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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening To…The Red Army Choir, A Supplemental. October 2, 2015

Posted by yourcousin in The Left, This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

In honor of Andrew, and The Devil. With a special and very rare tip of the hat to Mark P for inspiration.

“It’s like it’s forever still the 1980s in their heads. Turn up the Red Army Choir and watch the bombs drop

Mark P

[As a side note, the usual TWIMBLT will still go up, but I just couldn’t let this opportunity pass]









HUNGARY. Budapest. October 1956. The Soviet Culltural Shop in Vaci Street where propaganda material was desplayed; during the anti soviet demonstrations the Hungarians attacked the shop and removed and destroyed a lot of the material with soviet propaganda. Standing in the broken shop window is a Hungarian citizen reciting freedom poems by the poet Sandor PETOEFI; the great poet of the last century.

Még tréfából is baszd még oroszországot



1. Dr.Nightdub - October 2, 2015


2. Phil - October 2, 2015



3. DublinDilettante - October 2, 2015

Regardless, let the record reflect that the U.S.A. remains the Great Satan. Woe to Yankee imperialism, to NATO, to its craven and bloodthirsty nationalist puppets in Central and Eastern Europe (now and throughout history), and to all its works and pomps.


yourcousin - October 3, 2015

So for the record, was the historical bloodthirsty Eastern European Yankee Imperialist puppet state before or after the Arpad Dynasty? Because I’m having trouble placing it in a time line


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