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Left Archive, extended site…any thoughts? January 7, 2014

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Left Online Document Archive.

We’re very interested to hear any suggestions people may have after an initial look at the site for any improvements or tweaks to the look of it.

One other thing, any assistance in expanding the biographies of parties, formations and groups very gratefully accepted as indeed any assistance in finding errors or omissions there.


1. irishelectionliterature - January 7, 2014
AonRud - January 7, 2014

Thanks IEL – seems I messed it up when fixing the spam filters recently.


2. Laurence Cox - January 7, 2014

The full electronic archive of An Caorthann (Green Party theoretical journal, 1994 – 98) is online at http://www.iol.ie/~mazzoldi/toolsforchange/zine/caorthann.htm and ILA is welcome to mirror or link to this as you like. These are HTML versions – for a variety of reasons PDFs aren’t feasible.


Mark P - January 7, 2014

A genuinely fascinating glimpse into the heads of certain Green Party activists in the 1990s, in all their eclectic glory. From drivel about circles and parabolas at Rainbow Gatherings to all too accurate premonitions of the party’s fate. Thanks for that, Laurence.

I’m glad to see that Sargent and Gormley were always wrong ‘uns. I’d also be curious about where the other contributors ended up politically. Who abandoned ship for left wing reasons, who went down with the remaining hands, who just drifted out if politics, etc.


WorldbyStorm - January 7, 2014

LC, many thanks for that. Will attempt to see how this can be mirrored. That’s a really interesting selection of documents.


WorldbyStorm - January 7, 2014

That’s an extremely entertaining last paragraph in Gormley’s piece in the Samhain 98 edition.


AonRud - January 7, 2014

Thanks for that. I’ve added a link to the list of other archives here for the moment.

We were looking at ways to integrate linking to other archives more closely in future, maybe including links to other sites on each organisation’s pages, for example.


3. AonRud - January 7, 2014

Any thoughts on the grouping of organisations (http://www.clririshleftarchive.org/organisations/)? I’m not sure if people find it useful to group them into ‘campaign groups’, ‘political groups’, ‘parties’ etc. It’s not always clear-cut which is the better label – perhaps it’s unnecessary?


4. Bluethroat - January 9, 2014

Its looking good C. Its great that you do it. I have don’t have anything to add . . . . . . or detract.

Keep up the good work


WorldbyStorm - January 9, 2014

It’s more AR’s work in terms of structure and look. Thanks though.


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