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Stockpiling ,Supply Chains and Brexit March 21, 2019

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Over the weekend we were on to some relatives in England, naturally Brexit was a topic of conversation. Whilst not filling the garage with tinned foods they said that they had stockpiled certain items just in case there was No Deal and even if there was a deal they weren’t sure what would happen. It was practical things like Toilet roll, tins of beans and other tinned foods, flour, sugar, candles, batteries, pasta and so on. The cousin admitted to preparing and freezing some dinners too just in case. They said most people they knew were making sure they had the basics covered just in case.
Anyone here stockpiling?

Another Brexit chat occurred with a few friends at the weekend some of who work for multinationals.
Both friends companies have been looking at their UK manufacturing operations, primarily at the supply chains for the various factories. Nobody had realised the extent of integration with Europe for these supply chains.
What has happened is this focus on Supply chains has led to multinationals having a closer look at their overall UK operations. Does the company need all the factories making a product in the UK. Could the Polish operation do it cheaper and so on. Whilst Nissan and other companies etc have hogged the news re Brexit related job losses ,even without Brexit happening there will be factory closures due to this attention given to UK operations.


1. FergusD - March 21, 2019

Yeah, we have a cupboard of. Rexit supplies. Who knows? Nobody really knows what will happen to food supplies. I have been busy down the allotment, but we can’t live off rhubarb until the rest is ready. Maybe the committee will need to set up an allotment militia to protect our crops from the ravening hordes.

It is ad how many in the U.K. working class voted Leave without understanding the consequences. Mind you now to get the argument “We got the the war, we’ll get through this”, rather than the U.K. will be better off!


Daniel Rayner O'Connor - March 21, 2019

They wanted desperately to believe, and Gideon presenting a road show of fat cats who could be seen, often correctly, as having been responsible for the recession did not help the remainers’ credibility.


WorldbyStorm - March 21, 2019

Absolutely. Hard to think of a crew less well suited to make any case at all.


Michael Carley - March 22, 2019

When there was talk of the UK being self sufficient in food, someone pointed out what everyone with an allotment knows: 29 March is in the hungry gap.

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2. Gearóid Clár - March 21, 2019

I thought the things to stockpile were the kind of goods really mooted to increase in price e.g. olive oil.

I must get on this at the weekend actually.

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Dermot M O Connor - March 21, 2019

One of the physicists on the Manhattan project saw WW2 coming, and stockpiled a LOT of fancy Italian wine. Clever chap!

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3. yourcousin - March 21, 2019

I wouldn’t wait until Brexit to be prepared. Climate change related extreme weather alone is a good reason to be stocked up on essentials and have an emergency plan. Not survivalist/prepper level bullshit, but good, common sense stuff for you, your pets, and any vulnerable folks around (I’ve got an elderly widowed neighbor).

Remember, you’re not surviving an apocalypse by shooting and stealing from your neighbor. Folks will survive whatever life throws at them by banding together with their community. Engaging in preparations reasonably and rationally is a way to cope with the anxiety that life throws at you.


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4. CL - March 21, 2019

“The armed forces have activated a team in a nuclear-proof bunker under the Ministry of Defence as the government prepares next Monday to enter “very high readiness mode” for a no-deal Brexit,…

It will direct some 3,500 military personnel who have been put on standby to help the government if required in the event of disruption following a no-deal departure from the EU.

Troops from Monday will ready to be deployed at a day’s notice as the government lays the groundwork for a possible no-deal exit at the end of next week….
The armed forces could be used to help transport food, fuel and other goods into and around the country. A 200-strong team of military personnel is ready to drive fuel tankers to petrol stations if required.”


5. Jim Monaghan - March 22, 2019

” Could the Polish operation do it cheaper and so on.”. Very ture. Managers are lazy. They do not make changes unles they have too. Brexit has made them all, here as well, look at supply routes, supply chains and where they base their operations. I am surprised here that the government has not kick started new ferries to France etc. I think Rosslare must be very inefficient to lose a ferry route to Dublin, just as Dublin decides it has too many cruise ships.,


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