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Republican Congress Directed by Donal Higgins, will be screened at the 2015 Frank Conroy Commemoration November 17, 2015

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The 2015 Frank Conroy Commemoration takes place in Newbridge on 12th of December, where Republican Congress Directed by Donal Higgins will also be screened.
Many thanks to the sender
rc screening poster

This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening To…The Red Army Choir, A Supplemental. October 2, 2015

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In honor of Andrew, and The Devil. With a special and very rare tip of the hat to Mark P for inspiration.

“It’s like it’s forever still the 1980s in their heads. Turn up the Red Army Choir and watch the bombs drop

Mark P

[As a side note, the usual TWIMBLT will still go up, but I just couldn’t let this opportunity pass]









HUNGARY. Budapest. October 1956. The Soviet Culltural Shop in Vaci Street where propaganda material was desplayed; during the anti soviet demonstrations the Hungarians attacked the shop and removed and destroyed a lot of the material with soviet propaganda. Standing in the broken shop window is a Hungarian citizen reciting freedom poems by the poet Sandor PETOEFI; the great poet of the last century.

Még tréfából is baszd még oroszországot


‘Anti Austerity Alliance-People Before Profit’ September 16, 2015

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A Statement on Richard Boyd Barretts Website

The nub of the statement

PBP and the AAA have notified the Registrar of Political Parties to formally register ‘Anti Austerity Alliance-People Before Profit’ to contest the General Election with the intention of getting enough TDs elected to be an official Dail group/party in its own right. The Registrar has accepted our proposal for a merged Dail party and it is expected to take effect in three weeks after the period of public notification, at which time we will formally hold a press conference with further details.

Welcome news.
Interesting to see how this plays out. Will there be others invited? will some already declared candidates withdraw?

Right2Change September 2, 2015

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I notice Right2Change have set up their own Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as some regional ones too. So Right2Change is the potential electoral vehicle of Right2Water.
From their Facebook page

You have a Right2Water, a Right2Housing, a Right2Health and a Right2Change this country. Let’s discuss the policies you want implemented, not the ones being dictated to you!
The Right2Water Trade Unions began a consultation process a number of months ago about the types of policies the people of Ireland want implemented. We facilitated two major conferences and a submission process where 10 policy principles were identified. Water, Health, Housing, Jobs & Decent Work, Education, Democratic Reform, Debt Justice, Equality, a Sustainable Environment and National Resources. Stay tuned for more…

Will they register as a party and field their own candidates or will this be a badge that can be used by candidates?
I presume at this stage PBP, AAA and Sinn Fein won’t be standing as just Right2Change candidates, but does is create a unifying banner. A banner where other sections of The Left and those that agree with the Right2Change Agreed Principles , be it Clare Daly in Dublin Fingal or an Independent in Mayo, can stand as a Right2Change candidate.
Presumably too AAA/PBP (and whatever alliance that evolves from those talks) and Sinn Fein can stand with the Right2Change banner also.
Interesting to see what direction it takes.

The Socialist Magician August 18, 2015

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A PBP/AAA Alliance? August 8, 2015

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Yesterday The AAA were canceled from the register of Political Parties

Now there are reports of a proposed AAA/PBP Alliance

“The withdrawal of our listing with the registrar for a few short weeks is to continue an exploration with PBP toward the formation of an alliance for the next general election and an enhancement of the left voice in the the next Dail and to go through the necessary procedures regarding the Register to give this effect,” Coppinger said.
She added that the party won’t be making any further comment on the issue unless discussions are successfully concluded. The Dublin West TD said this is “likely to be well into September”.

Would be good to see and indeed would be excellent if some other of the groups/Parties/Independents from the further Left would be included.

Workers Party Stall outside the GPO circa 1995 August 6, 2015

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Another picture I have, this time of a Workers Party Stall outside the GPO. I’m told that it would have been taken around 1995.
Click on the image to enlarge.

A picture of Water Charges protesters in Rathfarnham in the early 90’s August 5, 2015

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A picture of Water Charges protesters in Rathfarnham in the early 90’s. It may well have been something to do with a court case as the picture is taken yards from the old Rathfarnham Courthouse. The placards are for The National Association of Tenants Orgs (NATO), with Sean O’Cionnaith (WP) 3rd from left. There are Militant Labour Posters on the bottom right of the picture and a Workers Solidarity Movement banner on the left of the picture by the wall also.
Click to enlarge the picture.

Where can The Left win seats? August 5, 2015

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Looking forward to the next General Election one of the disappointments for many on the Left who are non aligned (and I presume some in the SWP and SP too) has been the lack to date of at least an Electoral Alliance. The Right2Water conferences have been one path but come election time we are likely to see Sinn Fein, AAA, PBP, WP and ballot papers cluttered with all sorts of Anti Water charges small parties , groups and Independents. The sad fact too is that in many areas of Dublin there will probably be twice as many ‘anti establishment’ candidates as those from FF, FG, Renua, Labour, The Greens and ‘genepool’ Independents.
On the bright side it looks as if there will be Left candidates in almost all of the Country, probably giving more as in 1989 when 28 of the 43 constituencies had far left candidates. There are 13 constituencies at present that don’t have a Left candidate, I’d imagine that to be in single figures by the time the election comes along. That’s a huge advance. PBP and The AAA will probably both be targeting the 2% threshold for public funding also.
Of the Current Left TD’s Joe Higgins is retiring , Paul Murphy, Ruth Coppinger, Clare Daly, Seamus Healy, Joan Collins and Richard Boyd Barrett look to all have decent chances of reelection (although Collins may be taken out by Brid Smith and others if Sinn Fein have a good day). After all the years of Austerity what other prospects of seats do the far left have?
Other than Dublin Bay South and Dublin Rathdown there really should be some hope of a left seat in each Dublin constituency (and possibly 2 in Dublin SC).
Dublin Fingal: Clare Daly should get in. Is there room for Barry Martin of PBP or an AAA candidate to be elected here too?
Dublin Central: Cieran Perry could be in with a shout, although has lost some of his base in the redraw.
Dublin North West: Looks as if SF may be too strong here.
Dublin Bay North: John Lyons of PBP has an outside chance in what will be a crazy constituency with at least 10 candidates (including Tommy Broughan and Finian McGrath who will take some potential left vote)
Dublin Mid West: Gino Kenny a possibility here.
Dublin West: Ruth Coppinger should hold on. Will there be a second AAA candidate?
Dublin South Central: Big question is if Joan Collins and Brid Smith can both get elected
Dublin South West: Paul Murphy should hold on.
Dun Laoghaire: Richard Boyd-Barrett will have a fight on his hands to hold on, but Gilmores retirement should help him.
Outside of Dublin, it looks as if there will be a record number of AAA and PBP candidates but other than Mick Barry and outside chance Cian Prendiville are there other possibilities of Left seats? The likes of Joanne Pender and Brendan Young would have an outside chance but for Catherine Murphy also being in Kildare North.
After all the years of Austerity what other prospects of seats do the far left have?

Jim Lane Socialist Republican Part 3 August 2, 2015

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Many thanks to the The Irish Republican Marxist History Project for sending this on.

Further information on Republican and Socialist Republican development in the 1950′ and 60’s. This is the story of Socialist Jim Lane who joined the IRA in 1954 he subsequently participated in Operation Harvest in 1956. He was a leading figure in the Irish Revolutionary Forces throughout the 1960s, this Cork-based group produced an influential publication called An Phoblacht. In addition the Irish Revolutionary Forces established Saor Éire (Cork) in 1968 and produced a paper called People’s Voice.

Saor Eire (Cork) Joined the Irish Communist Organisation, eleven months later they resigned. Those who left, of which Lane was one, then formed the Cork Communist Organisation, short time later they formed The Cork Workers Club who published a series of historical reprints of socialist classics.

Part One of the series

Part Two of the series


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