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A Leonard Cohen fan December 24, 2016

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Jason O’Toole recounts on Hot Press an anecdote from an interview with SF MLA Gerry Kelly some years back where Kelly noted that:

“I drove people around the bend listening to him,” the former IRA man laughed. “There is a brilliant example in ‘Bird On The Wire’, in the lines: ‘Like a bird on a wire/ Like a drunk in a midnight choir/ I have tried in my way to be free’. It is brilliant – there is nothing as free as a drunk, but it is temporary and it is very personal…”

Gerry obviously took the lyrics to heart in more ways than one. Both himself and another Hot Press interview subject, Bobby Storey, now the Northern chairman of Sinn Féin, masterminded the infamous Maze Prison breakout in 1983 – which was the largest escape from any prison in Europe since World War II.


1. EWI - December 24, 2016

How does something get decided to be ‘infamous’, just as a matter of interest? (I came across a college project by some UCD heads recently which referred to the ‘infamous’ 1916 Proclamation. I mean, really…?)

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sonofstan - December 24, 2016

Students use it in essays as if it it were a superlative of ‘famous’

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Florrie O'Donoghue - December 25, 2016

Although from my understanding of the teaching at History at UCD these days, I would imagine it was the result of being discreetly taught to revile that document, its signatories and all it represents.

Is mise srl.,


2. Michael Carley - December 26, 2016

Every man must stand behind the bird upon a wire.

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3. roddy - December 26, 2016

The screws were singing “hey,thats no way to say goodbye”!

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4. benmadigan - December 26, 2016

here’s a link to the film/documentary about the great escape of the birds on the wire!! as well as the story of larry marley, belfast republican from the ardoyne area who helped organise it.



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