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“…..one of Ireland’s newest, youthful, and most vibrant political parties” December 12, 2016

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Modern Conservatives …. anyone any idea , names involved ring a bell with anyone?


1. sonofstan - December 12, 2016

Grammar and design not priorities then.


Aonrud ⚘ - December 12, 2016

My browser, with various content blockers, gives me a blank page for their site. I suspect that’s a better result 🙂

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Aonrud ⚘ - December 13, 2016

I looked it up out of curiosity, and I suspect these Wix sites are on the bad list because of the article below. Blocklists haven’t started contributing to my media bubble yet, so 🙂



2. dublinstreams - December 12, 2016

i think that guy was trolling on twitter a while back, pretending to be one thing while saying another, can’t quite remember, yeah seems like he has multiple twitter accounts


dublinstreams - December 12, 2016

well mutliple twitter handles he a was going round saying he was socdem member and praising pediga at the same time


3. ivorthorne - December 12, 2016

Fair play to anybody who wants to get involved in politics but you get the impression that this was set up by 3 lads in a pub after a meeting of a university debating society meeting.

Lower taxes? Sounds lovely. So what services do you think we should cut lads? So far, there’s little of substance.


sonofstan - December 12, 2016

That old right wing oxymoron of lower taxes and more cops on the beat (and lower public service pay)


RosencrantzisDead - December 12, 2016

You could just pay the police really poorly, SoS. Sure, social welfare will be cut back to nothing, so it is not as if the guards would have much of a choice.


Pasionario - December 12, 2016

But they also want to ensure “no working citizen is left behind.”


4. Dermot O Connor - December 12, 2016

They’ve got more fonts than members.

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5. Starkadder - December 12, 2016

To someone familiar with interwar Romanian history, the idea of a right-wing group calling their members “Legionaires” [sic] has rather unfortunate implications…


botheredbarney - December 12, 2016

It doesn’t say anything about sex, music or a dress code. I’d guess that it is a joke.


6. Pasionario - December 12, 2016

Their party flag is the same as the Blueshirts’, albeit with a different colour scheme:


Fascism is back in these days of course.


7. Starkadder - December 13, 2016

Don’t they have any Irish-language version of their website? They’re losing potential Gaeilgeoirí voters!


8. Tomboktu - December 13, 2016

The design of that web site is so vibrant I get a headache looking at it.


9. LeftAtTheCross - December 13, 2016

The “Legionnaires” page has been replaced with one for “Members”. The drift to the centre has set in early it seems.

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