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The parties holding something back this election in order to contest another soon? February 29, 2016

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A most interesting observation was made to me about the election campaign. Someone suggested that the parties held some of their resources back in case of a second election this year or early next. Certainly it struck me that FF’s spend seemed muted in many parts – Dublin Central for one, but elsewhere too. War chests are, after all, limited. Anyone see any evidence of same?


1. irishelectionliterature - February 29, 2016

Didn’t notice any lack of posters from any party up in my neck of the woods. Could well have been the case that FF were in contention in Dublin South West and put resources in there rather than Dublin Central where winning a seat was seen as a long shot.
I presume also some may be to do with the candidates own means. FF may have supplied a certain amount of material centrally with the local party and candidate adding to that for additional material. I’m told that some of FF in Dublin Central associated with a former Taoiseach campaigned for Deirdre Heney in Dublin Bay North rather than Mary Fitzpatrick.
On a related note, Labour surely won’t have much in the coffers for another election campaign should there be one soon.


eamonncork - February 29, 2016

They’ll have Alan Kelly as leader. What more do they need?

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2. leftcooperation - February 29, 2016

I spent a bit of time in Dublin Fingal and there was no holding back there, FF in particular spent a fortune, I’d say way in excess of the electoral ‘limits’, In Dublin West too, Chambers was everywhere, huge money – so maybe they spent more where they had real chances – Dublin Central was a bit of a long shot for them. Thought the AAA side of the AAA/PBPA alliance poured huge money into the campaign, it paid off in some areas and not in others. One thing that did strike me everywhere I went was the Labour campaign, given they were fighting for their ‘lives’ it was relatively low key – spending more wouldn’t have changed the outcome but I thought they’d throw more at it.


3. dublinstreams - February 29, 2016

barstool talk


4. Tomboktu - February 29, 2016

In Dublin Mid-West, I got four leaflets plus the Litir um from Fianna Fáil through the door. FF was also the first up with the 4×8 posters. Also, FF maintained its posters: defaced posters were either cleaned up (stickers sucj as “I voted for austerity”) removed, or posters replaced.


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