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Klima Font April 23, 2016

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For those involved in climate change and environmental activism, check this out:

What do you do when you need a simple, versatile text typeface that you can share with everyone? Professional typefaces are expensive,1, 2 Arial and Verdana look like 90’s Microsoft Word, and most free fonts are either ugly, limited, or don’t support enough languages.
For my day job as the graphic designer for 350.org, I make a lot of guides and templates for our volunteers around the world, but without typefaces those templates aren’t very useful — typography is the foundation of good design.
So I made Klima. Now in version 2, with three new weights and redrawn italics, free for all non-commercial use.

Nice font.


1. AcademicMarxismFTW - April 24, 2016

That’s great. At least someone is doing something about climate change. If we all do a little bit then it will have a big effect. And today our leaders signed the Paris accords. To all the negative people that say nothing is being done, then just look at those two things. It reminds me of BandAid in its optimism. A refreshing changing from the dreary negativity of the left.


2. Christopher Fogarty - April 24, 2016

Will Klima font enable me to insert fadas when I use Irish?

Chris FogartyChicago


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