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Podemos Ikea Style Manifesto June 10, 2016

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You may have read about the Podemos Ikea Catalogue style Manifesto.
It’s available to download in pdf format here and I must say I really like it. Have some Spanish Colleagues getting me a hard copy 🙂


1. 6to5against - June 10, 2016

I followed a link from there to Paul Mason in the Guardian which had a great line: ‘…centre-left socialism is still in the anger-denial stage of grief…’


2. LeftAtTheCross - June 10, 2016

Wow. A thing of beauty. Can’t comment on the substance, but the format is amazing. Great imagination.


3. yourcousin - June 10, 2016

Maybe it’s the cynic in me but I guess I don’t see the appeal in using cheaply made products which look to be of a much higher quality than they actually are as a template for ones political views. But I suppose politics is very much like capitalism, it’s all in the advertising.


sonofstan - June 10, 2016

Or items that look great on paper but that fiendishly difficult to put together?


Gewerkschaftler - June 10, 2016



4. Gewerkschaftler - June 10, 2016

Great work. I haven’t had time to struggle through the Spanish with the help of a dictionary. I’ll see whether there’s any kind of English translation around.


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