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Left Archive: Irish Socialist, July 1972, Communist Party of Ireland April 27, 2020

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This edition of Irish Socialist, publication of the CPI, from 1972 has lead article that argues that on foot of the recent referendum on EEC membership:

IT didn’t take long after the Referendum for the take-overs to start. Even the fruit importing trade is heading for monopoly. These are the first steps on the road to the Common Market. The workers are sitting in at Crannac in Navan. The take-overs are going to mean more unemployment ( it’s over 13,000 higher than last year and we’re not in the E.E.C. yet, only in the Free Trade Agreement with Britain).

Another piece states ‘No’ to Civil War says Civil Rights Association:

The CIVIL WAR that has raged ·below the surface in this com­munity for some years now is 1blazing out into the open. In the light of the growing conflagration we can only point out that there is no fire ,brigade to extinguish the flames. Once again die fires of sectarianism will bum themselves out at the expense of each and every person, Protestant, Catholic and Dissenter in this community.

Inside a piece examines the murder of OIRA volunteer Joe McCann and quotes Cathal Goulding, Chief of Staff of the IRA noting those at his funeral ‘come to pay tribute to Joe McCann, the man, the solider, the political activist, the revolutionary’.

Betty Sinclair writes on ‘Unionism; the Politics of Desperation’. Another piece argues that ‘Military victory in the North is Impossible’.

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1. roddy - April 27, 2020

Did’nt get to read the whole document but I would have put even more “EEC no” posters had I known “the housewife will pay”!

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