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Left Archive: Ground Rent is Robbery, REPSOL No. 13, Official Sinn Féin, c. 1974. July 27, 2015

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To download the above please click on the following link. GRND RENT

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Many thanks to Peter Mooney for donating this document to the Archive – one of many from his collection that will be reproduced here in coming months.

This leaflet published in late 1973 or early 1974 outlines its objectives in the Preface:

The aim of this pamphlet is to show that ground rent is not only ‘faintly ridiculous’ but that it is immoral and that its abolition is long overdue.

A campaign against ground rent is a logical corollary to the fight for peasant proprietary or the demand for the public ownership of inland waters. It is the smashing of a link with the conquest; ground rent is unknown outside Ireland and England, its home of origin.

And the leaflet in the space of 56 pages forensically examines the history of ground rents in 9 chapters, offering both an overview, an an analysis and a course of action to abolish them for good. It also positions this within the contemporary and notes the Association of Combined Residents Associations campaign to abolish ground rent which commenced in June 1973.

The announcement of the campaign, made by ACRA’s PRO Andy Conlon, at a public meeting organised by the Sinn Féin party in Ennis created much speculation among ground rent tenants throughout Ireland.


The Irish democracy in the shape of ACRA, NATO and other groups joining in, are beginning to catch up on this relic of feudal times. May they succeed.

Left Archive: Republican News, Vol. 2, Number 100, 25th August, 1973, Sinn Féin July 20, 2015

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RN VOL 2 100

To download the above please click on the following link. REPUBLICAN NEWS 1973

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Many thanks to the person who donated this to the Archive.

This edition of Republican News was printed in August 1973. It provides a good sense of Provisional Sinn Féin during this period and the avowed orientation of the publication as ‘The Voice of Republican Ulster’. It is well put together and has a strong focus on prisoners in Long Kesh, what is termed the Curragh Concentration Camp, Armagh, Crumlin Road and Mountjoy. The main article looks at the situation of PIRA prisoners in English jails. The other front page article draws attention to the fact of eleven ‘Irish women now interned’.

Other pieces on the newspaper include a cartoon on the LittleJohn Affair, Troops Out rallies in the UK and Germany, an analysis on ‘Whither SDLP?’ and a long piece on ‘The Irish Working Class and the IRA’.

This latter argues that the:

…success of the IRA lies with the Irish working class people, particularly in the North of Country. Despite the repression used against them, despite the psychological and physical forces which have been tried on them, despite the military occupation of their ghettoes and despite the final weapon of murder (much favoured by Brit. and Loyalist Extremist alike) they continue to resist all and to support their Army in its endeavours towards freedom.

It continues that while the I.R.A. is a Republican Army…

…[it] is also a socialist Army and their socialism is the distinguishing feature from other so called Nationalist or ‘Anti-Unionist’ bodies.

And it argues that:

It is realised that James Connolly’s belief than an Irish Republic with a Capitalist Economy would be but an extension of England’s Economy and thus under English rule, is as true to-day as it was in 1913. Thus the war cannot be said to be won until the Éire Nua or the New Ireland is achieved.

The piece also includes an appeal from 1923 ‘To the Free State Soldiers’ which asks the same Army in 1973 to study it carefully.

Automatic citations on the Irish Left Archive site July 14, 2015

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I’ve added a small (and invisible…) tweak to the Left Archive site that may be useful to some. If you use any citation software (like Zotero or Mendeley), they can now automatically read the document information from CLRIrishLeftArchive.org, so their import buttons will work when you’re browsing the site.

For the technically inclined, it has both the Dublin Core metadata and COinS formats, which are fairly widely used. It turns out the standards available are pretty weak, but these will allow importing the basic information directly.

By the way, if you do have need of such a thing, Zotero is a great tool for managing documents and bibliographies and the like.

Left Archive: United Irishman – An t-Eireannach Aontaithe, Iuil (July) 1975, Official Sinn Féin July 13, 2015

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To download the above please click on the following link. UI JULY

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Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive. This edition of the United Irishman from Official Sinn Féin is one of a series of United Irishman and Starry Ploughs that date from the feud between the INLA and the OIRA in Spring/Summer 1975 and which have been posted up in sequence this Summer.

This edition has a front page that has the quote ‘Freedom for all Irish People’ from Cathal Goulding. It also has photographs from Bodenstown and an outline of why ‘[Minister for Finance, Richie] Ryan’s budget fails to bluff workers.

The editorial deals with both the Budget in the Republic of Ireland and under the heading ‘Reform’ the Official Sinn Féin/Republican Clubs campaign ‘Sectarianism Kills Workers’. This suggests that:

The RUC are making strenuous efforts to blot out the memory of 1969. This will be difficult while there remain leading figures in the ranks who have a record of sectarian partisanship, to put it at its mildest. Reform of the RUC is still a top priority.

The report on the Bodenstown Annual Wolfe Tone Commemoration is exhaustive, reprinting the oration by Cathal Goulding which covers a broad range of issues from Sectarianism, Intimidation and Rights.

And when the Provisionals ceased their provocation, when it seems there might be hope, out of the ashes of destruction, born of hatred and sectarianism there arose the Irish Republican Socialist Party and its Peoples Liberation army, as if to ensure that bigotry might not die, repression might not wither and sectarian incitement might not fade.

He continues:

Unity is our struggle, comrades. We will not be diverted from it by any force, however vicious or murderous its attack, whether it comes directly from the British Army of occupation or from groups who might as well be their agents as the so-called standard bearers of revolution. Unity of the working class remains our aim, as our enemy remains British imperialism in all its forms and our objective remains full freedom – social, economic, political and cultural – for all our people.

Later he argues:

The RUC and the UDR are not and never can be acceptable forces of the administration of law and order, whatever emerges from the Convention, whatever kind of deal is done by the middle-class opportunist politicians, whatever the role of the new regime. As the Republican Clubs have made clear, nothing less than the abolition of the UDR and the RUC will be considered satisfactory. And the RUC must be replaced by a police force which is not armed and does not have hand, act or part in political affairs.

Other articles include the Sinn Féin Platform which quotes Tomas MacGiolla on the economic crisis. There are a number of reports on RUC and UDR oppression in the North There’s a two page spread on Nadezhda Krupskaya, wife of Vladimir Lenin. On international affairs there’s a two page article on Vietnam and the back page has a long piece on the need for an oil refinery in Dublin Bay and suggests that that suggests that ’A really big building site in Dublin would do wonders for trade union organisation’. and ‘The Anglo-American oil companies must love those who are now engaged in an agitation against the building of an oil refinery in Dublin’.

Left Archive: United Left Alliance March on the first day of the 31st Dáil, 9th March 2011 July 9, 2015

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ULA MARCH c.2011

This photograph from the height of the United Left Alliance shows a march attended by the newly elected ULA TDs and members of the ULA held on the first day of the new Dáil.

The march went from the Central Bank, along College Green (as seen in the photograph) and then to Kildare Street where the TDs gave speeches.

Many thanks to the person who donated the original image to the Archive.

Left Archive: Starry Plough Number 3, Meitheamh 1975, Irish Republican Socialist Party. July 6, 2015

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SP3 cover

To download the above please click on the following link. SP3

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Many thanks to Spailpín who forwarded this to the Archive. This is the third edition of the IRSP newspaper, the Starry Plough from the 1970s – and part of a sequential release of them given that they were produced in the aftermath of the split from Official Sinn Féin and also deal with the dispute between the two organisations subsequent to that.

The front cover has the headline ‘Official IRA Terror to End?’.

Inside the Eagarfhocal asks ‘Feud or Fascism’ when it outlines a series of murders of IRSP members in Belfast.

Is the campaign of torture, intimidation and murder, that the Official IRA have carried out against the IRSP over? To date it has claimed five deaths and countless injuries.

Secret intermediaries have been accepted by the OIRA and IRSP. The OIRA have agreed that there will be no more shooting at IRSP members. There has been relative quite in Belfast in the last week, scene of most of the kidnappings and shootings. The secret intermediary has met separately with both he IRSP and the Official IRA and will continue to do so until direct joint meeting can be arranged.

It asserts:

The IRSP since its inception as a Party, in December 1974, has demanded that the OIRA allow them to organise as a political party. Two of their members have been murdered and scores kidnapped tortured and shot. An assassination attempt was made on the IRSP Chairman, Seamus Costello, in Wexford recently. The IRSP accepted 9 different intermediaries in the past but the OIRA only accepted one of these, Senator Michael Mullen. HOwever, his efforts failed when the OIRA refused to talk to the IRSP.

The decision by the OIRA to accept a mediator must be seen as a restyle of the call made by Tomás Mac Giolla recently for an end to the conflict. This call by Mac Giola came with the full consent of the national leadership of the Republican Movement. Why was this call not made last December? Five lives could have been saved and the whole working class movement would not have been damaged by the conflict, as it undoubtedly has. However the statement by Tomas Mac Giolla in Newry recently that the IRSP is engaged in, or supports sectarian assassinations would be either substantiated or withdrawn. the IRSP is on record as condemning such murders. SUch unfounded allegations are inconsistent with Mac Giolla’s claim to be seeking reconciliation.

Other pieces include an editorial arguing the ‘North must oppose the EEC’, another on a 10 year old shot at during ‘the present conflict’, an appeal to boycott the then forthcoming Convention Election in Northern Ireland and further reports from the extended IRSP Ard Fheis.

There’s an interesting overview of the truce between the Provisional IRA and the British government of that year as well as some analysis of the genesis of PIRA which argues that ‘the Republican Movement… could not have split.. without the widespread support of substantial sections of the Northern minority’. There’s also photographs from IRSP members in Long Kesh on May 1st. A photograph of IRSP members in Dun Laoghaire suggests that there is a ‘growth of IRSP’ in that town. There’s part of a continuing series on Capital in Crisis and an article on ‘Portugal – Another Chile’.

One small piece on the last page notes;

The IRSP is now a registered political party. This should convince all that we are a genuine political party and will refute allegations made in the past that were were a mere ‘splinter’ group from the Official Republican movement.

Workers’ Party Statement on Situation in Greece July 2, 2015

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The Workers’ Party of Ireland expresses its solidarity with the people of Greece in the struggle against austerity and the humanitarian crisis it has wrought.

We condemn the actions of the EU-IMF-ECB Troika and the continuing efforts to bleed the Greek working class dry by transferring wealth from the workers of Greece to pay for the capitalist crisis. These developments take place in the context of a serious crisis within the capitalist system and the intensification of imperialist competition.

The Workers’ Party expresses its profound disgust at the actions and interventions of the Irish government which has ruthlessly pursued an agenda of austerity, privatisation and protection of the bondholders to the detriment of the Irish working class. It comes as no surprise to see this government play the role of enthusiastic cheerleader for the demand for ever-harsher austerity to be imposed on the people of Greece.

This posturing rings hollow in the ears of the hundreds of thousands unemployed, those forced to emigrate in search of work, those suffering from cuts to healthcare and other public services, those in precarious and under-paid work and those subjected to water taxes and the universal social charge.

Cuts in public services, privatisations and the sale of state assets, job losses, pay cuts and other attacks on the quality of life of workers are for the benefit of the capitalist class. There are always powerful forces supportive of such policies, members of the economic, financial and political elites that dominate individual countries and the whole world. There are political forces in every country willing and often eager to do their bidding, including in Ireland and Greece.

The attacks on the living standards of workers across Europe to bail out the bankers and the speculators are not accidental. They are not the whim of malicious politicians or sadistic individual bankers. They are inherent in the very system of capitalism which ensures that governments are run in the interests of the ruling class and the monopolies. Capitalism, whatever its manifestation, is a system of exploitation which cannot be repaired. The WPI recognises that the capitalist class adjusts its tactics and reorganises its alliances in the struggle for the preservation of its power and interests.

We support the struggle of Greek workers against the vicious attacks on their quality of life by the capitalist system under the mantra of austerity. Whether those attacks take place in the name of the Troika or of the Greek government, the results are the same – a deepening of the humanitarian crisis affecting Greek society and an increase in the power of the monopolies. Austerity is austerity, an attack on the working class, no matter who implements it.

We salute and send our solidarity to our comrades in the KKE confident that they, with their long wealth of experience and analysis, will continue the struggle on behalf of the working people, youth, pensioners, unemployed and poor of Greece. We know that they will continue the struggle to defend the quality of life for workers and to pose the socialist alternative in Greece in the months and years ahead.

The struggle to defend the interests of the working class continues in Ireland, in Greece and across the world – for democracy, for liberation from exploitation and oppression; for the protection of workers’ rights; for social justice; for solidarity; for the building of a society in which the “free development of each is the condition for the free development of all” – for socialism.

No to Austerity! Solidarity with the Working People of Greece!

International Section

Central Executive Committee

Workers’ Party of Ireland

01 July 2015

Left Archive: Irish Republican Socialist News: A publication of the Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America (IRSP), Issue 1 – Summer 2008 June 29, 2015

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To download the above please click on the following link. IRSN – Issue 1

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Many thanks to the editor of this publication for forwarding it. This was a document produced and distributed in the United States in support of the the IRSP

As the editor notes:

This was published during 2008 and 2011. The first 2 issues were called Irish Republican Socialist News (IRSN) before it was changed to Seven Stars. It was intended to be published quarterly. It was handed out free of charge and was available online. Copies were sent to IRSCNA cummain in Chicago, Kansas City, Seattle, Austin, Medford, Minneapolis, and Detroit. There would have been distributed and left wing events as well as more traditional Irish Republican commemorations. This was a time when the IRSP’s paper the Starry Plough was not being reguarily published and areas such as Belfast and Derry were producing their own news sheets.

At 12 pages long, A4 and with some colour it is a very comprehensive publication. The cover story calls for an end to state repression, noting ‘the detention and vicious assault of five IRSP members in the 26 County State’. It notes that ‘some political groups rallied to the support the 5 victims of state brutality, others were astounding indifferent to the situation…where was the CPI, the Socialist Party, the Socialist Workers Party etc during all this?’

Inside it notes that ‘an April article published in the Irish Times [states] that there is no INLA connection to the drugs trade in Ireland’ quoting Det. Supt Barry O’Brien from the Garda National Drugs Unit.

There are also May Day Greetings from the Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America. It notes that:

As this May Day dawns, the workers of the world remain exploited by a global capitalist class in its unending
quest for profit. The Cuban Revolution remains defiant in the face of this and Venezuela continues to pursue a progressive path, but until the working class collectively and globally rises against the capitalist order, a better world for all will remain out of reach. We, the workers, are the ones with the power to build that world, and build it we must.

Another page details the first IRSCNA Ard Fheis since 1999 and another has a May Day statement from the IRSP. There’s an interview the singer songwriter and activist Ray Collins.

There’s a lengthy assessment, ’10 years on from the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement’ and a report which was delivered by IRSP members in Catalonia. Finally there is an IRSCNA Easter Statement which notes that:

The IRSCNA is proud to continue representing the IRSM, building solidarity as well as giving practical aid and support to the best of our ability. We stand firm in the Republican Socialist tradition begun by Connolly and continued today by the IRSP. The IRSM’s political analysis and leadership has never been as sorely needed as now: the Republican Socialist analysis and programme is the only one within Irish antiimperialism
that can both understand the line of march and lead by example.

Left Archive: Labour and Socialism by Brendan Scott (1973), with an appreciation of Brendan Scott by Dr. Noel Browne, c. 1973 June 22, 2015

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To download the above please click on the following link. LAbour and Socialism

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Many thanks to Peter Mooney for donating this document to the Archive – one of many from his collection that are being posted to the Left Archive this year and next.

This is an unusual document, an essay by Brendan Scott with an appreciation of Scott by Noel Browne. The document itself was first published in 1973 and the frontispiece notes:

This essay is published as a simple tribute to Brendan by his comrades in the Labour Party Liaison Committee of the Left. his great impact in the path was through his speeches and lectures as he was primarily a teacher. This booklet will recall the fundamental so what he taught to those who knew and learned from him. For a new generation it will start again the debate and action on those ideas. In that way it will be his epitaph.

The essay asks amongst other questions, ‘what stage of development has now been achieved by the Irish people?’. It also touches on the conflict in the North and it discusses the increasing usage of the term ‘social democratic’ by the Irish Labour Party. It also notes:

We are also told time after time by Coalition Europeans, ‘Seven Days’, John Healy, Michael McInerney etc, that all the Social Democratic parties have been in coalitions; that in fact coalition is almost a sacred principle of social democracy.

And he quotes those who ‘probe for the reasons for revisionism and de-radicalisation within the European Social Democratic Parties’.

He notes that there is a very wide gulf between egalitarian and meritocratic social democracy. The former wants to get rid of privilege – the latter wants to change the rules on how privileges are allocated. Socialism seeks classlessness, Social Democracy is content with class mobility. Socialism wants industrial democracy, Social Democracy is prepared to live with a private sector dominated economy, provided there is a welfare service safety net. Socialism sees the cause of inequality as the capitalist system – Social Democracy believes it can run the system better than the capitalists.

There’s much more, including his criticism of the danger of ‘Social Democratic involvement in coalitions is the tether which this places on affiliated trade unions’ to class politics and other criticism of the ‘profound hatred of our socialist sects’.

The appreciation by Noel Browne is unabashed, speaking of Scott as ‘a revolutionary Marxist in the barren political wasteland of this Republic with its thousands of one-time socialists with nothing but guilty consciences to show for it’ and that ‘all that is certain is that we cling to our socialism, we owe this to our comrades everywhere in completing the giant jigsaw of world revolution’.

Just to note that Scott is mentioned here http://www.redbannermagazine.com/Roddy%20Connolly.pdf as someone ‘who was advocating co-operation between Labour and the republican movement’. We’d be very grateful for any further information on Scott and this publication.

Left Archive: United Irishman – An t-Eireannach Aontaithe, Meitheamh (June) 1975, Official Sinn Féin June 15, 2015

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To download the above please click on the following link. UI JUNE copy

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Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive.

This edition of the United Irishman from Official Sinn Féin is one of a series of United Irishman and Starry Ploughs that date from the period of the feud between the INLA and the OIRA in 1975.

This edition has a front page that argues for the ‘Civil rights answer to civil war’ and references a two page spread on Job Crisis Grows – More Firms Collapse. In relation to the death of Liam McMillen which the previous May edition had considerable coverage of there is a letter from OIRA volunteer Noel Jenkinson in Parkhurst Prison on the ‘phenomenon known as the I.R.S.P. and the serious damage being done to the Republican Movement to the advantage of the British’. Another letter sending regrets on the death of Liam McMillen from the Irlandsfronten, Norway is printed. The Editor notes that: ‘…many other tributes have arrived at Head office from all parts of the world…we feel that readers would like to know that a special commemoration was held in New York at which the oration was delivered by Liam Kelly, formerly of County Tyrone’.

The editorial does not mention those events, but instead examines in part ‘the end, however temporary, of the Provisional campaign…’. The Sinn Féin Platform column looks at both the Criminal Law (Jurisdiction) Bill and ‘the total bankruptcy of the Government’s Northern policy’. There’s also a reprint of a message from Sinn Féin to the Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

There’s another long article on International Women’s Year which is prefaced as ‘the contribution by some female members of Sinn Fein to the on-going struggle to secure women’s rights. Some comparisons with Socialist countries are included to illustrate how far the women of Ireland must progress to secure equality with men’.

On the last page there is a short piece ‘I.R.A. denies attack’. It notes that the ‘Irish Republican Publicity Bureau has been asked to release the following statement issued by GHQ Irish Republican Army’ and ‘Mr. Costello has accused the Irish Republican Army of an attempt on his life. The Irish Republican Army did not shoot Mr. Costello.’


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