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And she’s… going May 24, 2019

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As Tawdy notes May going in June.

Owen Jones…spot on.


1. GW - May 24, 2019

What a right royal shitshow Brexitania is going to be over the summer!

And then groundhog day all over again at Samhain.

And good riddance to ‘hammer of the migrants, Windrush generation, civil rights etc.’ Maybot.

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2. Joe - May 24, 2019

Prediction. Johnston to be next Tory leader. He’ll bring May’s deal to the troops with a ‘let’s get Brexit done and move on to a new era’ message. They’ll go for it.


GW - May 24, 2019

Nah – he’ll try to push a no-Deal Brexit through by not asking for an extension before Samhain.

The we’ll see what the House of Commons is made of and whether they can force him not to.

Continuing fascinating times for students of Brexitania’s non-constitution.

I’m still feeling 60% no-Dealish.


GW - May 24, 2019
GW - May 24, 2019

On reflection, that fella is probably a woman.


rockroots - May 24, 2019

Bear in mind that wafer-thin majority. Assuming the membership votes for the most extreme no-dealer (which might not even be BoJo), I’m sure there’s at least a handful of Tory MPs that will walk. The next leader might a very short-term caretaker PM pending an election.


3. CL - May 24, 2019

‘May has ultimately been brought down by those in her own party seeking a cleaner break with the European Union, which they believe the obligations contained in the Irish backstop will prevent.’


4. Alibaba - May 24, 2019

“Our party must be the party of social justice” said May in her resignation speech. A shameless expression from a person who scapegoated migrants and who brought hardship and misery to so many because of her actions.

It’s true that the hard core Brexiteers want a No-Deal Brexit. But who voted for May’s third WA deal? Rees-Mogg and Johnson who wants a free trade agreement with the EU. Business doesn’t want trade barriers. Nor did many people who voted for Brexit originally.

That said, I always held the view that May would pull off her deal against all odds; incompetent she wasn’t. She kept her office for nearly three years in chaotic circumstances. So off I go to eat some humble pie and taking some consolation in the belief that splits will come in the Conservative ranks and taking perverse pleasure in GW’s ‘groundhog day’ prediction.


WorldbyStorm - May 24, 2019

+1. I thought she’d pull it off too. Though less so in the last week. But where it all goes from here 😦


GW - May 25, 2019

It goes in the direction of a showdown between remain or leave with no deal. The EC and European Parliament are in no mood to allow renegotiations with a harder Brexiteer.

With possibly a third referendum in the mix.

One thing is sure: Her Majesty’s Brexitanic govmint will do nothing other the Brexshit until Samhain.


5. CL - May 25, 2019

“parliament is only reflecting real fault lines in British society. Brexit may have envenomed and widened these divisions, but it did not create them…
The balance of power was against Britain and this is not going to change, though Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab might pretend that what has been lacking is sufficient willpower or belief in Brexit as a sort of religious faith. These are dangerous delusions, enabling Nigel Farage to sell the idea of “betrayal” and being “stabbed in the back” just like German right-wing politicians after 1918….
The only realistic role for Britain in a post-Brexit world will be, as ever, a more humble spear carrier for Trump’s America. In this sense, it is appropriate that the Trump state visit should so neatly coincide with May’s departure and the triumphant emergence of Trump’s favourite British politicians, Johnson and Farage….
Britain is entering a period of permanent crisis not seen since the 17th century. Brexit was a symptom as well as a cause of divisions….
Brexit became the great vent through which grievances that had nothing to with Brussels bubbled.”

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6. CL - May 25, 2019

“While her destruction, so long anticipated, has been plotted by the harder wings of the Tory Party, her interlocutors in Ireland and Europe will acknowledge that Theresa May tried – in ways that were sometimes genuine, sometimes muddled – to reconcile the titanic contradictions at the heart of Brexit: how to leave the customs union and single market and maintain an invisible border on the island of Ireland….

her acceptance of the backstop, and the painful implications it would herald, have long kept her at the brink….
Dublin was sufficiently reassured that she meant what she said when wanting to avoid a “return to the borders of the past.”
How would that happen if the UK went for a hard Brexit, by leaving both the single market and the customs union?…

So long as the Joint Report existed, May’s electoral survival was on tenter hooks. The DUP would not tolerate any differential between Northern Ireland and Great Britain; the EU offered little beyond promises to avoid the backstop coming into effect if at all possible….

History may well judge that the contradictions, misapprehensions, delusions and frustrated expectations that go to the heart of Brexit would have brought any Conservative leader down….

The very same chalice will now be passed to her successor.”


Alibaba - May 25, 2019

May’s days were numbered when she made the misjudged call, stating that she would resign the leadership if she couldn’t get her Withdrawal Agreement deal passed.

‘Her offer of a vote in the House of Commons on whether to have a second referendum may have been the final miscalculation’. I do not agree. It was the only credible option left to her, given the inability of the Tories or Labour to resolve the Brexit crisis.

It seems that Big Mouth Boris is on track to gulp from that ‘chalice’ now.


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