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Left Archive: United Irishman, May 1978, Vol 36, Number 5, Sinn Féin The Workers’ Party December 3, 2018

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Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive.

This edition of the United Irishman from Sinn Fein the Workers’ Party dates from May 1978. The lead article details what it describes as ‘Victory‚’ over the issue of the Belfast Ring Roads, and the text outlines the proposals of the Republican Clubs in relation to that issue.

There’s a piece on Finglas Housing Failure which outlines defective housing in that part of Dublin. There’s also a piece on how Enoch Powell was suing Des O’Hagan, then Director of Elections for SFWP over’an attack made by O’Hagan where in a speech O’Hagan argued that there were ‘similarities between the ‘blacks and Paddys go home’ policies of Powell in Britain and the ‘Prods and Planters get out’ call of the Provos and their political front groups in Ireland’.

An editorial argues that:

The only political initiative taken by the British Government in the last three years has been to increase the number of WestmInster seats in the 6 Counties. Even that decision was taken for the wrong reasons. Its purpose was to help the Labour Government in Britain and not to help the situation in Ireland.

There is notice of the opening of ‘The Bookshop’ at SFWP head office on Gardiner Place and a broad range of articles. One other is of particular interest, that being the first part of a series on ‘The Poverty of Federalism’, then the chosen political approach of PSF. This is contrasted with Republicanism and argues ‘those who stand for unitary socialist republican state should stand up and be counted now‚’.


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