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Area man regularly seen wearing sunglasses at night complains about face coverings.. September 19, 2020

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Not the only one if we cast the net wider. There’s this one. And this…


1. sonofstan - September 19, 2020

Van has a history of mask-phobia

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2. Colm B - September 19, 2020

This crap is gaining real traction, and as recent events in Dublin show, it’s an ideal breakout issue for the far-right. It could become their Iraq War moment.

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gypsybhoy69 - September 24, 2020

Methinks it can go two ways. There’s a couple of people who I follow on Facebook who have a history of posting dodgy links, I’m hoping unwittingly but probably not, who because they’ve either caught Covid or know somebody who’s died from it are actively calling out these gobshites. It could hopefully be an eye opener for some susceptible people too!

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WorldbyStorm - September 24, 2020

It’s a hard learning curve but exposure to people who have been through it is no harm if it changes minds. Certainly that would shift complacency.


sonofstan - September 24, 2020

Talking to a student today whose dad had been through it: ICU, ventilator, the works. not happy at her peers thinking it’s a plot to spoil their freshers’ week fun.


3. CL - September 19, 2020

“the dude from The Corrs, Jim Corr, said an anti-mask protest in Dublin had a “great turnout”. He also replied to an anti-mask video saying “non-compliance is obligatory at this stage”.

“A SMALL BUT animated network of Irish far-right groups is using the pandemic to try to recruit members”

‘I’m sure these songs will soon be blaring out at Trump rallies near you.’

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4. CL - September 19, 2020

“The Government needs to respond “rapidly” to the right-wing style violence outside the Dáil last weekend or risk seeing this type of behaviour becoming “normalised”, an expert of terrorism has said….

“We are also sadly being led by the US example and the normalisation of racism, sexism and homophobia that has become commonplace.” ..

Asked if the right wing groups latch on to wider causes, such as the anti-mask or anti-vaccine movements, she said: “These groups are masters at playing into the fears of the people, so any issue that seems to be controversial or a possible threat to the norm is capitalised by groups like this.”

“The protest, estimated to have been up to 2,000-strong at one point, was organised by Yellow Vest Ireland, a group that claims to be a people’s movement ‘not aligned to any political group, organisation or politician’.
Homemade banners included slogans like: ‘Take Off Your Mask’ and ‘It’s Only A Common Cold.’…
For Stephen Hatton, a doctor who spent months working at Mullingar Hospital during the height of the pandemic, it proved too difficult to walk on and ignore…
‘The thing I found most jarring was that most of them were ordinary people,’ he says. ‘

“Until recently these movements existed almost entirely online, often in the shadier corners of the internet. But issues such as direct provision, child protection and, more recently, opposition to Covid-19 measures, have brought the far right onto the streets. Violence has sometimes followed close behind….
The National Party, which was founded in 2016, describes itself as “Irish nationalist party dedicated to the fulfilment of the Irish national idea”. Its leader Justin Barrett has called for the deportation of non-ethnic Irish people such as Dublin Lord Mayor Hazel Chu and has said his party is for straight Irish people only….
According to Aoife Gallagher, an analyst with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), a counter-extremism organisation, much of this comes from the QAnon conspiracy theory popular with the US far right.”

A warning has been issued about the threat to Irish society from growing far-right activity and the need for solidarity to prevent its development.
Independent Senator Eileen Flynn said she was “very afraid” of the rise of this movement in Ireland, adding that if it was not dealt with “we will live to regret it”.
The Taoiseach’s nominee referred to recent protests “where people have not worn masks, with people engaging in pure nonsense behaviour in the middle of a pandemic”.

Eileen Flynn grew up in the Labre Park Traveller housing site.


Alibaba - September 19, 2020

A slight digression:

‘The far right’s electoral prospects appear similarly grim – though not all would agree. Some 30 candidates competed in the most recent general election on a far-right platform. None polled high enough to even get their expenses back.

But there is cause for concern, says DCU political scientist Dr. Eoin O’Malley.

The growing opposition to Covid restrictions combined with a lack of other anti-establishment parties – now that Sinn Féin has gone “mainstream” – means there is fertile ground for growth, O’Malley says.

“The conditions are as good as they’re going to get for them in Ireland. There is more of a possibility of electoral success than I’ve seen in a long time.” ‘



5. sonofstan - September 22, 2020

Meanwhile, Sammy Wilson Says:

“The singer has at least one outspoken defender: Sammy Wilson, the Democratic Unionist party (DUP) MP who has chafed at rules on masks and other pandemic measures. Morrison’s protest songs raised important points, said Wilson. “How much of our freedom do we give to the government and how much should the government rely on us to use our common sense?”


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