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Left Archive: Socialist Republic, Vol. 6, No. 2, People’s Democracy, c. 1983 April 13, 2015

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Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive.

This eight page newsletter from 1983 is characteristic of the output of People’s Democracy during that period. The cover has a montage saying ‘G’them the sack’ to caricatures of Capital and British imperialism.

Inside it has articles on the economic crisis and a report from the People’s Democracy Conference, the invasion of Nicaragua, ‘Labour and the unions’ and the Anti-Amendment campaign in the Republic of Ireland.

The editorial argues that:

April 13 could be a very significant day in the history of the Irish working class. The half-day stoppage initiated by the ITGWU looks like being a virtual afternoon general strike. More important, the discussion in the unions and the workplaces is already centring not on April 13 itself, but what to do afterwards. There is a determination emerging that unlike the massive PAYE demonstrations this stoppage will not be a half-day wonder.

The severity of the Coalition’s attacks on the living standards of working people is to divide the 26 counties between those who support its pro-rich policies and those who say, ‘Let’s fight back!’ April 13 could well be the opening shot in a massive confrontation between on one side the bosses and their political stooges in FG, FF and yes, even, in the Labour Party, and on the other the overwhelming majority of working people who refuse to pay for the mess that capitalist governments of all hues have made of Irish society.

It continues:

This confrontation could bring down the Coalition. But what would replace it? A FF government or a National Government would still seek to make workers pay for the capitalist crisis – they would be the old jackals in a new suit, driving down our living standards and democratic rights.

It argues that:

Only a government of those who are exploited, a government of workers and small farmers would offer a different remedy. Ti would stop spending tens of millions of pounds protecting Britain’s ‘partition’ border and serve notice to quit to the British administration and occupation army in the 6 counties. IT would tax the profits of the multi-nationals and nationalise the banks finance and insurance companies to ind the creation of jobs and provision of social services; it would confiscate the plant and resources of any capitalist employer threatening redundancies and place them under the control of the workers. It would uphold and extend the rights of women and youth. It would oppose the nuclear arms race and give support to the movements of rational liberation worldwide.

It concludes:

It is just such government that James Connolly fought for in 1916. The Labour and Workers’ Parties have long since abandoned the aims of Connolly. A new party must be built, a party that stands up unconditionally for the interests of working people, that defends all those rights that are under attack.

Overall it is a very polished production.


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