became a curious mixture of the chill and sillyness – sort of 200!:A Space Odyssey visuals entrapped by the constraints of children’s tv tropes of the time.

Then there was Patrick Moore. And many others. But what of figures on the left of other areas. Eric Hobsbawm immediately springs to mind. And others…


1. FergusD - December 29, 2012

OMG, guys in futuristic string vests showing their nipples! Yikes! All the girls are tasty and wearing shiny mini-skirts or tight pants. No room in the future (or was it actually now?) for fatties in lurex then!! I suppose cosmoseutical science would have eliminated any unsightliness!


2. EamonnCork - December 29, 2012

This guy deserves to be remembered. This particular tune never stales, whereas we’ve probably all heard Take Five often enough at this stage.


3. EamonnCork - December 29, 2012

Ben Gazzara

George McGovern

Earl Scruggs

Charles Rosen

Chris Marker

Theo Angelopolous

Donna Summer

Tommy Keane


4. EamonnCork - December 29, 2012

And this man deserves a space of his own.


5. Blissett - December 29, 2012

I noticed the RTÉ sports awards included former cork hurling coach Canon Michael O’Brien in the list of those who died during the year, when the Canon is still alive. I would not like to have been at the end of the phone in RTÉ when the county board rang in. Bad mistake to make.


EamonnCork - December 29, 2012

I suppose people who are able to make the highlight of their very own show take place during the ad break are capable of anything. They confused the Canon with the horse racing trainer Michael O’Brien who’d just died.


6. Michael Carley - December 30, 2012

And a word for Alexander Cockburn:



7. yourcousin - December 30, 2012

James Filkoski RIP


8. Pasquale Redenz - January 9, 2013

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