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This Week At Irish Election Literature April 22, 2016

Posted by irishelectionliterature in Irish Politics.


The above is from the 1979 European Elections

A Prisoners Aid Committee Letter for a Day of Solidarity with Irish Political Prisoners to be held on the 26th of November 1978.

From Sinn Fein in The Assembly Elections A “5 Point Pledge” (as opposed to a “5 Point Plan”) leaflet

and finally a 1981 issue of the FF magazine “Iris Fianna Fail” to mark the Partys 50th Ard Fheis


1. WorldbyStorm - April 22, 2016

A very appropriate selection for the week we’re in!

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2. Michael Carley - April 22, 2016

Who were the ISM?


WorldbyStorm - April 22, 2016

Irish Sovereignty Movement Ray Crotty’s outfit IIRC


WorldbyStorm - April 22, 2016

And Coughlan of course


3. botheredbarney - April 22, 2016

In subsequent EEC/EU elections Irish independent and left candidates have ‘used’ such events to make policy points and promote small party profiles; but is has been a strategy of using rather than liking the EU and its cumbersome institutions. The Irish public takes the grants but declines ideological commitment.


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