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Left Archive: Books for Anarchists, WSM Bookservice, Summer/Winter 1998, Workers’ Solidarity Movement November 30, 2015

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To download the above please click on the following link. WSM BOOK

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Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive.

This four page document is produced by the Workers Solidarity Movement as part of their WSM book service, listing volumes that they can supply. The materials are grouped under headings, The Anarchist Idea, Ireland, Other Countries and Other Titles. As such it provides an interesting insight into the range and scope of publications provided by the WSM book service and its sense of the foundational texts and others of contemporary anarchist thought and practice.

Left Archive: The Starry Plough, Deire Fomahar, Irish Republican Socialist Party, 1975 November 23, 2015

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To download the above please click on the following link. SP MEAN FOMHAIR 1975

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Just to note that this edition of the SP is wrongly numbered. Both it and the subsequent edition were numbered Vol. 1 No. 7.

Many thanks to the long term contributor Spáilpín who forwarded this to the Archive. This is a further edition of the IRSP newspaper, the Starry Plough – the first one was posted some months ago, produced in the aftermath of the split from Official Sinn Féin which precipitated the foundation of that organisation.

This edition of the Starry Plough has a striking front cover asking ‘Workers to be jailed?’ in relate to ‘statutory wage ‘agreement’ threat’. It also asks are British forces ‘licensed to kill’ and argues that ‘Sectarianism’ is Britain’s brainchild. It also flags a report on ‘IRSP in Boston’.

The editorial notes that it has previously warned that ‘the government was threatening that it would introduce statutory wage agreements’. It argues that ‘workers must now clearly see that wage agreements suit the bosses’. It argues that the Trade Unions role is ‘not to help capitalism in its problems by making workers bear the brunt’.

Another article notes that the IRSP was ‘linked, along with the Provisionals, with the recently announced South Armagh Republican Action Force’ and strenuously denies the allegation arguing that ‘we reject sectarian tit for tat killings as a reaction to the current British inspired Loyalist assassination of Catholics and Nationalists’. It continues, ‘We wish also to re-iterate that we do not have a Military Wing and that incidents such as the indiscriminate killings at the Orange Hall are politically counter productive and weaken the overall anti-imperialist movement’.

Another article lays out IRSP demands including ‘abolition of all repressive legislation North and South, the immediate withdrawal of British troops, an amnesty for all those imprisoned in the anti-imperialist struggle, the immediate disarming and disbandment of the UDR, RUC and RUC reserve. Another piece muses on whether the PIRA ceasefire will end soon.

RTÉ, and the prospect of the re-broadcasting of BBC, is addressed and strongly criticised. There’s articles on the repression of women including protests outside the Institute of Public Affairs Dublin and women prisoners.

Other pieces examine the situation of the Basque country and Chile.

The last page covers a visit to the United States by Seamus Costello and Jimmy White.

Left Archive: Irish Workers’ Road to Freedom – Manifesto of the Irish Workers’ League, Irish Workers’ League, June 1949 November 9, 2015

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To download the above please click on the following link. irish-workers-league

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Many thanks to David Convery of the Irish Centre for the Histories of Labour and Class at NUIG for forwarding the scanned version of this document to the Archive. It is an important addition to the collection.

This document issued under the name of the Irish Workers’ League is the manifesto of the same group, which was the southern section of the Communist Party of Ireland which had suspended its activities in the South, while in the North the Communist Party (Northern Ireland) was established. In 1948 the Irish Workers’ League was established, and in 1962 took the name the Irish Workers’ Party prior to merging with the CPNI in 1970.

At seven pages of text it is quite short. The first page reprints quotations from James Conolly including:

In the Socialist movement the North and South will again clasp hands, again will it be demonstrated, as in ’98 that the pressure of a common exploitation can make enthusiastic rebels out of a Protestant working class earners champions of civil and religious liberty out of Catholics and out of both a united Social democracy


The main body of the Manifesto is organised in sections that deal with the political situation in Éire, American Imperialism, antagonism to military blocs, the Aims of the IWL and a call to workers to unite.

It notes in the introductory words that:

In the world today the common people everywhere are in revolt against imperialism, fighting for the right of self-determination and for the abolition of social injustice and inequality. Everywhere the rule of the imperialists is challenged by the growing movement of the militant working class and the nationally-oppressed peoples. In the new People’s Democracies of China and Europe, following the removal of the old ruling classes vast new opportunities are opening up of the mass of the people who are working towards Socialism. The Soviet Union, the land of Socialism, having mad=de good the enormous devastation of war and invasion is now stronger than ever and is an inspiration to people everywhere struggling for freedom.

It continues that:

Ireland has always played her part in the great fight for freedom and democracy; she must not remain inactive now. Our country has yet to win its national unity and independence. By an Act of the British Parliament Ireland was partitioned. This action was not seriously opposed by the quisling section of Irish capitalists which then held and once again dominates the Government of the Twenty-Six Counties. Six of our northern counties are held in military occupation, and the industries and resources of the area are directed to serve British imperial interests.

In relation to then contemporary political events in Ireland it noted that:

In the present Coalition Government we have leaders of the Labour movement acting as junior partners to Fine Gael – notorious in Irish history for its shameless betrayal of the national struggle, its consistent support, both in and out of power for big business and ranching interests, and above all, its organisation of the Fascist Blueshirt movement.

It looks to the Soviet Union…

In this fight for freedom our prospects today are brighter than ever, with Socialism triumphant in the Soviet Union, the People’s Democracies rapidly advancing towards the same goals; unjust governments falling everywhere, not only in Europe, but in Asia and the far Pacific, and the age-old enemy of the Irish people, the British Empire…

And it regards itself as:

…[raising]the Socialist banner of Connolly, and summons the working people of Ireland to rally around it, and continue the fight for full national and social independence.

Of note are the outline of ‘Our Aims’:

1. The establishment of a United, Independent and Democratic Republic for all Ireland.

2. The restoration of the unity and independence of the Labour and Trade Union Movements.

3. The raising of the people’s living standards and the fullest utilisation of the nation’s resources.

4. The preservation and extension of democratic rights and liberties.

5. The establishment of diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union and the New Democracies and with all countries offering their friendship and repudiation of all war alliances and secret agreements.

Notably it does not mention its fraternal party in Northern Ireland.

Left Archive: Tory Cuts, Common Misery, Common Struggle, Peter Hadden: A ‘Labour and Trade Union Group’ pamphlet, 1980. November 2, 2015

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To download the above please click on the following link. LAB&TUGRP1980

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This is a very useful addition to the Archive, coming from the Labour and Trade Union Group, which was the name Labour Militant organised under in Northern Ireland (due to the lack of organisation there by either the British Labour Party or the Irish Labour Party.

A piece at the end of the pamphlet notes that:

The Labour and Trade Union Group is an organisation of socialists and trade unionists spread throughout the North. Since our formation in 1974 we have been campaigning consistently for WORKERS UNITY and SOCIALIST POLICIES. We believe that the trade union movement, with 300,000 members, has the main role to plain in achieving these goals.

It also references the Youth for Socialism campaign.

The title page has two main aims:

For Workers’ Unity against the Tory Cuts.

For a Mass Party of Labour.

The contents is arranged in sections, ‘Fight the Tory Cuts’, ‘Northern Ireland Poverty’, ‘Mass Action and a Socialist Policy’, ‘For A Labour Party’ and ‘The Border’.

On this last it notes:

In reality, the struggle for socialism in Ireland, NOrth and South is one struggle. It would be impossible to conceive of a socialist Northern Ireland divided from a socialist Southern Ireland by a frail and artificial line on a map.
The reunification of the country on a socialist basis would only be an extension of the unity ins truffle of the working class, North and South. Put in this manner, not posed as a sectarian and divisive issue, the quesition of the border can be faced by Labour, North and South.

Left Archive: Starry Plough Number 6, Mean Fomhair 1975, Irish Republican Socialist Party. October 26, 2015

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To download the above please click on the following link: SP6

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Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive.

Many thanks to the long term contributor Spáilpín who forwarded this to the Archive. This is a further edition of the IRSP newspaper, the Starry Plough – the first one was posted some months ago, produced in the aftermath of the split from Official Sinn Féin which precipitated the foundation of that organisation.

The front cover has the headline ‘Resist British Terror Troops’. The article accompanying it argues that:

Sectarianism, in the Northern Ireland context, is the brainchild of Britain and has been used successfully for the past 50 years as a means of dividing the working class. In the past six months we have witnessed the ongoing sectarian murder campaign of Catholics carried out by loyalist murder gangs acting in the direct interest of Britain.

It argues that:

The only way in which sectarianism can be eradicated forever is to end the British economic and political control in Ireland.

To this end, we are working for a unified approach to the National Liberation struggle, by way of a Broad Front of all anti-Imperialist forces. We reject tit for tat retaliatory murders of Protestants as a means of ending the loyalist sectarian murders… to combat this we call for the formation of local organised street committees, as a defence against British Army and Loyalist terror gangs.

Under the ‘What We Think’ column there is a reprint of part of a speech made by the Secretary of the IRSP at a discussion on loyalism. In it is the following:

Mr. Mac Giolla when speaking on sectarianism in the North accused the IRSP of being Ultra Leftists, and state that we were determined to take a hand in promoting Civil War in the 6 counties. We reject those unprincipled allegations…

On the question of the IRSP being Ultra-Leftists it is worth pointing out that due to the reformist nature of the Officials any Republican or Socialist organisation whose policies are more radical than theirs are castigated and branded as Ultra-Leftists.

It continues:

The attitude of the Officials on Loyalism reflects the political confusion that exists within the Officails. They are currently engaged in an exercise designed to flatter and woo the loyalist organisations in the romantic and false hope that they will ‘see the light’ and end their murder campaign, and become revolutionary socialists overnight. The position of the IRSP on the other hand is clearer and politically correct. We recognise that loyalism is pro-Imperialist and anti-working class.

Another piece asserts that:

We totally reject the allegations that the IRSP is encouraging members of the Provisional IRA to end the current ceasefire. As far as we are concerned the ceasefire affords the opportunity to the British Government to demonstrate their sincerity by withdrawing from Ireland.

There are articles on Women’s Liberation, and the Miami Showband murders. Considerable space is afforded to an examination of the ‘continuing Loyalist assassination campaign’ with a table of figures of those killed between February 10th and May 31st 1975. A section called Connolly’s Corner is ‘intended to give our readers an opportunity to read some snippets from various writings by James Connolly’. There’s a large article on Portugal’s Fascist Terror. There’s also an analysis of a Teoiric (OSF theoretical magazine) critique of the IRSP.

Left Archive: Marxist Forum, Vol. 1, No. 3, Socialist Revolutionary Group of Ireland. October 19, 2015

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To download the above please click on the following link. SOCREVGRPIRL1990GO

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Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive.

Here is an unusual document, not least because the formation which published it, the Socialist Revolutionary Group of Ireland was very small. The SRGI was a splinter group from the wreckage of the Workers Revolutionary Party, famously led by Gerry Healy. The SRGI was affiliated to the group around Cliff Slaughter that retained the WRP (Workers Press) name for a time. The international affiliation was with the Workers International to Rebuild the Fourth International. A prominent element of the WIRFI was a South African section.

The SRGI would appear to have had a very small membership – though any details would be gratefully accepted. However it clearly managed to produce at least three issues of Marxist Forum. The contents is reasonably varied and includes pieces on the formation of the WIRFI, an Open Letter to the Communist Party of Ireland which offers assistance to that party in the wake of changes in the USSR under Gorbachev.

Perhaps tellingly there is little information on the SRGI itself. The Editorial notes that:

…the working class is not defeated. And the next period in Ireland is certain to produce sharp, and even violent class conflicts. The fight for the independence of the working class is central to the tasks of the Socialist Revolutionary Group in the fight with our comrades in the Workers International for the re-building of the Fourth International.

There are two linked articles, one ‘What is Marxism?’ written by ‘a Republican Prisoner’. It notes that:

Its contents formed the framework for education classes in the jail and the author was part of the group of prisoners who wrote the important book ‘Questions of History, Part 1’. Published by SF Educational Dept., this dealt with the period from Wolfe Tone to the Republican Congress (1934). Part 2 has yet to be published.

The accompanying piece under the heading ‘Reply to ‘What is Marxism’’ offers a critique of the first article.

A further piece is ‘Solidarity with Des Warren’, a picketer ‘jailed at Shrewsbury following the national building workers’ strike of 1972 [whose] trial on conspiracy charges was part of the attempt by the Tory government of the day to destroy basic trade union rights’.

There’s also ‘From the Archives’, ‘Lessons of the Events in Dublin’ – an essay by Leon Trotsky on the 1916 Rising.

There’s also a review by Anthony McIntyre of ‘Polmaise: The Fight for A Pit” by John McCormack with Simon Pirani, which is an account of the miners strike.

Left Archive: Fightback Students Bulletin (Galway), No. 3, May 1993, Irish Workers Group. October 12, 2015

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To download the above please click on the following link. IWG FIGHTBACK 93

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Many thanks to IEL for forwarding this document from the Irish Workers Group to the Archive. A brief four pages it engages with a broad range of issues. The cover suggests that ‘After Warrington: Provos in a cul-de-sac’.

It argues that:

The recent IRA bombing of Warrington in England resulting in civilian deaths and the subsequent moral outrage throughout Ireland once more brings into question the call for continued support for the Republican struggle. It is necessary to criticise the IRA for this mindless act of violence, but we need to point out the irony of the situation where politicians and and groups north and south of the border condemn the act while ignoring and shunning the protest of Republican mothers whose sons and daughters have been killed in huge numbers (121 children dead) over the past 25 years.

It notes that:

Thought the Republican movement contains serious flaws in make-up and strategy, we must place them within the wider international context of the struggle against world imperialism. Worldwide a handful of powerful nations brutally oppress and dominate the rest. Britain is one of the leading powers of imperialist capitalism and from the perspective of the oppressed workers of the world, the national struggle against British rule in Northern Ireland is essentially progressive.

Therefore even though the Republican movement is misguided, we must not neglect the call for unconditional support for the progressive aspects of their struggle and for the right to self-determination of the Irish people.

It concludes by arguing that:

If the struggle is to move forward, the broader goal of working class action must be pursued. Only in this way can it hope to link with protestant workers by showing them that their interests will be served by creating a workers republic as a stepping stone towards international socialism.

There are other articles exhorting readers to ‘Fight the Dole Cuts!’ and one on ‘Canteen Chaos!’ in the canteen at UCG which notes a church on campus grounds but insufficient facilities for students.

Another piece examines the ‘origins of Gay and Lesbian oppression’ and suggests that ‘in this climate of growing moral reaction, the task for socialists in relation to the lesbian and gay question is to provide a communist perspective for liberation’. This is accompanied by an advert for a Workers Power pamphlet entitled ‘Lesbian & Gay Liberation: A Trotskyist Strategy’.

The last page has an article on Socialism and Black Liberation and Malcolm X which argues that:

Black separatism and nationalism, as we have seen, will not provide the answer [to Black liberation]. The only way to combat racism is for the masses of black workers and oppressed to forge links with their fellow-oppressed white workers for the defeat of capitalism.

Also noted on the last page is that the IWG ‘is a member of the League for a Revolutionary Communist International (LRCI)’.

Left Archive: United Irishman, September 1975, Official Sinn Féin October 5, 2015

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To download the above please click on the following link. UI SEPT2

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This edition of the United Irishman from Official Sinn Féin is one of a series of United Irishman and Starry Ploughs that date from the feud between the INLA and the OIRA in Spring/Summer 1975 which have been posted in the Archive this year.

It contains a broad range of articles. The focus is notably, given the events of the Summer of 1975 and the conflict between the OIRA and INLA/PLA, focused on the economy. And while the front page headline is ‘United Against Sectarian Murder’ – and an accompanying centre spread on that topic argues strenuously for working class unity in the face of such violence, the rest of the front page incorporates an article entitled ‘Expand the economy – resist then jobs cut-back’.

Inside there are some mentions of the OIRA, including a report on how Belfast Command Staff I.R.A. ‘reported two successful defensive actions against sectarian bombers and gunmen in the Banwmore Estate, Shore Road and at Divis Flats, Falls Road last month’. It reports that in relation to these incidents ‘an IRA patrol returned fire and prevented what was clearly a determined assault on the Flats complex’.

Elsewhere the focus is explicitly on the political, including editorials that examine the death of Eamonn De Valera and one on a workers protest against threatened job losses in Belfast. There is a long article on ‘Tourist rip-off for Irish hotels’ and a piece entitled ‘An Ghaeilge Marbh’ (notable is the continuing focus on the Irish language in the UI’s of this period).

The ‘Women of Their Time’ column discusses Louie Bennett of the IWWU. International events are covered by pieces on Angola, Vietnam and Kissinger. There is a report on the Dublin Port Redevelopment plans of the period which supports wholesale industrialisation of that area.

Left Archive: An Analysis of the Significance of the Ulster Workers’ Strike – May 14th-30th, 1974 – A Series of Articles from RED PATRIOT Editorial Staff Communist Party of Ireland (Marxist-Leninist). September 28, 2015

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To download the above please click on the following link. REDPATRIOTUWC1974GO

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This is a fascinating document published in the aftermath of the Ulster Workers Council Strike. It is drawn from articles produced by RED PATRIOT staff (see Archive here) and takes a very distinctive line on the strike. The articles include an overview of the strike which takes up most of the 70 plus pages document, A ‘reference article’ on the Northern Ireland Economy. Another on Sectarianism in Northern Ireland. A further piece on how ‘The ‘Council of Ireland’ is an Attempt to Further Unite the Irish Comprador Bourgeoisie against the Irish People. Finally there are two pieces comprising a Statement of the Dublin Branch of the CPI (M-L) on how ‘Anti-Sunningdale Strike Reveals the Strength of the Irish Working Class’ and one one entitled ‘Down With British Imperialism’s Latest White Paper’.

It argues strongly in favour of the strike ‘[where] Ulster workers dealt a severe blow to the British monopoly capitalist class, as well as to the Irish comprador bourgeoisie north and south. it was also a great step forward of the working class in Ulster, and strengthened their class consciousness, unity and revolutionary sentiment’.

It further proposes that:

At the beginning of the strike Craig, Paisley and West were the last people to appalled the workers because what they fear more than anything else is the workers taking the question of political power into their own hands, organising themselves and having done with the bourgeoisie. During the strike they were literally told on what basis the workers would have anything to do with them and were forced to accept…

It is not a matter whether Craig, Paisley and West have agreed to this but that they have no choice but to make definite concessions to the workers if they wish to retain any political credence.

And it continues:

Even this minimal use which the workers are putting them to will definitely be done away with before long as more and more workers see the necessity to join with the Communist Party of Ireland (Marxist-Leninist), the only party based uncompromisingly on the interests of the proletariat.

The document has harsh words for many different groups, including the Unionists, Loyalists, the SDLP and indeed both Official and Provisional Sinn Féin. Notably, however, is the hostility of its analysis in regard to the British and Irish Communist Organisation who also regarded the strike as a positive manifestation of working class unity.

A most interesting addition to the Archive and to the stock of documents from the CPI (M-L) [for more see here in the Archive].

Left Archive: Starry Plough Number 5, Lúnasa 1975, Irish Republican Socialist Party. September 21, 2015

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To download the above please click on the following link. SP5 1975 GO

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Many thanks to the long term contributor Spáilpín who forwarded this to the Archive. This is a further edition of the IRSP newspaper, the Starry Plough – the first one was posted some months ago, produced in the aftermath of the split from Official Sinn Féin which precipitated the foundation of that organisation.

The front cover has the headline ‘End Repression Now’. Inside the Eagarfhocal reflects upon repression and notes that while ‘in the 6 counties, the repression is clearly visible…in the 26 co’s the repression is not as clearly visible but never the less it still exists. The puppet regime was established to protect Britain’s interests and almost every move it makes further entrenches Britain’s interests in Ireland.

It argues that ‘on a social and economic level, the Irish people are suffering from unemployment, emigration, low wages, rising prices, housing which is not fit for animals etc…on a cultural level the Irish people are being deprived of their culture. the Irish language faces extinction as more and more repressive measures are aimed at it by the Blue Shirts of Fine Gael and the Conor Cruises of the Labour Party. In particular, the granting of open broadcasting rights to the BBC must be opposed’.

An interesting snippet in the Bits & Pieces column notes that:

Members of the IRSP in conjunction with member sod the RMG and PD leafleted all churches in Limerick last month calling for a boycott of an SDLP collection.

There is a piece on the British Orange Link and a report on the ‘hunger strike victory’ in Long Kesh where political status was accepted. Of particular interest is the mention of repression in the South where it reports that 11 members of the IRSP ‘were arrested over a period of a week’. It quotes Seamus Costello as saying that:

The government was trying to give the impression that the IRSP was involved in some way in the Sallins murder and booming. The IRSP reiterates that its as in no way involved and condemns the incident.

It continues:

It was an obvious attempt by Cooney to give the impression to member of the Official Republican Movement that the IRSP was involved in the attempt to blow up a train carrying OSF supporters to Bodenstown and as such recreate friction between obit organisations at a time when delicate negotiations are taking place.

There’s also a report from Bodenstown which includes extracts from the speech by Seamus Costello. This includes:

Of course the support of the loyalist working-class is essential if we are to have a socialist republic, however their support in the struggle must be sought on the basis of a principled explanation of the correct relationship between the national and the class question.


The divisions which have existed in the anti-imperialist forces are a luxury which we can no longer afford… we can see no evidence that Britain is ready to withdraw.

Other articles include an overview of a ‘European Tour’ by IRSP members and a piece asserting that the CIA used Garret Fitzgerald.


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