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Bidding war July 14, 2016

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…it hasn’t taken long for this in the wake of the Brexit referendum result, has it now?

As part of its post-Brexit pre-Budget submission, IBEC said, decisive moves to improve the UK’s attractiveness to business must be matched here.

The group said a major overhaul of business and personal tax is needed along with continued investment in housing, transport and education.

No prizes for guessing that it’s not increased business or personal taxation they’re talking about.


1. deiseach - July 14, 2016

“Major overhaul”. Orwell would have a field day.


2. Joe - July 14, 2016

Michael Taft in a Facebook post said that Brexit is becoming the new Troika – the new handy excuse for sticking with the right wing economic status quo. “You want a wage increase? Sorry no can do, uncertain economic outlook due to Brexit”. “You want state investment in building houses? That will have to wait, we need to be careful till we see how Brexit works out.” That kind of thing.

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3. gendjinn - July 14, 2016

The UK is of far more concern to the EU than IRE will ever be. We need to determine to what degree we have influence and veto over the Brexit exit negotiations and final agreement.

This could be a once in a generation opportunity to apply leverage to both the EU and the UK. We may need to get a bloc of other countries to support us, so we should start talking with the other “PIIGS”. Start making the case than any EU membership privileges granted to the “special case” UK Brexit will require quid-pro-quo consideration of other special cases where the EU was previously inflexible.

I don’t know how successful we’d be but for once I wish we had a leader who had the their forceful courage of their convictions The one thing that Reagan/Thatcher/Kohl had worth a damn was the willingness to fight, fight hard for their goals. Not paralyse themselves with indecision, doubt and criticism.

Ireland can forget looking to the US. Irish American, important bloc politically in the 90s, has been superseded by other blocs, as well as how the political map has evolved. It’s been 20 years.


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