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Wood Quay Occupation News, No. 2, 12 June 1979 January 14, 2019

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Left Online Document Archive.

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To add to the collection of materials on Wood Quay here is the Occupation News from June 1979. At this stage the site of Wood Quay had been occupied by a variegated group of protesters at the proposed construction of new Civic Offices there by Dublin City Corporation. This document issued by the protesters is a four page publication that touches on a range of issues, including accounts from the occupation, a piece on the local election results of 7th of June which the protesters interpret as being in their favour as well as a piece on ‚’the Voice of the Liberties‚’ from John Gallagher, Chairman of the Liberties Association. This makes the point that for people living in the Liberties it is ‚’houses people want, not office-blocks or a dual carriageway that turn communities into dangerous traffic islands‚’.

The front page notes the local election results:

The news that [Fine Gael] Lord Mayor Paddy Belton had been sacked by the people of his Dublin constituency was unreservedly welcomed behind the barricades here at the Wood Quay site. No-one in Irish public life has opposed preservation more strenuously than Mr. Belton. There can be little doubt that those who suffered his frequent outbursts in the chamber at City hall must feel that Irish political life could only be enriched by the passing of Belton into oblivion.

It continues that:

Our friends who favour the preservation of Wood Quay and the relocation of the Civic Offices have a clear majority in the new City Council.


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