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“Quite possibly all or part of Northern Ireland will join Ireland” June 26, 2016

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Well now, didn’t expect that. But Gerry Moriarty reporting on the fall out from the Brexit notes that nothing in relation to the North is as it was. Indeed:

Prominent figures, including veteran US diplomat Richard Haass, agree: “In five years there will no longer be a UK. Scotland will be independent and part of Europe. Less certain but quite possibly all or part of Northern Ireland will join Ireland,” he said.

Not sure I like the ‘part of’. What’s very intriguing is that Moriarty does not dismiss this out of hand.

Whether one thinks the above is likely or not, changed times.


1. dublinstreams - June 26, 2016

“part of” oh ffs can everybody just calm down

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Michael Carley - June 26, 2016

Maybe he’s thinking of a wee bit of Belfast as a kind of Hong Kong.

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2. roddy - June 26, 2016

I thought I was already in Ireland.


WorldbyStorm - June 26, 2016

We all are! 🙂


sonofstan - June 27, 2016


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3. Aonrud ⚘ - June 26, 2016

Elizabeth II, Queen of England, Wales and North Antrim?


4. roddy - June 26, 2016

People tend to think the North is a homogenous statelet.In fact uber loyalism has a majority in only a fraction of it’s landmass,considerably less than a third.


Ivorthorne - June 26, 2016

Border Commission Mark 2?


5. roddy - June 26, 2016

I would be for repartition only for the fact that it would involve me agreeing to the abandonment of people in county Antrim and North Down to their fate like my parents were abandonded in 1922.Imagine what a tiny orange state mark 2 would be like.


sonofstan - June 27, 2016

SF would do well to start building support for a united ireland in the republic. I suspect that, even for many SF voters, it’s not something they think about much, though obviously something they might think they want in the abstract.


6. Dr. X - June 27, 2016

Some commenters on the Charlie Stross are losing their shit over the thought of Irish unification coming out of Brexit . . . they fear that it will incite renewed violence. And as we know, that cannot be fully ruled out.

One member of the Chazza Stross Barmy Army posted this, however:

“At least it’s not like in the early 1970s, when the IRA had more weapons and people trained in their use than the Eire government did, and said publicly that Dublin was their next target after throwing the Brits out.”

I’ve never heard anything like this, ever, and it sounds like utter rubbish to me – what do the rest of you think?


sonofstan - June 27, 2016

Doubt it. This comment from the same site is kind of amusing though:

“I’d be sort of fascinated to hear Boris explain his credentials for prime minister to the hiring committee: “Well, I basically broke the country, wiped out trillions of dollars in shareholder value worldwide, and cynically entered into a marriage of convenience with the spiritual heir of Oswald Mosley, so that we could panic the electorate into doing something totally wrong-headed by lying up a storm. And I did it all as part of some kind of toffee-nosed dick-size war with my Old Etonian buddy, Dodgy Dave the Pigfucker. I like to think that speaks volumes about my suitability for the job?”


WorldbyStorm - June 27, 2016

I like Stross but this stuff is barmy Dr. X – can’t blame him for the commenters I suppose (isn’t he LD, or am I mistaken?). Like that one too SoS.


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