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Gunboat diplomacy? December 14, 2016

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There are already ominous rumblings about the near future. Britain did not support Ireland at the talks in defending the “Hague Preferences”, which recognise the particular case of coastal communities in allocating quotas.Also, British Secretary of State James Brokenshire recently reasserted London’s claim over Lough Foyle in response to a parliamentary question in the House of Commons last month. After the Belfast Agreement peace deal, a cross-border body known as the Loughs Agency took responsibility for the Foyle, which was a key strategic naval base during the second world war.The Department of Foreign Affairs immediately rejected Mr Brokenshire’s assertion that “the whole of Lough Foyle is within the UK.”


1. dublinstreams - December 14, 2016

the Lough Foyle thing was a Labour MP shit stirring


2. WorldbyStorm - December 14, 2016
dublinstreams - December 14, 2016

can’t read that but all I seen him do is answer the question as he sees it and the Irish gov have answered how they see it.


sonofstan - December 15, 2016

what have i done now?!


3. roddy - December 14, 2016

Imagine what it’s like to have the Brits really owning you!

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4. CL - December 16, 2016

“The Crown Estate claim ownership of the seabed of Lough Foyle and Carlingford Lough….
the Dept. of Marine in Dublin was already paying rent to the Crown Estate…
how can Irish politicians possibly pretend that they have a claim on the ownership of the seabed of Lough Foyle and Carlingford Lough when the Irish Government has been paying rent to the actual owners – the Crown Estate?


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