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Revisiting Landsdowne Road? April 5, 2016

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Is it me or does this smack of ‘change the narrative, quick sharp!’. 



1. 6/5against - April 5, 2016

it really is a remarkable intervention, coming as it does after years of supporting the govt line – and a week after laying into the Luas workers. I imagine there is some choreography being worked through here, but its not clear to me where its headed.

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WorldbyStorm - April 6, 2016

Isn’t it? And a further question to add to your point, on whose behalf is it made on?


Alibaba - April 6, 2016

These points give me pause for thought. When I heard Kieran Mulvey criticise Luas workers and the negotiation process so publicly, I asked myself ‘Has he gone mad?’. Then he gets backed promptly by the Minister. Jack O’Connor called for Mulvey’s resignation very quickly and appropriately. Mulvey dismisses the union row as a ‘sideshow’ to the Luas dispute. Out he comes again with latest intervention and telling us that he will ‘sort out’ issues with O’Connor. Mulvey is due to retire in May and his vacancy hasn’t been advertised yet. Is there something going on behind the scenes that nobody seems to know about yet? One might take the view it’s well worth watching what he does in retirement and what arrangement follows his departure.

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2. 6to5against - April 6, 2016

Well, Kieran Mulvey did say on Prime Time that he and Jack O’Connor had known each other for 25 years and that they would work something out…


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